No Touch Solutions for access control and remote opening

During the coronavirus pandemic, there have been several new innovations in the door locking industry, not least these brilliant ‘no touch’ locking solutions from our world-leading high security lock supplier, ISEO.

These so-called ‘no touch, no key’ solutions enable both access control and remote opening when added to our security doors. There are three different options currently available, each of which can be used with the majority of front, back and side doors in our extensive range, including our bespoke doors that can be made to match any design for residential or commercial purposes.

  • Door entry system solution with Smart Relay and IS9100 automatic door operator. This system works with aMultiblindo eMotion electronic motorized lock, a Thesis 2.0 solenoid lock or any generic electromechanical lock already installed on an existing door making it the ideal ‘no touch’ solution for every home. Using a Smart Relay that sends a Bluetooth signal from up to 10 metres and IS9100 Automatic Swing Door Operator, all that is required to open the door is a smartphone!

  • Door entry system solution with Stylos Smart Reader and IS9100 automatic door operator. This system works with the choice of either a Multiblindo eMotion electronic motorized lock orThesis 2.0 solenoid lock. A Stylos Display with keyboard is then installed next to the door frame. It facilitates door opening via Bluetooth with either a smartphone, PIN code, Mifare Classic or DESFire Card, an ISEO key fob or RFID wristband.

  • Door entry system solution with x1R Smart lock and IS9100 automatic door operator. Using Bluetooth, a x1R Smart lock and IS9100 automatic door operator, this system allows the homeowner, tenant or office worker to open the door with either a smartphone, fingerprint, PIN code, Mifare Classic or DESFire Card, an ISEO key fob or RFID wristband.

We can highly recommend changing your doors and including these new locks as it provides a better option to have them integrated in the factory for a full solution. Plus, these locks are extremely reliable with up to a three-year extended warranty and servicing contract in place.

For more information on any of these ‘no touch’ access control and remote opening systems, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 8594 207 or


Super stylish new additions to steel portfolio

You know how much we love metal frames here at Secure House. That’s just one reason why we’re very pleased to add a range of Crittall-style steel doors, windows and room dividers to our ever-growing steel range.

Typified by a very slim profile frame that forms a grid-like finish for doors, windows and room dividers, our Crittall style products will not only open up a space but totally transform it into something completely contemporary with bundles of natural light. They’re ideal for use across a wide variety of buildings too, from refurbishments and new build homes to listed buildings and properties located in conservation areas.

Large, open plan rooms can be skilfully partitioned to delineate specific areas and highlight a room’s full potential. They also hint at an industrial, modern finish which will complement any home, old or new. Smaller rooms can be opened up if taking down a wall isn’t an option to create a new sense of space with more light and height.

Highly versatile and robust, yet delicate and minimalist, our Crittall-style doors and room dividers will allow you the flexibility to create your own indoor spaces for your bespoke requirements and create fluid links to other rooms too. Add in windows for an all-round lighter, brighter and more spacious home. For the final finishing touch to your new doors and windows, choose from a sumptuous range of stunning ironmongery handles and door furniture in a variety of finishes – bronze, aged or antique brass and black are some of the most popular at present.

And, if you want the perfect frame for your garden or exterior courtyard, our new, Crittall-style doors will seamlessly and effortlessly link the outdoors to the indoors.

Finally, any of the doors and windows in this new range can be manufactured to meet certain fire regulations with the inclusion of fire rated components and fire rated glass to deliver products with a Fire Rating of up to 30 minutes (FD30).

To find out more about these super stylish additions to our metal portfolio, please give us a call don’t on 0207 859 4207 or drop us an email to



A Full House package from Secure House!

From high security doors and windows, to security garage doors and gates, we’ve got everything you need to create your very own secure house. We call it our Full House package!

Over the last two years, we have delivered hundreds of ‘full house’ projects for clients across the UK. We’ve worked on refurbishments, renovations and new builds to fulfil complete security door and window projects that have often included the installation of matching security garage doors, entrance gates and side gates to ensure an ‘all round’ safe and secure environment.

Selecting high security doors, windows, gates and garage doors from one supplier provides a seamless ordering and installation process. You’re not having to rely on several different companies, agreeing different dates for fitting.

Explains Edmundas Zaunieravacius, managing director here at Secure House: “We make it so easy for our customers to get both the level of security and top end design they require for their home. From a free site survey and professional advice and guidance, right through the highest quality products and first-class installation – we make the whole process so smooth and efficient and ensure that we go that extra mile to make sure the finished result exceeds expectations.”

As well as a huge range of security doors, windows, garage doors and gates to choose from, Secure House also offer bespoke ironmongery, designer handles, state-of-the-art locking systems, including fingerprint and facial recognition, high security shutters, bullet proof and supersize glass and much more.

Concludes Edmundas: “It’s always been our aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for residential and commercial security and our offering just keeps getting better every day. No project is too big or too small for our expert team – put us to the test and find out. Your ideal, secure and safe home is at your fingertips here at Secure House!”

To arrange your free, no obligation Full House project consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207


Communal entrance doors: low price, low maintenance, high life expectancy

Made from steel and using only the highest quality commercial application components, when you purchase communal entrance doors from Secure House you will gain a set of doors that are highly durable, easily serviceable and perform exceptionally.

Our communal entrance doors have the longest life span and deliver both longevity and practicality due to the inclusion of heavy duty hinges, commercial application locks and robust door closers that always ensure the doors are closed and secure at all times. Plus, all internal doors are fire rated to 30 or 60 minutes.

By implementing security electronic locking, you will have the peace of mind that your communal entrance doors are locked around the clock, 365 of the year. As an extra level of security, they can only be opened via intercom and with a manual key. If you are replacing a set of doors, our system can also be adapted to work with existing intercoms to ensure seamless, smooth operation. At the same time, we can provide a bespoke servicing contract to provide fast response in the event of an emergency.


We have a wide range of different styles, designs and finishes but, rest assured, every set of communal entrance doors from Secure House is:

  • Low priced and cost effective
  • Low maintenance with minimal ongoing costs
  • Delivers a high life expectancy
  • Includes electronic locks
  • Supply and professional installation upon request
  • Meets and actually surpasses current building regulation standards

What’s more each door set is low threshold as standard and can be made extra wide to facilitate easy wheelchair access. We are proud to be committed to delivering Access for All and ensuring our clients’ project meet Part M that requires all new non-domestic schemes and major extensions to have full disabled access.

For more information or for a free site survey, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 or email:



New products added to our steel portfolio!

We’re delighted to announce the addition of a number of new products to our portfolio including Forster Steel Doors and Windows.

Stainless steel doors and windows

We have many clients asking us for a door that will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically. We think a stainless steel security door is the way to go.

Synonymous with quality, luxury and strength, stainless steel is a timeless classic material for security doors since it never goes out of fashion and it delivers both longevity and durability – our Forster stainless steel security doors not only look incredible they’re also extremely long lasting.

Suitable for commercial AND residential applications
Ideally suited to commercial applications, offices, communal entrance doors, embassies and shopping centres, we have manufactured and installed stainless steel doors specifically for residential properties. Irrespective of where the installation is, however, stainless steel doors will always be fit for purpose and can be created to be burglary resistant, bullet resistant and fireproof – or all three if required.

As well as stainless steel, we can also manufacture windows and doors using mild steel. Whichever steel you select, we will ensure the doors and windows provide a thermal break for protection from all the elements and provide excellent heat insulation for tangible energy saving efficiencies.

We are able to create bespoke design doors and glazing and are one of the only specialist security door and window companies in the UK to offer the extremely rare combination of
fully glazed and solid doors/windows.

Made to measure, corrosion resistant and of a superior quality, our stainless steel doors will endure and perform across a variety of applications.

Forster Unico Slim Line
These thermally insulated windows, doors and glazings, with elements produced with profiles in this unique , slim line framework style, can be fitted both indoors and outdoors.

Made of 100% recyclable steel and containing no synthetic insulating materials, each of these doors incorporates a clever fastening technique to achieve extremely narrow profile cross-sections. The ecological and style benefits of this door system are ideal for renovating old buildings and listed industrial buildings.

All Forster Unico Slim Line products provide exceptional thermal break and can deliver fire protection, burglary-resistance and bullet proof qualities upon request. There are also specific HI versions for highly thermally insulated constructions and XS versions which combine ultra slim profiles for windows and fixed glazings with excellent thermal insulation.

Forster Fuego Light

If you require fire protection, Forster Fuego Light is the hugely reliable profile system of choice.

Each flush door is constructed around a narrow steel frame with a large glass area that guarantees maximum transparency, a sleek appearance and reliable security. In addition to fire doors and glazed fire screens other available systems are tested such as fire protection sliding doors, with and without escape route function, doors with finger guard and flush reverse sheet metal frame doors. Thus, the system offers a wide range of applications and a high degree of design freedom.

And when it comes to hardware, there is a wide range of items to select including door automation or aesthetically profiled with concealed hinges and door closers. At the same time, smoke protection doors (Forster Presto), fire-resistant curtain walls (Forster Thermfix Vario) or thermally insulated doors and windows (Forster Unico) can be optimally combined thanks to the identical appearance to the Forster Fuego Light range.

Forster Presto Bullet Proof
This range of flush mounted single or double-leaf doors, windows and glazed closures without thermal break is the ultimate in safety and security.

Meeting the maximum demands for technical functionality and extreme long-term exposure to stress, the Forster Presto Bullet Proof system is suitable for use wherever there are no special thermal insulation requirements. Forster Presto is available in stainless steel for more elegant and ambitious solutions as required.

High security doors with concealed hinges

High security doors with concealed hinges

Security and style go hand-in-hand here at Secure House. One of the ways in which we can further enhance the sleek and stylish look of our high security doors, bulletproof doors and bulletproof windows is through the use of concealed hinges.

A result of research and technological innovation, concealed hinges are a design revolution that actually enhance security, thermal performance and sound insulation.

They are specifically designed to enable high security doors to fit flush to the wall and add an extra level of security and resistance to break-in as potential intruders and burglars simply cannot access the hinges.

Concealed hinges offer front, side and back high security doors a new level of elegance and safety for residents and are an essential element to consider when choosing security doors for your property.

For more information on the use of concealed hinges on high security doors, please feel free to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 8594207 or email:

The very best side doors and back doors from Secure House

The very best side doors and back doors

Here at Secure House we firmly believe that every entrance to your home should not only look great but provide the ultimate level of security for you and your family. That’s why all of our side and back doors are just as secure and stylish as our high security front doors.

Take this beautiful half glazed, half solid security door installed at the back of a client’s property. It features high security glass, multi-point locking, a state-of-the-art fingerprint recognition and a bespoke brushed aluminium door pull.

Fully glazed doors continue to be an extremely popular choice for back and side doors simply because they are fantastic at letting light into the home. But choosing a glazed doors should never mean comprising on security, far from it.

We have a huge range of off-the shelf glazed doors that all feature high security glass and we can also create bespoke glazed doors to any specification, and that includes fitting the doors with bullet proof glass if required. It also doesn’t matter what shape or size of the aperture. We’re more than happy to visit the site, take measurements and create a truly unique door. Here are a few examples of recent fully glazed installations with some bespoke shapes and sizes in there too!



We make it easy, and cost-effective, to protect your home from the front, back and side. From fully glazed options, half and half, or solid back and side doors in numerous different colours and finishes, Secure House has all the high security doors and installation expertise you’ll ever need!

Stock item security doors now available from Secure House

Stock item security doors available NOW!

Designed to mitigate the risk of burglary, our stock item security doors are available right now for delivery or collection from our Luton-based showroom.

Each door may be reduced in price, but it still shares most of the qualities of the Standard 3 burglary resistant door so there’s absolutely no compromise on security or quality for your home.

Available in traditional 6 panel design in black or white and in modern R194 anthracite grey with stainless steel bar handle, our Secure House stock doors have a width of 850mm and a height of 2050. Thanks to their brilliant engineering, they are flexible in the sizes of structural opening. Wider architraves allow the flexibility in the variation of the width of the structural opening from 850mm to up to 950mm.

The door frame is fixed in the aperture by 16 pins and each stock item door also features a multi-point locking system for added peace of mind.

Priced at just £1500 + VAT + delivery + installation or the door(s) can be collected from our showroom at LU4 9UR at Progress Park in Luton.

We also have more models and sizes in stock which are available on request. Please give us a call on 0207 8594 207 or email and we’ll discuss or send you our latest stock door listings.

A record year!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve had a record financial year here at Secure House, and that’s down to our fantastic customers and our hardworking team – thank you!

Secure House was established in 2015 with the aim of keeping people, property and assets safe. As security door and window specialists, we’ve grown organically every year and focused on leading the way as a one-stop shop for all security needs. We’ve also created a platform for the business in a number of commercial markets with the design, supply and expert installation of security fire doors and bulletproof shopfronts.

We’ve invested in stock to ensure that, as well as our bespoke security doors service, customers always have a wide variety of stock, off-the shelf doors to choose from. At the same time, we have diversified our supply chains and will continue to work closely with our suppliers and logistics providers to ensure the very highest quality products and customer service excellence.

Our vast range of UK and EU suppliers guarantees a continuous supply chain and competitive pricing across the board. We remain focused on delivering exceptional quality windows and doors, working with innovative, stylish brands to offer a 360-degree bespoke design and installation service throughout the UK.

So, thanks again to each and every one of our customers who has supported us over the last five years, and a huge shout to the Secure House team for their loyalty and dedication to our business success. Here’s to further growth and further success over the next five years!

View our very latest door models from Secure House

View our very latest door models

We’ve made selecting your perfect high security doors, windows, garage doors, gates, grilles and shutters even easier with our online product galleries that include our very latest door models.

You can now browse a wide variety of products at your leisure from the comfort of your own home or office, and we’re adding our very latest models and designs all the time, so they’ll always be something new to see whenever you visit.

To further support these hugely useful product galleries, we have introduced a ‘we are here!’ button in the bottom right hand corner of our website so you can ask a member of the Secure House team any questions you may have about specific products, specifications, designs, pricing and our free consultation service.

We look forward to welcoming you to our product galleries very soon!