Security sliding garage doors

Side sliding garage doors: practical and easy to operate

Side sliding garage doors are not only highly practical and simply to operate, they’re also quick and easy to install and they look fantastic added to any new or existing garage.

Side sliding garage doors are so practical and very easy to operate
Side sliding garage doors are so practical and very easy to operate

Featuring sectional, vertical panels that give a more traditional finish and appearance, our side sliding doors use the very latest technologies and materials to offer an ideal garage door solution and great design.

Our side sliding garage doors are manufactured to incorporate only the very highest quality components throughout. A combination of stainless steel and aluminium create a light, yet extremely secure and durable door and there is also the option of adding stainless steel windows to give a modern and contemporary overall finish.

Extremely easy to use, our range of side sliding garage doors can be opened and closed either manually or electrically to provide effective and safe operation. What’s more a low-profile threshold can be installed on the existing garage floor to provide a seamless finish.

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Available in standard and bespoke sizes to suit your individual property’s requirements, each of our side sliding garage doors can be adapted to suit a number of opening options and fully adjusted to complement current or special size garage and wall constructions.

If you’re looking to match your garage doors with your existing front door, we are able to create side sliding garage doors that will provide a perfect match and add extra kerb appeal to your home. And, when it comes to door panel design, surface texture and colours, with more than 100 different variations to choose from, you really can have the garage door you’ve always wanted.

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Side sliding garage doors are some of our most popular garage doors. With a traditional feel but wholly modern design, they will facilitate easy access to your garage whilst ensuring everything inside is safe and secure as soon as the doors are closed.


what doors are the best for security?

What doors provide the best security?

With literally thousands of different security doors available on the market today, choosing the door that will provide the best security for your home can be quite a difficult task.

In the first instance, we would always advise you to plan and scope out exactly what you require before you even begin to search for a security door. We recommend that you contact a company that offers free site surveys, such as Secure House! A site survey is the best way to gain information and insight with one of our qualified industry consultants visiting your home to assess and discuss exactly what’s required because no two buildings are ever the same.

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During the survey, our consultant will provide you with specific technical, professional recommendations, advise on functionality and safety considerations, help you to understand security levels and take precise measurements to ensure you get the best quote and solution for your property.

As previously, there are so many different products out there and lots of them are really not fit for purpose. When it comes to selecting the best security doors, there are two key elements to consider: you must look at both the security class and thermal value of the product. These two specific elements will ensure you get the best security door for your money and your property. door traditional doors uk 225x300 - What doors provide the best security?

Security class ratings start with Security Class RC1 – basic protection against burglary – and go right through to Security Class RC6 – typically used in military bunkers. Our best-selling security door is our Skydas Standard 3, a product that has been rigorously and independently tested in a scientific laboratory. Achieving Security Class RC3, this burglar resistant door will protect from a skilled burglar using heavy-duty burglary tools and was specifically created applying the knowledge of all the possible ways and methods of burglary. And, by the way, Skydas doors are the most popular security doors in the UK!

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The thermal value of a security door can contribute significantly to energy savings within your home. Our Skydas Standard 3 uses 50mm rock wool thermal insultation and the L-shaped bent frame ensures tightness to effectively seal the door. Its thermal transmittance is 1.3 W/(m2–K) – the lower the transmittance, the more heat is held in – making it the ideal energy (and cost!) saving security door.

So, there you have it. The Skydas Standard 3 is certainly a door that can provide the best security.