Impact of door colours on mood and ambience

We love coloured door here at Secure House! From traditional black or white to something more ‘out there’ such as vibrant yellow or baby…

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Fire Door Training Requirements for UK Construction Teams

Fire door training is essential for UK construction teams. It ensures building safety and helps them comply with legal obligations. This tra…

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What Is Required for a Fire Door Inspection

A thorough fire door inspection involves several key components:

  • Documentation: documentation is essential, in…

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Why Regular Inspections Are Critical for Fire Door Efficiency

Regular inspections are critical for fire door efficiency because they help identify potential fire hazards and ensure compliance with safet…

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When to Use Fire Doors in Residential Properties

Fire doors are essential in residential settings for containing fires and preventing smoke spread, thus allowing more time for evacuation an…

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How to Ensure Your Fire Door Complies With Safety Standards

To ensure your fire door meets safety standards and functions effectively in a fire, conduct regular inspections and maintenance. It is cruc…

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Legal Responsibilities for Maintaining Fire Doors in UK Buildings

Understanding your obligations as a building owner or manager is crucial in maintaining fire doors and to ensure overall building safety.

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What Is the Difference Between Fire Doors and Regular Doors

Fire doors are designed specifically to withstand fire and prevent its spread. Regular doors, on the other hand, do not possess the same fir…

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How to Properly Maintain Fire Doors for Safety

Proper maintenance of fire doors is essential for ensuring their effectiveness in preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Regular mainte…

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Why Fire Doors Are Essential in Modern Architecture

Fire doors contain fire and smoke within buildings, constructed with fire-resistant materials and special seals to prevent smoke and flame p…

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Understanding the BS EN 1634 Standard for Fire Doors in the UK

The BS EN 1634 Standard specifies the requirements for the construction, installation, and performance of fire doors in the UK, ensuring the…

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When to Replace Your Fire Door: Signs of Wear

Replace fire doors at the first signs of wear or damage, as identified through regular inspections. Prompt replacement is crucial to maintai…

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How Long Should a Fire Door Resist Fire

A fire door should be able to resist fire for a specified period of time. This time period typically ranges from 30 minutes to 3 hours. The …

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What Is the Lifespan of Industrial Fire Doors

The lifespan of industrial fire doors varies based on material durability, usage frequency, and environmental conditions. These doors are bu…

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How to Choose the Right Fire Door for Your Building

Choosing the right fire door for your building is crucial for the safety of its occupants.

Consider factors like heat resistance, functio…

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Understanding the Dimensions of Louvered Doors

Imagine the gentle sway of palm fronds as a tropical breeze whispers through, hinting at the unique structure of a louvered door.

You’re …

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The Best Ways to Change a Lock Cylinder

So, you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need to change a lock cylinder. Congratulations, this is surely the highlight of your day…

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How To Install a Letterbox To a Door?

Installing a letterbox in your door is like opening a personal gateway for communication, connecting you to the world beyond your doorstep. …

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Navigating UK Building Regulations for Fire Door Installation

In the UK, fire door installation is governed by specific Building Regulations to ensure they effectively prevent the spread of fire and smo…

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