London apartment doors

The best London apartment doors!

There are literally thousands of apartments in London and across the UK and a variety of apartment doors in each one. Here at Secure House, we regularly design, manufacture and install both bespoke apartment doors and those within in our extensive range; just one of the reasons why we deliver hundreds of projects in Central London’s prime residential areas including Kensington, Chelsea, Islington, Mayfair, Westminster and Camden!

Safety of residents is paramount in both private and public apartments. By law, all apartment doors must be fire doors and, as such, all of our doors are either FD30 or FD60 fire doors. What does that mean? Well, an FD30 fire door will provide protection against fire for up to 30 minutes and an FD60 fire door up to 60 minutes of fire protection. These levels of protection are specifically designed to both prevent the spread of fire and allow inhabitants to escape safely.

You may think that apartment doors are plain and boring. Not the case here at Secure House! We are able to offer a selection of exclusive finishes such as Mahogany French Polished doors as well as a number of different opulent veneers including Walnut and Oak.

As with our residential security doors, you can choose to mix and match or simply match your external apartment door with the internal doors. Internal and external finishes can be different, or the internal doors can be designed to perfectly complement your apartment’s interior with a bespoke luxury veneer. It’s your apartment so it’s totally up to you!

External doors can include multi-point locking systems, electric locks and concealed door closers. Again, it’s your choice. It’s about ensuring you feel as safe and secure as possible in your apartment whilst maintaining complete style.

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High security garage door

Mews high security garage doors

We’re delighted to have completed another London mews property project, this time installing fully automated, mews high security garage doors.

The client and owner of the beautiful mews home in a conservation area of London was focused on retaining the aesthetics of the original stable doors of the property. 150 years ago, there wouldn’t have been any cars around and the ‘garage’ would have been home to the proprietor’s horse as they were the mode of transport at the time.

Mews high security garage doors
BEFORE: The mews property’s original garage doors

Since the local council planning team was insistent on the doors retaining their heritage and unique style, we go to work creating a design that would not only replicate the existing doors in exact detail, but also provide a safe, secure and even cosy home for a 21st century vehicle!

The new, high security mews garage doors in action from the inside…

Using only the very best quality steel clad with engineered timber, the new doors look exactly like the original set of stable doors and will be fit for purpose for decades to come. The new doors are also fully automated for effortless opening and closing. Plus, they do not have tracks on the inside so take up much less space than their tracked counterparts.

We hope you’ll agree that the finished result mews garage doors look incredible. Another very happy Secure House client!

…and the doors in action from the outside. A fantastic project all round!

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Penthouse doors upgraded with stunning veneer security and fire rated doors

Penthouse apartment door upgrade

The team here at Secure House was delighted to be appointed to upgrade several high-end penthouse apartment doors with brand new, high security FD60 (60 minutes fire rated doors) front doors and FD30 (30 minutes fire rated doors) internal apartment doors.

Tasked with maintain the aesthetic of the original door and enhancing the finish to provide a more luxurious look and feel, we discussed exotic veneer options with the client. We have a wide range of veneers and luxury finishes which are suitable for both external and internal doors.

After discussion, the client chose our Milano Ebony veneer with its stunning deep matt black background and subtle golden streaks – it’s stunning.

Penthouse apartment doors upgraded by Secure House

As well as designing, manufacturing and installing the new front door, we also included a state-of-the-art fingerprint scanning system and fob reader with its own keypad for the ultimate level of security.

Penthouse doors upgrade

The door was further enhanced with beautiful bespoke ironmongery which we sourced from a luxury French brand. The bronze handles perfectly complement the opulence of the Milano Ebony veneer, bringing out the golden highlights.

If you’re interested in adding a little luxury into your apartment or home, please feel free to contact us and take a look at the other sample veneers we have in our exclusive range. These include Zebrano, Wenge, Mahogany, Oak, Maple, Macassar and Cherry. We can also add imagery of your choice too such as exotic trees or even a whole forest!

Penthouse doors upgraded by Secure House

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Secure House is the number one replica door company in London

Secure House: the only choice for replica doors in London

Secure House replica doors are installed in various properties across each of London’s conservation areas. Fact. And that’s because Secure House is the number one choice for conservation and replica doors!

Take a look a recent project we completed for a client in Mayfair.

The original timber Georgian door was starting to show signs of wear and tear and the owner was concerned that the door was no longer very secure and it certainly didn’t provide any energy saving properties compared to its modern security door counterparts.

Following an online consultation and a couple of site visits, we put together a full plan to create a replica door along with a whole new replica window light complete with high security glass.


Replica doors in London

Our plan addressed each of the specific conservation regulations set out for the area and met what was required by the local Council and estates team. The new, high security door was made using the very highest quality steel and clad with maintenance-free, fully waterproof engineered timber that is designed to last for decades.

As well as adding bespoke, replica ironmongery, we can included a motorised locking system: the world-renowned FIAM x1r. As well as state-of-the art locking systems, we are also able to provide e-key fingerprint scanners and facial recognition systems for an extra level of security, each of which comply with all conservation regulations.


Secure House is the number one replica door company in London

The finished result really does speak for itself – can you even spot the difference? Yes, it’s that good! Not only does the new door now provide an unrivalled level of security, it also vastly improves the thermal efficiency rating of the property. Oh, and it looks incredible.

When it comes to conservation area doors for any home in London, Secure House has to be your first stop for the expertise and knowledge you need to exceed expectations all round.

Black double security door with the most incredible gargoyle door knockers

Your house, your door, your design – get inspired!

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably very eager to travel right now and see some different sights after over two months of lockdown. So, we thought we’d take you on virtual tour of Malta via some of its truly stunning doors (you know how much we love doors!) captured by our MD when he travelled there back in 2019 with his family. We hope the images will inspire you and, don’t forget, if you see something you like, let us know and we’ll recreate it for you.

We’re experts at creating bespoke doors because it’s your house so it should be your door, your design! Take a look at the wide variety of different colours the homeowners on Malta have chosen for their doors. They’re vibrant, bright and very welcoming. And there’s a definite trend here in the UK to coloured doors, something little different to the classic black or white doors.

We’re working with more and more clients who have a specific colour in mind when it comes to replacing an existing door or, indeed, installing doors in a new build or refurbishment project. Sometimes they wish to match a rendered finish or pick out a colour that is used inside the home, or simply because it’s their favourite colour! Either way, we can accommodate those wishes which is why so many people choose Secure House.

Back to Malta. One of the best things about going on holiday of course is exploring the location. Merely by walking through the streets of a town or village, you can get a real feel for the people who live there and the culture of the country. We noticed that there is a real passion for door knockers over in Malta. And sometimes it wasn’t just one, but two knockers included on each door set. The designs are incredible – take a look below – and the detail is truly beautiful. What’s more, they more than complement the doors and serve a purpose too, you don’t ever want to miss a parcel or delivery because you don’t hear someone knocking at your door do you?

In fact, by looking at the hundreds of different doors, we could clearly see that the Maltese people love their door furniture, so much so that they even have a dedicated ironmongery museum which kept our MD and his family entertained for over an hour! From owls and seahorse, to gargoyles and traditional brass rings, the Maltese have a door knocker for every possible door design.

As with the door designs, styles and colours, if you spot a piece of ironmongery included on any of the photos that you like, let us know and we’ll make it happen! You should never have to compromise on design or security when it comes to selecting new doors for your home so we’re here to help with everything from a bespoke colour to a unique, one-of-a-kind design.

We really hope this particular blog post inspires you and gives you a few ideas for your very own grand door design. Maybe it’s time to bring a few rays of Maltese sunshine into your home?

For more information on how to create your own bespoke doors, or to arrange a free consultation, please call us on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]

Secure House Door Designs

Keeping it flush

When it comes to design, there are always new trends to inspire and motivate us and it’s no different when it comes to security door design. That latest trend in the UK door industry is for flush doors i.e. a door that fits completely flush with the trims and frame.

Here at Secure House, we’ve noticed this contemporary development for a few months and we’ve had clients specifically ask for flush doors – not a problem! We’re keen to embrace any new design styles and broaden our extensive portfolio wherever we can.

We are able to manufacture flush doors that have either an inward or outward opening. Aperture size can be accommodated too so there is the choice of single or door flush doors. We can even include side panel windows where the exterior line fits flush with the window trims.

Black flush door with glazed panel and stainless steel handle

Flush door with silver stripe

These ultra-modern doors have the potential to truly transform the whole look of your home. And, as you would expect from Secure House, any of these modern doors can include a motorised locking system, a fingerprint scanner as well as bespoke ironmongery to perfectly complement the door.

Grey panel flush door with keypad entry Grey panel flush door with side panel and fingerprint access

And, of course, all of our flush doors are made using only the very highest quality steel and engineered timber to provide unrivalled security and energy efficiency throughout.

Black horizontal line flush door with bespoke ironmongery

If you’d like to know more about how to include a flush door in your home, please feel free to give us a call on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]