The Art of Entry Design: Creating Impressions With Building Doorways

Doorways are the handshake of a building, offering the first impression that can set the tone for the entire encounter. You might not realiz…

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Doorway Dynamics: Social Impact of Building Entrances

Delving into doorways may seem like a dull endeavor, but don’t dismiss the significance these spaces hold in our social fabric.

You might…

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Synthesis of Classic and Modern Style in Home Interior

Drawing inspiration from the timeless harmony of Yin and Yang, envision yourself blending the grandeur of classic design with the sleekness …

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Maximizing Space and Style: How Trade Doors Transform Interiors

Trade doors, also known as pocket doors, are a remarkable solution for maximizing space and adding style to interior design. Here at Secure …

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Exploring Feng Shui’s Influence on Contemporary Interior Design: A Focus on Doors

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice rooted in the belief of harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment, has significantly…

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The Importance of Quality Materials in Trade Doors

When it comes to quality materials, here at Secure House we always have (and always will) use only the very best in all of our trade doors. …

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The Power of Powder Coated Steel for Doors

When it comes to the finish and colour of doors, the power of powder coated steel doors is difficult to beat for a variety of different reas…

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Enhancing Home Security: The Importance of Door Barricades

Enhancing home security is a crucial aspect of ensuring the safety and well-being of your family and belongings and it’s something we’re…

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Deflecting the Elements: How Rain Deflectors Shield Your Home

Protecting your home from adverse weather and deflecting the elements is a must and rain deflectors, also known as gutter guards or gutter s…

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Addressing Common Fire Door Installation Mistakes in the UK

Fire doors are crucial for safety, but incorrect installation can compromise their effectiveness. Common mistakes include improperly fitting…

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Balancing Aesthetics and Safety: Fire Doors in UK Architectural Design

In UK architectural design, achieving a balance between aesthetics and safety in fire door design is paramount. Architects and designers str…

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Why Fire Doors Are a Key Part of Fire Safety Plans

Fire doors are vital for fire safety plans as they contain fire spread and provide safe evacuation routes. Their construction from fire-resi…

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Meeting UK Fire Safety Standards With Proper Door Closers

Door closers are essential for meeting UK fire safety standards. They play a significant role in preventing the spread of fire and ensuring …

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Strategies for Effective Fire Door Management in UK Schools

Fire doors are critical in protecting UK school communities from fire hazards. To ensure these doors function effectively, schools must adop…

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Why Fire Door Seals Are Important for Smoke Containment

Fire door seals are critical for smoke containment as they prevent smoke from escaping through gaps around fire doors during a fire.


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The Importance of Third-Party Certification for Fire Doors in the UK

Third-party certification for fire doors in the UK is crucial for ensuring compliance and enhancing building safety. Fire doors are vital fo…

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Integrating Fire Doors Into Historic UK Buildings While Preserving Character

Integrating fire doors into historic UK buildings involves a delicate balance between preserving architectural character and ensuring fire s…

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Selecting Fire-Rated Glass for Doors: UK Standards and Practices

Selecting the right fire-rated glass for doors in the UK is crucial for ensuring building safety. It’s important to understand the classific…

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Preparing for a Fire Door Inspection: UK Compliance Checklist

To prepare for a fire door inspection and meet UK compliance checklist, follow these key steps to ensure the safety and protection of your w…

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