How to choose Security doors and windows for your home

We’ve got security and style all wrapped up!

Did you know that most thieves break in through the front door of the property? This often comes as a surprise to many people but the good news is we can help you to prevent this and beat the burglars at their own game.

Here at Secure House we are focused on helping you to further enhance the overall look of your homes with zero compromise on security. Choosing your new front door is never an easy task as it’s such an important part of the overall look and feel of a house. You have to get it spot on as it’s the first thing visitors, and you, will see – we more than understand that!

We offer unrivalled levels of security

As such, we have a huge range of steel security doors that not only look fantastic but offer unrivalled levels of security too. Perhaps the king of all our doors is the timber clad steel security door which is available in more than 200 standard designs. You can select different carvings and milling and there’s an unlimited choice of cladding material too, so you can truly create a bespoke design.

Offering the strength of a commercial steel security door but with the aesthetics of a timber door, our timber clad steel security doors will complement any existing features of your house. We can even design and manufacture matching front and back doors as well as security French doors, side doors and internal safe room doors to provide complete peace of mind.

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For additional security you can also select our unique multi-point locking systems and fully motorised locking systems with finger print recognition, an option that is now very affordable and increasing in popularity as a result. All of the keys that come as standard with our doors cannot be copied without an authorisation card to further enhance security levels.

We adhere to Consumer Protection Association best practice

Finally, a word of warning when choosing a security door company. Many companies copy images of completed projects and pertain to offer certification for doors they are not authorised to sell. For example, Secure House is the only accredited security door supplier in the UK. We adhere to Consumer Protection Association best practice and all of our warranties reflect their high standards of customer service.

So, if you’re planning your very own Grand Design and want to ensure the burglars remain out but your house looks amazing, pop and see us on stand B386 in the Grand Build area to discuss how we can help you do just that! Whether you live in a ground floor flat or a six-bedroom detached villa with trundle bed, protecting your home from burglars is always going to be a priority.


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Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair

In the current economic climate the need to protect and secure valuable property is paramount.

Secure House limited are the leaders in the provision of bespoke access control solutions for a diverse international clientele both commercial and residential.

There is nothing better than a satisfied client to advertise the quality of workmanship and guaranteed durability of Home Secure Security doors.

The new Secure House doors withstood the criminals and prevented another burglary

Recently in Mayfair, London class three mid range security doors were installed for a client who had suffered a spate of burglaries and had lost high value optical equipment. The burglars tried again but this time the new Secure House doors withstood the criminals and prevented another burglary. The integrity of the doors was not breached the premises were protected and the burglars frustrated.

The external timber shield was damaged and security glass shattered but both are easily replaceable. The locks were not damaged at all as there was a cylinder defender protecting the lock.

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The client was very happy that their investment in Secure House doors had more than paid off!”

Another satisfied client to add to Secure House list of contented customers.

Picture1 - Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair

Picture2 - Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair


The burglar and social media

We have already mentioned in a previous post how it could be possible for a would-be burglar to find out via social media that you’re planning a holiday – well it will come as little surprise that the Internet and social media are now part of the standard toolkit for the modern burglar planning a break-in.

Once a burglar has targeted a victim, (possibly because he has seen on Facebook, for example, that they are planning a holiday soon or are already away).

Our top tips for safety on social media

The will can then visit their property from the comfort of his own living room using Google StreetView to decide if he thinks it will be worth robbing. (You can protect yourself from this by contacting Google and asking to have your house removed.) Then he will make his move.

Here are our top tips for safety on social media:
• Don’t automatically share your location (remember that images from modern smartphones also automatically include the GPS data of the location where they were taken).
• Don’t post your home address on your profile (you could just use the nearest big city).
• Share pictures with just friends and not friends of friends.
• Don’t use social media on holiday!
• Save sharing your holiday snaps for when you’ve got back home.

Burglaries statistics

Learn more about burglaries statistics
For total peace of mind, in addition to our security doors and windows we offer a wide selection of safety products manufactured by some of the top global manufacturers, using only the best quality materials combined with today’s leading technology. For a complete catalogue of our security products please request a brochure or call us to speak to one of our friendly operators.

Triple locks on our security doors

9 out of 10 home burglaries go unsolved

According to figures from the Home Office, nine out of ten home burglaries and their investigations are closed without a suspect even being identified

Between April and June this year, 44,363 residential burglaries were recorded across England and Wales with 89.7 per cent ending with no suspect found.

Edmundas Zaunieravicius opition

Commenting on the statistics, Edmundas Zaunieravicius, managing director of Secure House said: “With such a high percentage of burglaries going unsolved, we need to get one step ahead of the burglars and remain there and that means increasing security in as many different ways as possible.

“As a homeowner myself, one of my key objective is to ensure that my family and our possessions are as safe and secure as possible and the first place for many homeowners to start is by replacing windows and doors with secure windows and doors.

Not only home protection and security but also look stunning

“At Secure House we offer a wide range of high quality secure doors and windows that not only offer enhanced home protection and security but also look stunning. People often think that a secure window or door will be ugly and purely functional. With our products, this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Concludes Edmundas: “For a relatively low investment, a secure front and back door and windows will make all the difference when it comes to improving residential safety and security and also transform how a house looks. At the same time they will ensure that burglars remain on the outside of your property where they belong!”

Secure House at ecobuild 2018

See you at ecobuild 2018!

We’re going to ecobuild at ExCel in London from 6 – 8 March 2018 and we’d love to see you there on our stand at D1C!

At the show, the Secure House team will be presenting several new additions, specifically for passive homes and other eco building projects, to our extensive security door range. These include the SKYDAS 2000, a steel security door which offers a rating of thermal transmittance of just 1W ((m2K) to effectively save heat in the home. Available in a variety of finishes and shades it offers unlimited design possibilities with single, double, side or upper panels and either an in- or outswing option.

We have examples of the SKYDAS Embassy and SKYDAS Fortress doors

We’ll also have examples of the SKYDAS Embassy and SKYDAS Fortress doors from the Diplomatic range on our stand. Both of these doors conform to the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems, SD-STD-01.01, Revision G.

The SKYDAS Embassy offers a high level of security against intruders and has been subjected to a 15-minute attack by a team of two testers using heavy-duty burglary tools. The SKYDAS Fortress provides an extra level of security if there is a perceived high risk of burglary.

Test for 45 minutes!

During testing, a team of six testers attacked the SKYDAS Fortress with heavy-duty burglary tools for 45 minutes! Both doors withstood the attacks and therefore represent an excellent choice for any homeowner wanting the ultimate burglar resistant security door that not only performs, but looks fantastic.

Finally, and most exciting, we’re working hard to showcase a brand new product that we hope we will be able to launch at ecobuild. This ‘never seen before’ product is highly innovative and will have multiple applications but you’ll have to visit us on our stand at D1C to see it and find out more!

Secure House at Grand Designs Live at the ExCeL London

Grand Designs Live: we’re ready!

It’s exhibition time once again here at Secure House. From 5th to 13th May we’ll be at one of our favourite shows, Grand Designs Live at ExCeL, London and we’ve got not one, but two new products to launch! More on that exciting news in a moment.

First and foremost, the Secure House team will be on hand to advise you on your Grand Design or Build. Choosing a new front door for your property can be mind-boggling as there are literally hundreds of different products out there. It’s such an important decision so we’ll help you get it just right!

Choose from over 200 designs

We have a wide range of steel security doors that will offer you both unrivalled levels of security and super stylish aesthetics to ensure your property stands out for all the right reasons. And don’t forget, Secure House is the only accredited Skydas security door supplier in the UK.

One of our most popular ranges is our stunning timber clad steel security door. Choose from over 200 designs and then add your choice of carvings, milling, door furniture, multi-point locking systems or a fully motorised locking system with finger print recognition to create your own unique door.

Now on to our two new product launches. Visitors to our stand will be the very first to see our new range of bullet proof doors AND fully-automated security doors! We’re taking home security to the next level with these new additions to our extensive product portfolio.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets today and make sure you head over for a chat with us on stand B386 in the Grand Build area – we look forward to welcoming you to Secure House!


Shop front security from Secure House

Our several secure projects at the very highest level

When you’re a high-end retailer with an expensive product, shop front security is absolutely vital, not only for your staff and products but also for the protection and security of your customers.

Here at Secure House, we have many years’ experience of designing and installing some of the very highest levels of secure shop fronts that include our unique in-house interlocking solutions which work in conjunction with the X1R multi-point locking system from lock experts, ISEO.

Our projects for jewellery stores in Hatton Garden in London

Over the last few months, we’ve been working on several secure shop front projects for jewellery stores in Hatton Garden in London, Manchester and Sheffield. As a very basic, all UK insurers will require a jewellers to fit an airlock as part of the entrance to the store.

Check our secure shopfront doors –>

This concept involves creating two separate doors. One door opens from the street that enables the member of staff or customers to enter into a security room (or airlock). Once the first door closes and locks, the second door will then open. This concept is ideal for preventing both opportune raids by thieves on the store and provides an excellent level of protection for anyone inside.

Multi-point locking systems for high end shop from security from Secure House
Multi-point locking systems for high end shop security from Secure House

For the Hatton Garden jewellery store, we specified the very highest security door on the market which features axe resistant glazing. And in Manchester, we added interlocking doors and incorporated bullet proof glass throughout. Even more retail stores protected by Secure House!

If you’re considering either updating your shop front security or are planning on opening a new, luxury or high end retail store, give us a call and we’ll head over for a ‘no strings attached’ consultation.


FREE consultation for self-build projects and security doors and windows from Secure House

Let Secure House help with your self-build with a FREE consultation!

Planning your very own self-build can be both hugely rewarding but also very time consuming – we know, we’ve been there! There are so many different elements and areas to consider and agree upon, it’s unsurprising that many people get confused and stressed with the endless choices, decisions and regulations when it comes to building their dream home.

At Secure House, we’ve handled our own self-builds and worked with numerous clients to help them to successfully fulfil their own projects. There is help at hand and we have the unique experience of implementing a self-build from both sides!

A FREE consultation to all of our clients embarking on a building project

As the market-leading security doors and windows specialist, from day one we have offered a FREE consultation to all of our clients embarking on a building project in the UK. Our highly professional and knowledgeable advisors can meet up with you on site or at your existing property and go through your architectural plans and drawings and give our expert, bespoke advice and guidance.

Check the most popular security door for homes here →

We can discuss how to choose the correct security doors and/or windows for your new home, including looking at which materials will perform best for your specific requirements and ensure you to get the very best quality and very best value products for your budget. We can also advise on what building regulations will apply and how those regulations apply to your project. We can even show you samples of some our stunning security doors and windows that have been shortlisted in construction industry awards!

So, don’t get left in the dark with your self-build project. Give us a call on 0207 859 4207 or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be only too happy to set up your FREE consultation at a time and location to suit you. We look forward to helping you achieve your forever house sooner than you think!

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Another shop in West London has been burgled

Another shop in West London has been burgled!  Thieves have spotted the weakest point which was the back door. Doors were kept shut behind the metal shutters but these security measures were not enough to stop the crime from happening.  It didn’t take long for the thieves to get in to take the valuables and disappear without a trace. Read more