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Prestigious farmhouse project

We’ve worked on a few prestigious projects over the years and this most recent – at a farmhouse in the south of England – is definitely in our top ten when it comes to high security and stylish luxury for a full house renovation.

Following an initial site visit and consultation with the client, we ascertained that there were very high requirements for this project, particularly in relation to creating a property with unrivalled u-values: one that would remain cool in summer but warm in winter.

The owner also wanted to retain as much character as possible in comparison the original building that occupied the site. As such, we went away and designed a comprehensive solution with a choice of different finishes and styles to then present.

All of the doors and windows we recommended would have to perform exceptionally well and compensate for the overall brick structure. Style and design had to reflect the location of the property but also give a nod to modern materials. This led us to select some of the most beautiful, minimalist and sleekest windows available from one of the leading global aluminium window specialists, Reynaers.

On site at the farmhouse installing the Reynaers SL68 ultra-slim, weather resistant aluminium windows
On site installing the stunning Reynaers SL68 ultra-slim, weather resistant aluminium windows of varying sizes
The rear of the farmhouse with floor to ceiling aluminium windows
The rear of the farmhouse with floor to ceiling aluminium windows

We presented (and the client loved!) the Reynaers SL68 ultra-slim, weather resistant aluminium window. A universal and highly versatile window with great stability, thermal insulation and security performance, this window is available in four different styles to facilitate a perfect match with any property.

The windows are secured by Design and PAS24 security, provide a Window Energy Rating (WER) of A++ and Uw values down to 1.0W/m2K. We also included triple glazing for an additional level of protection and to further enhance the u-value of the entire project.

The front of the farmhouse starting to take shape!
The front of the farmhouse starting to take shape!

And when it came to selecting the front doors, we were over the moon when the client chose our all-time favourite double security door with classic circle design and bespoke ironmongery. This door never fails to please and succeed and it was the ideal complement to the double height triple glazed, full height window above – total luxury with zero compromise on either security or thermal insulation value.

Well, take a look for yourself – how good does the property look? A farmhouse fit for the 21st century!

If you’re looking to complete a full refurbishment or renovation of your existing home or a property you have your eye, please feel free to contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected] and we’ll see how we can help with a free site visit and consultation.

security doors
The finished result – a farmhouse fit for the 21st century!


secure shop fronts 3D design service

Secure shop fronts: 3D design service

Over the last decade we have designed and installed a huge number of secure shop fronts in the UK and Europe, so we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new secure shop front 3D design service!

It’s a sad fact that high street retailers and their stores are vulnerable to attack by would-be thieves who will stop at nothing to gain entry, even in broad daylight. From using mopeds to ‘ram raid’ the premises or using heavy duty sledgehammers and other tools to smash their way in, the way to prevent such crime to always be one step ahead of the criminals. And one of the best ways to do this is by implementing a secure shop front scheme if your business is considered to be at high risk of theft, burglary, ram raids and criminal damage.

secure shop fronts 3D design service
Our 3D design service for secure shop fronts

Working with high-end retailers who sell jewellery & watches, clothes, shoes & accessories, antiques and other luxury items has given us a direct insight into exactly what’s required to stop thieves in their tracks without sacrificing on the overall design, brand and aesthetics of such lavish, upmarket stores. As such, our 3D design service enables us to include slim steel profile doors which provide the very highest anti-burglary protection in the shape of RC3 as per EN1627, and RC4 as per EN1627 standards.

Alongside this protection, we use top of the range motorised security locks Level 7 as per EN12209 standard. These locks feature no fewer than 11 pin security cylinders with armoured escutcheons to offer the very highest levels of protection for the store.

secure shop fronts 3D design service
See just what your store will look like with our secure shop fronts 3D design service

When it comes to glazing, there is zero compromise to facilitate the very finest and sleekest of window displays with the ultimate in anti-theft protection. We can offer and variety of options for security glazing which will deliver unrivalled security as per EN356 P6b, P7b and P8b levels. We also have both multi-laminate and polycarbonate glass options if required.

secure shop fronts 3D design service
It’s all in the 3D design! No compromise on design or style for your secure shop front

So, if you’re looking to protect your store from criminals, day and night, simply call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll put together a 3D design that will provide peace of mind and maximise your store’s shopping appeal.

To arrange your free, no obligation secure shop front project consultation and 3D design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]

Security doors for remote areas from Secure House

Security doors in remote areas

We often receive calls enquiring about installing security doors in homes, offices and other premises located in remote areas.

Achieving a higher than usual level of security is paramount in such locations since there may be no-one in the vicinity for days on end, thus giving would-be intruders the opportunity to gain unfettered access without ever being noticed.

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Shop front security from Secure House

Shop front security at the very highest level

When you’re a high-end retailer with an expensive product, shop front security is absolutely vital, not only for your staff and products but also for the protection and security of your customers.

Here at Secure House, we have many years’ experience of designing and installing some of the very highest levels of secure shop fronts that include our unique in-house interlocking solutions which work in conjunction with the X1R multi-point locking system from lock experts, ISEO.

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Fire away!

Need a steel security door that’s also fire rated? Look no further, you’ve found it! We have a fantastic range with options including 30, 45, 60 & 90 minute fire rated doors, right up several that offer a 120 minute fire rating.

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Fire doors away

Over the last 12 months, the safety and security of people living in tower blocks, apartments and other communal living spaces has become ever more paramount with fire doors high on the list of priorities.

The addition of fire rated apartment doors in such properties can give people up to five extra minutes to escape from the building in the event of a fire. That doesn’t sound like much but every second really does count in these life-threatening situations.

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finished replica security door

How do you make a replica door?

Each year here at Secure House we make over one hundred replica doors. As such, we’re often asked by clients: “how do you make a replica door?” The answer, as you may imagine, isn’t a simple one!

Since most of our clients are very attached to their period door – after all, a door is the main feature of a heritage area property or grade listed home – it’s imperative that we maintain those first knock-out impressions when we create any replica door.

Every London borough has distinctive door designs, and that heritage must be preserved. Every curve, every detail tells a story, and each door is a slice of history, so it’s a real privilege to be able to support this with the work we do. As such, we’re the go-to replica security door specialists for homeowners in the Royal boroughs of Chelsea, Kensington, Belgravia, Mayfair and Westminster.

It takes a very high level of skill and craftsmanship, built over many years, to create the very best replica doors. The best replica doors are ones that can be used to replace existing, original doors in conservation or heritage areas and no-one really notices the difference.

We have a wide range of the very latest technology at our fingertips and that enables our expert manufacturing team to replicate any door right down to the very finest details.

How do you make a replica door
Precise measurements are key

First of all, we carry out a site survey in order to gain the precise measurements we will need to make the replica door. It’s key to get this entire process right so we take our time and ensure we have all the information we need to then complete detailed drawings and any mouldings that we feel are required.

How do you make a replica door
The door BEFORE

We then present these drawings to the client and make any amends as required and go back with the updated drawings for approval. It’s at that stage we can discuss colours and finishes (the exciting bit for many clients!). Once the colour and finish are confirmed, the approved drawings and specifications are sent to our workshop team and they can start work on the production of the replica door.

How do you make a replica door
Technical drawings are created and tweaked as necessary

It’s worth noting that we are also able to reuse any existing door ironmongery. It can be removed from the original door, stripped down and fully restored to its former glory so it looks like brand new once again. We can do this with handles, door knockers, letterboxes and any other door decoration that you may wish to preserve.

How do you make a replica door
Existing ironmongery can be transformed to its former glory by our experts

Once the replica door is ready, it is delivered to site and our professional installation team. Any final finishings are fulfilled on site and it is also possible for the replica door to be primed and hand painted on site if requested.

How do you make a replica door
The finished replica security door. Stunning!

So, there you have it, the journey of how a replica door is made!

If you’d like to find out more about replacing an original door in your home or mews property with a replica door, feel free to call us on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help and advise.

what doors are the best for security?

What doors provide the best security?

With literally thousands of different security doors available on the market today, choosing the door that will provide the best security for your home can be quite a difficult task.

In the first instance, we would always advise you to plan and scope out exactly what you require before you even begin to search for a security door. We recommend that you contact a company that offers free site surveys, such as Secure House! A site survey is the best way to gain information and insight with one of our qualified industry consultants visiting your home to assess and discuss exactly what’s required because no two buildings are ever the same.

009.high security door single with side panel oak front modernd door 225x300 - What doors provide the best security?

During the survey, our consultant will provide you with specific technical, professional recommendations, advise on functionality and safety considerations, help you to understand security levels and take precise measurements to ensure you get the best quote and solution for your property.

As previously, there are so many different products out there and lots of them are really not fit for purpose. When it comes to selecting the best security doors, there are two key elements to consider: you must look at both the security class and thermal value of the product. These two specific elements will ensure you get the best security door for your money and your property. door traditional doors uk 225x300 - What doors provide the best security?

Security class ratings start with Security Class RC1 – basic protection against burglary – and go right through to Security Class RC6 – typically used in military bunkers. Our best-selling security door is our Skydas Standard 3, a product that has been rigorously and independently tested in a scientific laboratory. Achieving Security Class RC3, this burglar resistant door will protect from a skilled burglar using heavy-duty burglary tools and was specifically created applying the knowledge of all the possible ways and methods of burglary. And, by the way, Skydas doors are the most popular security doors in the UK!

2 300x179 - What doors provide the best security?

The thermal value of a security door can contribute significantly to energy savings within your home. Our Skydas Standard 3 uses 50mm rock wool thermal insultation and the L-shaped bent frame ensures tightness to effectively seal the door. Its thermal transmittance is 1.3 W/(m2–K) – the lower the transmittance, the more heat is held in – making it the ideal energy (and cost!) saving security door.

So, there you have it. The Skydas Standard 3 is certainly a door that can provide the best security.


Secure House at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2018

Show time!

We’ve had another fantastic exhibition at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2018 at Sandown Park in Surrey last weekend from 30thJune – 1stJuly.

It was great to see so many people attending the show and chatting to those visiting our stand about their own exciting projects. We discovered many visitors are in the process of refurbishing their existing homes and we know just how a brand new security door and windows can truly transform a property!

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Luxurious living: steel security door in Chelsea from Secure House

Security doors a ‘must have’ for luxurious living

Take a walk around the residential streets of Hampstead, Kensington, Chelsea and Watford and you’ll notice that many of the beautiful houses offering luxurious living all have one thing in common: they all have high security doors and windows fitted.

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