concertina doors

A buyers’ guide to concertina doors

Concertina doors – often referred to as folding doors – are a great way to open up a room or provide an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional means of linking a home to its garden or outdoor space. Thanks to their continued inclusion in home design programmes and in social media, they’re a popular choice for homeowners who want to update or improve their property.

When it comes to purchasing concertina doors, there are several factors that we recommend you bear in mind. If you follow our tips and ideas, you can ensure you choose the right set for your specific needs. So, here’s the Secure House buyer’s guide to concertina door systems!

Get the measurements correct

Before you start looking at different options, accurately measure the opening where you intend to install the concertina door system. This will help you determine the appropriate size and configuration of the doors. We offer a free, professional measuring service for all of our customers, please just ask.

Material and quality gains

Modern concertina doors are available in a variety of materials including wood, vinyl, aluminium, or glass. Consider the durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal of each material. Additionally, ensure that the doors are made of high-quality materials to guarantee their longevity and durability as they will, hopefully, be used on a daily basis.

Style icon

Use the various materials available to create your own stylish design. Choose from concertina doors with solid panels, louvered panels, glass panels or a combination of all three. Always take into account the overall aesthetic of your space and create a style that complements and enhances its functionality.

What’s the ideal configuration?

One of the key benefits of concertina doors is that they can be configured in different ways, such as bi-fold, tri-fold, or multi-fold designs. Ask yourself these two key questions: what is the available space? And what is the intended purpose of the doors? Think carefully about what exactly you want to achieve, and you’ll be in position to determine the most suitable configuration for your needs.

A secure haven

Is security or privacy is a key concern for you? If so we recommend that you look for concertina door systems that offer additional features such as locks or opaque panels. This will provide you and with peace of mind and ensure the desired level of security and privacy for your home, creating a secure haven within.

Optimum operation

If possible, try to test the smoothness and ease of operation of the concertina doors before making a purchase. They should open and close smoothly without any resistance or difficulty. You should be able to open them with one hand too, not have to use two hands and all your strength! Look at options with a high-quality track system and rollers to ensure easy and reliable operation.

Go green

Energy efficiency is increasingly important to homeowners, particularly as UK energy prices show no sign to decreasing. If environmental impact and striving to reduce gas and electricity bills are on your agenda, seek out concertina doors with good insulation properties. This will help to reduce heat transfer and enhance the energy efficiency of your home.

The personal touch

With the right manufacturer and supplier, you can add your own personal touch through customisation. Select a company that offers the ability for a bespoke option for the concertina doors, such as colour choices, finishes, or additional features. This will allow you to personalise the doors to suit your specific requirements.

Professional installation and warranty

We would always suggest that you employ the services of a professional door installer to fit your concertina doors. The majority of door companies provide a professional installation service when you make a purchase from them. As the same time, be sure to ask about the warranty provided for the concertina door system just in case there are manufacturing defects or issues following installation.

If you’d like to find out more concertina doors or folding doors, feel free to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]