Shop front security from Secure House

Our several secure projects at the very highest level

When you’re a high-end retailer with an expensive product, shop front security is absolutely vital, not only for your staff and products but also for the protection and security of your customers.

Here at Secure House, we have many years’ experience of designing and installing some of the very highest levels of secure shop fronts that include our unique in-house interlocking solutions which work in conjunction with the X1R multi-point locking system from lock experts, ISEO.

Our projects for jewellery stores in Hatton Garden in London

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on several secure shop front projects for jewellery stores in Hatton Garden in London, Manchester and Sheffield. As a very basic, all UK insurers will require a jewellers to fit an airlock as part of the entrance to the store.

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This concept involves creating two separate doors. One door opens from the street that enables the member of staff or customers to enter into a security room (or airlock). Once the first door closes and locks, the second door will then open. This concept is ideal for preventing both opportune raids by thieves on the store and provides an excellent level of protection for anyone inside.

Multi-point locking systems for high end shop from security from Secure House
Multi-point locking systems for high end shop security from Secure House

For the Hatton Garden jewellery store, we specified the very highest security door on the market which features axe resistant glazing. And in Manchester, we added interlocking doors and incorporated bullet proof glass throughout. Even more retail stores protected by Secure House!

If you’re considering either updating your shop front security or are planning on opening a new, luxury or high end retail store, give us a call and we’ll head over for a ‘no strings attached’ consultation.