The burglar and social media

We have already mentioned in a previous post how it could be possible for a would-be burglar to find out via social media that you’re planning a holiday – well it will come as little surprise that the Internet and social media are now part of the standard toolkit for the modern burglar planning a break-in.

Once a burglar has targeted a victim, (possibly because he has seen on Facebook, for example, that they are planning a holiday soon or are already away).

Our top tips for safety on social media

The will can then visit their property from the comfort of his own living room using Google StreetView to decide if he thinks it will be worth robbing. (You can protect yourself from this by contacting Google and asking to have your house removed.) Then he will make his move.

Here are our top tips for safety on social media:
• Don’t automatically share your location (remember that images from modern smartphones also automatically include the GPS data of the location where they were taken).
• Don’t post your home address on your profile (you could just use the nearest big city).
• Share pictures with just friends and not friends of friends.
• Don’t use social media on holiday!
• Save sharing your holiday snaps for when you’ve got back home.

Burglaries statistics

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