Do All Commercial Buildings Require Fire Doors?

Fire doors are essential in commercial buildings to contain fire and smoke, featuring fire-resistant materials and self-closing mechanisms.

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Do Fire Doors Really Protect Against Smoke and Flames

Yes, fire doors are designed to protect against both smoke and flames, making them an essential safety feature in buildings.

Proper insta…

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How to Install a Fire Door: A Step-by-Step Guide

Installing a fire door is an important step in ensuring the safety of your space. Fire doors are designed to resist the spread of fire and s…

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Here’s what you need to know about profile systems for doors

Profile systems for doors refer to the structural framework or profiles used in the construction of doors, especially in the context of door…

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Choosing eco-friendly door materials

In recent years, we’ve seen a real boom in environmental consciousness and, as a result, we’re helping more and more clients who are wan…

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Artistic door designs

Artistic door designs can add a unique and creative touch to any space, whether it’s a home, office, or public building. You can insert your…

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How to conduct a security audit for your business

Conducting a security audit for your shop front is absolutely crucial to ensure the safety of your premises, assets, and customers. The team…

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Modern Doors in Commercial Spaces: Trends and Design Inspirations

It’s safe to say that general trends and design inspirations for modern doors in commercial spaces are changing all the time. Design trend…

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Burglar-Proofing Your Shop: Top Security Measures for Retailers

Securing your retail shop is crucial to protect your merchandise, assets, and ensure the safety of your employees and customers. Over the la…

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Main questions you should ask before you choose your home security provider

Whenever you’re at home, day or night, it’s imperative that you feel safe and secure with Read more

What are the main items you should have in your panic room?

A panic room is a secure space specifically designed to provide protection and security in case of emergencies, such as home invasions or na…

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What’s the best way to hide a panic room in your house?

“What’s the best way to hide a panic room in your house?” is a question we’re often asked here at Secure House. As you will understa…

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Ventilated Doors: Enhancing Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Your Living Spaces

When it comes to enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in living spaces, ventilated doors can make a valuable addition as they offer a wid…

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Unleashing the Vibrant World of Powder Coating Colours: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Palette for Your Projects

Powder coating has undoubtedly revolutionized the world of finishing and coating materials, offering a durable, vibrant, and versatile solut…

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The Door Leaf – your gateway to style and security

The Door Leaf: Your Gateway to Style and Security is a compelling blog post topic that combines both aesthetic appeal and the concept of saf…

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Fire Escapes: A Lifeline in Emergencies and an Urban Architectural Marvel

Working alongside a variety of commercial, industrial and residential clients, here at Secure House we are very well versed in the lifeline …

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Front door installation – 5 top tips

When it comes to front door installation, here at Secure House there’s nothing we don’t know about! We’ve lost count exactly how many …

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How do you fit an external door frame?

Fitting an external door frame is something we’re no strangers to here at Secure House! We’ve installed thousands over the years so we�…

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What height do you install the door viewer?

What height do you install the door viewer on

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