Main questions you should ask before you choose your home security provider

Whenever you’re at home, day or night, it’s imperative that you feel safe and secure with Read more

What are the main items you should have in your panic room?

A panic room is a secure space specifically designed to provide protection and security in case of emergencies, such as home invasions or na…

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What’s the best way to hide a panic room in your house?

“What’s the best way to hide a panic room in your house?” is a question we’re often asked here at Secure House. As you will understa…

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Ventilated Doors: Enhancing Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Your Living Spaces

When it comes to enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in living spaces, ventilated doors can make a valuable addition as they offer a wid…

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Unleashing the Vibrant World of Powder Coating Colours: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Palette for Your Projects

Powder coating has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of finishing and coating materials, offering a durable, vibrant, and versatile solut…

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The Door Leaf – your gateway to style and security

The Door Leaf: Your Gateway to Style and Security is a compelling blog post topic that combines both aesthetic appeal and the concept of saf…

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Fire Escapes: A Lifeline in Emergencies and an Urban Architectural Marvel

Working alongside a variety of commercial, industrial and residential clients, here at Secure House we are very well versed in the lifeline …

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Front door installation – 5 top tips

When it comes to front door installation, here at Secure House there’s nothing we don’t know about! We’ve lost count exactly how many …

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How do you fit an external door frame?

Fitting an external door frame is something we’re no strangers to here at Secure House! We’ve installed thousands over the years so we�…

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What height do you install the door viewer?

What height do you install the door viewer on

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A buyers’ guide to concertina doors

Concertina doors – often referred to as folding doors – are a great way to open up a room or provide an aesthetically pleasing and highl…

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Top 10 tips for maintenance of sliding doors

Sliding doors are some of our top selling doors here at Secure House thanks to their versatility and functionality. If they’re glazed slid…

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Top five tips to make wooden doors look expensive

For centuries wooden doors have been synonymous with strength, security and a degree of luxury. Hard wearing, heavy duty but also very beaut…

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Alarm Receiving Centre doors

When it comes to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) doors, here at Secure House we have a long history of designing, manufacturing and delivering …

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Are door security bars worth the investment?

Here at Secure House, we’ve seen all sorts of different security ‘add-ons’ over the years but the one that we both highly recommend in…

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Fire rated doors: FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120

There are four different Fire Door Ratings: FD30, FD60, FD90 or FD120 and, in this blog post, we’ll explain all you need to know about the…

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A handy guide to standard UK door sizes

It’s true to say that doors come in all different sizes, so we’ve used our expert knowledge to put together this handy guide to standard…

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What are the five fire safety tips?

When it comes to the five fire safety tips associated with security doors and windows, here at Secure House, we are always available to prov…

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Guide on garage door installation from Secure House

When it comes to garage door installation, we’re quite the experts here at Secure House as we design, manufacture and install thousands of…

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