communal security entrance doors

Communal entrance doors: low price/maintenance, high life expectancy

Made from steel and using only the highest quality commercial application components, when you purchase communal entrance doors from Secure House you will gain a set of doors that are highly durable, easily serviceable and perform exceptionally.

Our communal entrance doors have the longest life span and deliver both longevity and practicality due to the inclusion of heavy duty hinges, commercial application locks and robust door closers that always ensure the doors are closed and secure at all times. Plus, all internal doors are fire rated to 30 or 60 minutes.

0006 - Communal entrance doors: low price/maintenance, high life expectancy

By implementing security electronic locking, you will have the peace of mind that your communal entrance doors are locked around the clock, 365 of the year. As an extra level of security, they can only be opened via intercom and with a manual key. If you are replacing a set of doors, our system can also be adapted to work with existing intercoms to ensure seamless, smooth operation. At the same time, we can provide a bespoke servicing contract to provide fast response in the event of an emergency.

0020 225x300 - Communal entrance doors: low price/maintenance, high life expectancy


We have a wide range of different styles, designs and finishes but, rest assured, every set of communal entrance doors from Secure House is:

  • Low priced and cost effective
  • Low maintenance with minimal ongoing costs
  • Delivers a high life expectancy
  • Includes electronic locks
  • Supply and professional installation upon request
  • Meets and actually surpasses current building regulation standards

0086 300x225 - Communal entrance doors: low price/maintenance, high life expectancy

What’s more each door set is low threshold as standard and can be made extra wide to facilitate easy wheelchair access. We are proud to be committed to delivering Access for All and ensuring our clients’ project meet Part M that requires all new non-domestic schemes and major extensions to have full disabled access.

For more information or for a free site survey, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]



Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

New build, modern homes are great but there are three distinctive styles of classical architecture here in the UK that epitomise grand periods of history, conjuring up images of time gone by. So, if you’re a fan of older properties, what’s your favourite classical home style – is it Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian?

Each of the three periods has its own distinctive, yet subtle, characteristics and homes pertaining to each style can be found in many of our big cities and towns with some displaying some prime examples. Let’s look at some of the key features of each and share some our own favourite door designs that are available from Secure House and reflect all the iconic designs for each era.

“And the law of England has so particular and tender a regard to the immunity of a man’s house, that it stiles it his castle, and will never suffer it to be violated with immunity.”*

Georgian style

The Georgian period occurred from around 1710 to 1830. It gets its name from the fact that no less than four British kings named George reigned during this time. London and the Cotswolds both have a wide variety of beautiful examples of Georgian homes. Walk around Regent’s Park in the capital and visit Lansdown Crescent in Bath and take a step back in time to imagine what life was like in these luxurious homes.

Everything about Georgian houses is big and generous. Huge floor to ceiling, symmetrical windows and a fan window over the door will give this style away. Think grand, think scale, think spacious, think light & airy, these homes are some of the most popular amongst buyers according to estate agents, us Brits love their grandeur, columns and clean lines.

Here are some examples of some Georgian-style doors:

76 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

High gloss security door 6panfront1 768x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

IMG 8907 copy 683x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

Victorian style

Dating from 1830 to 1900 in line with the time Queen Victoria was on the throne, Victorian style encompasses several of the features associated with Georgian style, namely large columns and symmetry. It is, however, the addition of renaissance and Gothic touches that underline Victorian architecture.

From pointed or arched windows, porches and doors with wooden trim on roof edges, to the use of iron and glass and intricate interior design and decoration, the Victorian style is a little more complex and detailed than its Georgian predecessor.

Here are some examples of some Victorian-style doors:

4 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

R10 with top - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

95 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

83 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

IMG 8657 682x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style? IMG 8884 644x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

Edwardian style
Influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement of the 1900s, Edwardian architecture was at its height from 1901 to 1918 during the reign of King Edward VII.

During the early 1900s, Britain began to experience further industrialisation and the general population began to increase which demanded a new housing stock extending out of the towns and cities. Thus, the Edwardian style house was born and heralded a new era which was greener than ever before.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to spot an Edwardian house is from its beautiful bay and sash windows, a look that is desired and recreated by many homeowners today. Smaller than Georgian and Victorian homes, columns continue to be a specific feature, but timber-cladding is part of the style now rather than full brick and doors and windows often also include smaller panes of glass for the first time.

Here are some examples of some Edwardian-style doors:

IMG 8743 715x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

IMG 8768 copy - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

1920s and 1930s style doors

Back in 1910 when Edwardian style was at its height, the Art Deco period began. Bold, straight lines, symmetrical boxes, mirrors and striking design touches such as arched glazed panels with stained glass inlets, Art Deco was and still an extremely popular interior and exterior home decorating choice.

Art Deco front doors are timeless classics and are often selected for homes in conservation areas as well as more modern properties, they are hugely versatile and will complement any property.

Here are some examples of some 1920s and 1930s-style doors:

IMG 0859 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style? IMG 2892 2 584x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

0009 768x1024 - Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian – what’s your favourite home style?

New products added to our steel portfolio!

We’re delighted to announce the addition of a number of new products to our portfolio including Forster Steel Doors and Windows.

Stainless steel doors and windows

We have many clients asking us for a door that will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically. We think a stainless steel security door is the way to go.

csm 16 10 06 1200 77e2711f9f - New products added to our steel portfolio!

Synonymous with quality, luxury and strength, stainless steel is a timeless classic material for security doors since it never goes out of fashion and it delivers both longevity and durability – our Forster stainless steel security doors not only look incredible they’re also extremely long lasting.

Suitable for commercial AND residential applications
Ideally suited to commercial applications, offices, communal entrance doors, embassies and shopping centres, we have manufactured and installed stainless steel doors specifically for residential properties. Irrespective of where the installation is, however, stainless steel doors will always be fit for purpose and can be created to be burglary resistant, bullet resistant and fireproof – or all three if required.

As well as stainless steel, we can also manufacture windows and doors using mild steel. Whichever steel you select, we will ensure the doors and windows provide a thermal break for protection from all the elements and provide excellent heat insulation for tangible energy saving efficiencies.

stainless steel forster 1024x519 - New products added to our steel portfolio!

We are able to create bespoke design doors and glazing and are one of the only specialist security door and window companies in the UK to offer the extremely rare combination of
fully glazed and solid doors/windows.

Made to measure, corrosion resistant and of a superior quality, our stainless steel doors will endure and perform across a variety of applications.

Forster Unico Slim Line
These thermally insulated windows, doors and glazings, with elements produced with profiles in this unique , slim line framework style, can be fitted both indoors and outdoors.

csm 14 21 30 1200 e7b522a90a - New products added to our steel portfolio!

Made of 100% recyclable steel and containing no synthetic insulating materials, each of these doors incorporates a clever fastening technique to achieve extremely narrow profile cross-sections. The ecological and style benefits of this door system are ideal for renovating old buildings and listed industrial buildings.

csm 14 31 07 1200 1a5d546b94 - New products added to our steel portfolio!

All Forster Unico Slim Line products provide exceptional thermal break and can deliver fire protection, burglary-resistance and bullet proof qualities upon request. There are also specific HI versions for highly thermally insulated constructions and XS versions which combine ultra slim profiles for windows and fixed glazings with excellent thermal insulation.

Forster Fuego Light

If you require fire protection, Forster Fuego Light is the hugely reliable profile system of choice.

Each flush door is constructed around a narrow steel frame with a large glass area that guarantees maximum transparency, a sleek appearance and reliable security. In addition to fire doors and glazed fire screens other available systems are tested such as fire protection sliding doors, with and without escape route function, doors with finger guard and flush reverse sheet metal frame doors. Thus, the system offers a wide range of applications and a high degree of design freedom.

fuego fire - New products added to our steel portfolio!

And when it comes to hardware, there is a wide range of items to select including door automation or aesthetically profiled with concealed hinges and door closers. At the same time, smoke protection doors (Forster Presto), fire-resistant curtain walls (Forster Thermfix Vario) or thermally insulated doors and windows (Forster Unico) can be optimally combined thanks to the identical appearance to the Forster Fuego Light range.

Forster Presto Bullet Proof
This range of flush mounted single or double-leaf doors, windows and glazed closures without thermal break is the ultimate in safety and security.

bullet proof - New products added to our steel portfolio!

Meeting the maximum demands for technical functionality and extreme long-term exposure to stress, the Forster Presto Bullet Proof system is suitable for use wherever there are no special thermal insulation requirements. Forster Presto is available in stainless steel for more elegant and ambitious solutions as required.

Side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors have been utilised for decades and are one of the most simple, easy to operate types of garage door still in widespread use today.

DSC00594 1024x680 - Side hinged garage doors

Side hinged garage doors feature solid doors that are connected to the door frame with hinges. They don’t have any tracks, roller, cables or other such fixing mechanisms and they offer a whole range of different benefits and a unique combination of tried and tested traditional performance and stylish, modern design options.

Our side hinged garage doors are all made-to-order and constructed using double skins steel sections that are filled with PU foam. This provides superb heat and noise insulation and a tubular rubber seal from the leaf to the steel frame delivers a draft-free, watertight perimeter to protect everything you store inside your garage from any outdoor elements.

C5C4828F 13FB 4466 B7FD 7514AA67D000 1024x768 - Side hinged garage doors

Every frame on our side hinged doors is manufactured using 2mm think steel for extra strength, safety and security as well as being both zinc- and powder coated to offer additional weather and operational protection. Using only the highest quality components, the door leaves are fitted to the frame with aluminium alloy hinges which feature a roller bearing to provide effortless opening and closing. Each hinge is also adjustable, a feature which ensures the door maintains its shape and form irrespective of how often it is used.

We are able to make bespoke side hinged doors to fit any garage door opening with a maximum size of 10 feet wide and 10 feet high, but we also have the ability to make much larger doors if required, just ask! Our standard doors have a 50/50 or custom split and can be made with a left- or right-hand leaf opening first to suit individual requirements. Bi-folding leaves are also available to accommodate garages located on a short or sloping driveway.

DSC00604 1024x680 - Side hinged garage doors

When it comes to designs, finishes and colours, as with the majority of our product ranges, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We can also manufacture replica doors to replace any existing, traditional doors, a service that is imperative if you live in a conservation area and are required to maintain original design. With 14 different section designs that can be painted in any RAL or BS colour you select, you can create a side hinged garage door to suit your own style. Surfaces can also be painted to create a metallic or gloss finish and stainless steel windows added to one door to further enhance the exterior appearance of your garage.

Easy to maintain and available with a whole host of options and accessories, side hinged doors with glazed panels are perfect, not only for garages, but as opening solutions for workshops and offices too as they let daylight in and keep the weather out! Practical, stylish, aesthetically pleasing and proven, side hinged garage doors are here to stay.