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9 out of 10 home burglaries go unsolved

According to figures from the Home Office, nine out of ten home burglaries and their investigations are closed without a suspect even being identified

Between April and June this year, 44,363 residential burglaries were recorded across England and Wales with 89.7 per cent ending with no suspect found.

Edmundas Zaunieravicius opition

Commenting on the statistics, Edmundas Zaunieravicius, managing director of Secure House said: “With such a high percentage of burglaries going unsolved, we need to get one step ahead of the burglars and remain there and that means increasing security in as many different ways as possible.

“As a homeowner myself, one of my key objective is to ensure that my family and our possessions are as safe and secure as possible and the first place for many homeowners to start is by replacing windows and doors with secure windows and doors.

Not only home protection and security but also look stunning

“At Secure House we offer a wide range of high quality secure doors and windows that not only offer enhanced home protection and security but also look stunning. People often think that a secure window or door will be ugly and purely functional. With our products, this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Concludes Edmundas: “For a relatively low investment, a secure front and back door and windows will make all the difference when it comes to improving residential safety and security and also transform how a house looks. At the same time they will ensure that burglars remain on the outside of your property where they belong!”