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Another happy customer at Secure House

Another happy customer at Secure House has complimented our reinforced steel security level 3 door. The client hat has decided to improve their main entrance security before anyone tries to get it. The doors fitted are resistant to crowbar attacks and the client feels much safe at nigh and when leaving the property unattended.

They used to have timber doors but the weakest point of any timber door is the timber frame which does not last long and burglars are able to open them easily by using force. Shield reinforced doors are made from steel and they also come with a steel frame which protects the doors and locks from being forced opened. We also use 24mm steel liners to protect the 16 screws that go in to the wall. The amount of time anyone would spend to make any damage on the door would result in someone spotting the burglars and calling the police.

Secure House- a piece of mind when you are away

“We are delighted with our steel door – the service that we have received to date has been outstanding and the workmanship equally so. We feel safer with our grade 3 security door and would have no hesitations in recommending Edmund and Secure House. (Northwood, Middlesex) “