Beating the moped thieves

Last year on London’s streets, over 12,000 crimes were committed by so-called moped thieves stealing mobile phones and hand-bags from pedestrians going about their business in the capital.

The Met Police have come down hard these violent criminals and are often resorting to chasing and knocking the individuals off their bikes in a bid to reduce this type of crime.

It’s not just those walking around the city that are being targeted by moped thieves though; more and more businesses are coming under attack with targeted ram raids aimed at ‘smashing and grabbing’ high value items from retail stores.

How you should protect your shop?

So, how on earth do you protect your shop from the moped thieves who just don’t care about security alarms and ensure it stands up to a ram raid that might end up in the assailants taking a sledgehammer to your store windows and doors?

Over the last few years, the Secure House team has worked with hundreds of retailers across the UK whose businesses are considered to be at high risk of theft, burglary, ram raids and criminal damage.

Our secure shop front service enables us to create a truly bespoke design, specification and installation service and you can be sure that it will incorporate only the very strongest security doors, windows, high security laminated glass, airlocks and shutters on the market.

Do you want to make sure that your store stands up moped thieves?

All of our tailored secure shop front systems are specifically designed to thwart attempted burglaries or thefts and will withstand even the most ferocious and violent attack. Take a look at this video to see just how effective our system is – this criminal duo were not able to gain entry to this particular store despite repeated attempts to break in.

If you want to make sure that your store stands up moped thieves, please give us a call to arrange a site meeting to discuss your specific requirements. Irrespective of budget or location, the team here at Secure House is ready and waiting to provide the very highest levels of security for all kinds of different commercial premises.