High security replica windows

Steel Replica Windows

Installed a replica door in your conservation area property but want to add an extra layer of security? Our steel replica windows are the answer!

Protecting our clients’ homes to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones is what we do here at Secure House. Of course, collapsible grills or adding security shutters simply isn’t an option in a conservation or heritage area which is why our solution is the replacement of the complete window and window frame. And the finished results always speak for themselves because not only do they look incredible, they are also highly secure and are specifically designed to deter and prevent intruders.

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Over the last few years, we have designed, manufactured and installed steel replica windows across Central London’s prime residential areas including Kensington, Chelsea, Islington, Mayfair, Westminster and Camden. Take a look at this recent project at a luxury mews property.

The windows, whilst they still look relatively neat and tidy, it wouldn’t be difficult for an intruder to enter the property if they wanted to because the original window provides very little protection against the tools that modern-day burglars favour.


High security replica windows
The original mews property windows

Since the property is located in a conservation area, any replacement windows had to be completely faithful to the original so, our design team got to work!

After an initial site visit to review and measure and gather details, we created brand new, steel replica windows made from the very highest quality steel and powdered coated to provide an exact colour match. We also included high security glazing and multi-point locking systems as standard to lock the windows into position at two different heights. This detail enables the homeowner to leave the window open but locked in position so it remains secure.


PHOTO 2021 01 27 16 25 00 768x1024 - Steel Replica Windows

High security replica windows
The mews property now boasts steel replica windows made from the highest quality steel. Stunning!

As we said, the finished results speak for themselves, right? Not only are the replacement high security windows completely fit for purpose for many decades to come, it’s also very difficult to spot the difference from the original which is the key objective when it comes to heritage and conservation properties.

Choose from single- or double-glazed glass, with or without Georgian bars to your home’s unique and specific design. Colour match to existing windows and doors and even garage doors and gates.

For more information on steel replica windows or to arrange a free, no obligation site visit and consultation with our experts, simply give us a call on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]


An example of an airlock we installed for client as part of a secure shop project

The benefits of an airlock in your retail store

Here at Secure House, we have worked on a wide variety of retail store and commercial property security projects over the years and amassed a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. One thing that does work and does stand out as a key feature for lots of our clients is an airlock specification.

As such, many of the secure shop front projects we’ve worked on over the years have included the specification of an airlock in the overall design. So, in this blog post, we take a look at the numerous benefits of having an airlock included in your retail store and the ways in which they can enhance overall retail security.

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High security garage door

Mews Garage Doors

We’re delighted to have completed another London mews property project, this time installing fully automated, mews garage doors.

The client and owner of the beautiful mews home in a conservation area of London was focused on retaining the aesthetics of the original stable doors of the property. 150 years ago, there wouldn’t have been any cars around and the ‘garage’ would have been home to the proprietor’s horse as they were the mode of transport at the time.

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Mews high security garage doors
BEFORE: The mews property’s original garage doors

Since the local council planning team was insistent on the doors retaining their heritage and unique style, we go to work creating a design that would not only replicate the existing doors in exact detail, but also provide a safe, secure and even cosy home for a 21st century vehicle!

The new, high security mews garage doors in action from the inside…

Using only the very best quality steel clad with engineered timber, the new doors look exactly like the original set of stable doors and will be fit for purpose for decades to come. The new doors are also fully automated for effortless opening and closing. Plus, they do not have tracks on the inside so take up much less space than their tracked counterparts.

We hope you’ll agree that the finished result mews garage doors look incredible. Another very happy Secure House client!

…and the doors in action from the outside. A fantastic project all round!

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sliding garage doors

Conservation Area Security Windows & Doors London

As security door and window specialists, we’re also experts in the creation of matching conservation area doors and garage doors to replicate existing ones in London’s various conservation areas such as Kensington, Belgravia, Chelsea, Mayfair, Camden, Hampstead and Westminster.

Mews properties in London

A number of mews properties in both Kensington and Chelsea boast such combinations and we’re very proud of the work we’ve done here, working closely with the local Council planning teams and estates managers to ensure the solutions exceed all the strict planning requirements associated with conservation and heritage properties.

The project detailed below provides a prime example of our capabilities in this highly specialised area.

Replacing traditional timber doors and windows

The owner of this stunning mews home contacted us to discuss the replacement of the traditional timber door and garage doors with a view to updating the property and improving security and energy efficiency at the same time.

We drew up plans to create a brand new steel timber clad door and set of side sliding, insulated bespoke steel timber clad doors that were exact replicas of the originals. The engineered timber we utilise is waterproof, extremely durable and will give many more years of life to both the new front doors. The chosen finish was a high gloss back, again, fully faithful to the previous doors.

The mews property before…

Matching conservation doors and garage doors for Kensington mews

The finished result, as you can clearly see, is truly incredible. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to tell any difference and that’s exactly what is required when working in heritage and conservation areas. With the idea being to restore and respect what has gone before and ensure the whole façade is in keeping with the building’s history and tradition.

…and the after – the finished result is simply stunning!

Conservation doors and garage doors for mews properties in London

So, if you own a mews property in London and are considering replacing your existing doors, we’re the number one specialist for replica doors and garage doors in London – give us a call!

Matching mews doors

Choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to doors too. We have side-sliding as outlined in this project, automated mews garage doors and bespoke steel timber clad doors that can exactly match your doors.

Door requirements for Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals licensed premises

Door requirements for Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals licensed premises

As one of the UK’s leading security door companies for commercial and residential properties, we have recently been working with several Controlled Drug Licensed premises to ensure that they abide by all of the Home Office statutory and regulatory requirements in relation to security for such businesses. More information here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/controlled-drugs-domestic-licences

In addition to adhering to the basic site and building security measures demanded by the Home Office in relation to the location and wider environment, scale of the business, size of premises, staff numbers and amounts of Controlled Drugs (CDs) and Precursor Chemicals (PCs) held on site, we have helped our clients to meet the following by supplying LPS 1175 SR4 external doors:

What’s required?

Door requirements for Controlled Drug Licensed premises stipulate that all external doors and windows are fitted with secure locks. There are also additional requirements for those handling higher risk Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals, including those specifically referenced in the Misuse of Drugs (Safe Custody) Regulations 1973. The Home Office states that all external doors (including fire escape doors) are manufactured to the recommended standard of LPS 1175 SR4.

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Door requirements for Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals licensed premises
Door requirements for Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals licensed premises

Types of doors

There are three main types of doors (with LPS or Loss Prevention Standards set out by the Loss Prevention Certification Board) that will enable such premises to meet requirements:

  • LPS SR4: ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ SR4 – an SR4 door will withstand an attack using a variety of hand tools for up to 30 minutes
  • LPS SR3: ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ SR3 – and SR3 will withstand an attack using a variety of hand tools for up to 15 minutes
  • LPS 1175: ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ 1175 focuses on the physical security of ‘intruder resistant building components’ to include items such as strong points, doors, shutters and fencing

All of these doors can be fire rated too for even further protection from intruders or vandalism. We are able to supply and install fire rated doors from FD30 (withstand fire for up to 30 minutes) up to FD60 (withstand fire for up to 60 minutes)

Unknown 3 - Door requirements for Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals licensed premises

Going above and beyond

As well as covering everything required when it comes to high level security doors, we also have a range of safes and vault doors available that can achieve the standards outlined below:

  • A prefabricated strong room (PSR) that has been certified to CEN Grade VI of BS/EN 1143-1
  • A safe that has been certified to an appropriate CEN Grade (e.g. I to XIII) of BS/EN 1143-1
  • A small safe that has been certified to Grades S1 or S2 of BS/EN 14450

In addition, the recent projects we have completed in this particular field have seen us include certified security shutters and windows, along with secure document window hatches.

Unknown 1 - Door requirements for Controlled Drugs/Precursor Chemicals licensed premises

Prefabricated strong rooms (PSRs)

Finally, over the last few years, we have designed, built and installed a number of prefabricated strong rooms (PSRs) for both commercial and residential clients.

If you’d like to know more about our wide range of Controlled Drug Licensed premises security products or to arrange a free site visit to discuss your requirements, please feel free to give us a call on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]

designer exchange security doors in london

Shop & store front security

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with a number of luxury and high street brands to create the very highest level of shop and store front security.

We understand all of the issues faced by high street retailers which is why our secure shop front solutions will ensure your store stands up to a violent, physical attack from would-be thieves as well as ‘ram raids’ by criminals on mopeds.

file 15 1024x768 - Shop & store front security

Our secure shop front service enables us to create a truly bespoke design, specification and installation service for your particular store using on the very strongest security and bulletproof doors, windows, airlocks and shutters on the market. We can also provide anti-reflective glazing to further enhance the external shopping experience for your customers.

Each one of our tailored secure shop front systems is specifically designed to thwart attempted burglaries or thefts with zero compromise on the look and feel of your store. Plus, we can offer a fast turnaround with our highly experienced installation teams to ensure you’re protected as soon as possible.

IMG 6625 e1606302239719 768x1024 - Shop & store front security

All of our shop front security doors meet the very highest security standards including RC4 EN1627, FB4 to EN1522 and FB6 to EN1522. Likewise, we only use P6b glass according to EN356 or P8b glass according to EN356 for glazing in our retail security projects.

IMG 8712 694x1024 - Shop & store front security

Want to make sure that your store stands up to anyone determined to break-in? Call us and we can arrange a safe, socially distanced site meeting to discuss your specific requirements. Irrespective of budget or location, the team here at Secure House is ready and waiting to provide the very highest levels of security for all kinds of different retail and commercial premises.

embassy security doors

Embassy level doors

If you’re looking for the ultimate in security for your home or even your commercial property – of course, your embassy! – you need to consider an embassy level door since they are amongst the strongest doors in the world.

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Here at Secure House we have worked with a number of different embassies here in the UK and abroad to design, specify, manufacture and install embassy doors that will provide the ultimate levels of protection for those who live and work there as well as those who seek refuge in times of civil unrest or political persecution.

Secure House embassy doors provide protection for embassies across the globe

The top level of security for doors worldwide, our embassy level doors proudly protect the following embassies:

  • The Japanese embassy in London
  • The German embassy in London
  • The Polish embassy in London
  • The Polish consulate in Manchester
  • The Lithuanian embassy in London
  • The Nigerian embassy in London
  • The Angolan embassy in London
Secure House – the very highest level of security doors installed at the Nigerian embassy
Secure House – the very highest level of security doors installed at the Nigerian embassy

What is an embassy?

Any embassy is the base for a country’s diplomatic mission abroad. An embassy will oversee and cultivate political, cultural and social relationships in country and will usually be home to the ambassador of the country it is representing. Its purpose is to assist the citizens of its home country who may be living, working of travelling overseas. As such, embassies are very important buildings and often to need to afford both safety and security very quickly and efficiently.

What is an embassy door?

Most embassies will feature several entrances, each of which will have a variety of security measures as demanded by the ambassador. Each entrance will require a very high security door and these are often bulletproof to provide protection from any potential attack or attempt to gain unlawful entry into to the embassy building itself.

An embassy door can be constructed from several different types of material all of which will have been selected for their strength and durability and the technical properties they can deliver when combined.

Our very highest level security doors protecting the Angolan embassy
Our very highest level security doors protecting the Angolan embassy

Embassy doors of the very highest standards

Using various heavy-duty tools, including hammers and axes, to penetrate the door and break in, our embassy level doors could not be opened for nearly an hour! That’s the level of protection we strive to provide.

But don’t just take our word for it, please take a look at one of the videos from the testing that features on our YouTube channel:

All of our embassy level doors have passed a variety of forced entry tests and they all meet the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Forced Entry and Resistance of Structural standard. In order to pass and achieve such rigorous standards, each door has undergone a sustained, simulated attack from at least two men.

129 682x1024 - Embassy level doors

Bulletproof embassy doors

As well as being able to withstand violent attack from a group of men, all of the doors in our embassy range are bulletproof too. Choose from either the FB4 (can withstand shots from a handgun) or the FB6 (can withstand shots from a rifle) standard in accordance with EN1522.

Every embassy door we create is designed and manufactured to your bespoke your requirements and can include rock wool insulating material to deliver truly outstanding heat and sound insulation.

Please send us any tender information and drawings with item numbers and sizes and we’ll present some ideas and ensure you get the strongest door in the world!

If you’d like to know more about our embassy door range, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or via email: [email protected]


video conference

Visit our 360-degree trade stand!

Like thousands of other businesses, we’ve really missed seeing new and existing clients at trade shows and exhibitions this year. There’s nothing quite like meeting you to discuss your home refurb or new build projects in person rather than virtually – we can’t wait to get back to places like the ExCeL and NEC! In the meantime, why not visit our 360-degree trade stand over on our YouTube channel?


A video conference tour of our Luton-based showroom

IMG 5171 - Visit our 360-degree trade stand!

Alternatively, we are more than happy to arrange a video conference tour of our Luton-based showroom where we can safely demonstrate and discuss a wide variety of security doors and windows from our extensive portfolio.

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And don’t forget, we can also organise a number of other ways to enable you to choose your perfect high security doors, windows, garage doors, gates, and shutters. These include:

  • Scheduling a video conference call via Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp to discuss and demonstrate full scale doors, bespoke ironmongery options, locking systems, fingerprint recognition and much more
  • Emailing high res images of product photos as required
  • Colour sample requests to be delivered via post
  • Direct telephone calls at a time to suit
  • Our engineers can measure doors and windows at an agreed time to avoid any contact
  • We are able to take payments remotely by sending an invoice link via email

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a video conference call, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]

Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

New build, modern homes are great but there are three distinctive styles of classical architecture here in the UK that epitomise grand periods of history, conjuring up images of time gone by. So, if you’re a fan of older properties, what’s your favourite classical home style – is it Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian?

Each of the three periods has its own distinctive, yet subtle, characteristics and homes pertaining to each style can be found in many of our big cities and towns with some displaying some prime examples. Let’s look at some of the key features of each and share some our own favourite door designs that are available from Secure House and reflect all the iconic designs for each era.

“And the law of England has so particular and tender a regard to the immunity of a man’s house, that it stiles it his castle, and will never suffer it to be violated with immunity.”*

Georgian style

The Georgian period occurred from around 1710 to 1830. It gets its name from the fact that no less than four British kings named George reigned during this time. London and the Cotswolds both have a wide variety of beautiful examples of Georgian homes. Walk around Regent’s Park in the capital and visit Lansdown Crescent in Bath and take a step back in time to imagine what life was like in these luxurious homes.

Everything about Georgian houses is big and generous. Huge floor to ceiling, symmetrical Art Deco windows and a fan window over the door will give this style away. Think grand, think scale, think spacious, think light & airy, these homes are some of the most popular amongst buyers according to estate agents, us Brits love their grandeur, columns and clean lines.

Here are some examples of some Georgian-style doors:

76 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

High gloss security door 6panfront1 768x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

IMG 8907 copy 683x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

Victorian style

Dating from 1830 to 1900 in line with the time Queen Victoria was on the throne, Victorian style encompasses several of the features associated with Georgian style, namely large columns and symmetry. It is, however, the addition of renaissance and Gothic touches that underline Victorian architecture.

From pointed or arched Art Deco windows, porches and doors with wooden trim on roof edges, to the use of iron and glass and intricate interior design and decoration, the Victorian style is a little more complex and detailed than its Georgian predecessor.

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Here are some examples of some Victorian-style doors:

4 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

R10 with top - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

95 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

83 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

IMG 8657 682x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style? IMG 8884 644x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

Edwardian style

Influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement of the 1900s, Edwardian architecture was at its height from 1901 to 1918 during the reign of King Edward VII.

During the early 1900s, Britain began to experience further industrialisation and the general population began to increase which demanded a new housing stock extending out of the towns and cities. Thus, the Edwardian style house was born and heralded a new era which was greener than ever before.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to spot an Edwardian house is from its beautiful bay and sash Art Deco windows, a look that is desired and recreated by many homeowners today. Smaller than Georgian and Victorian homes, columns continue to be a specific feature, but timber-cladding is part of the style now rather than full brick and doors and Art Deco windows often also include smaller panes of glass for the first time.

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Here are some examples of some Edwardian-style doors:

IMG 8743 715x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

IMG 8768 copy - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

1920s and 1930s style doors

Back in 1910 when Edwardian style was at its height, the Art Deco period began. Bold, straight lines, symmetrical boxes, mirrors and striking design touches such as arched glazed panels with stained glass inlets, Art Deco was and still an extremely popular interior and exterior home decorating choice.

Art Deco front doors are timeless classics and are often selected for homes in conservation areas as well as more modern properties, they are hugely versatile and will complement any property.

Here are some examples of some 1920s and 1930s-style doors:

IMG 0859 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style? IMG 2892 2 584x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

0009 768x1024 - Art Deco Windows & Doors. What’s your favourite home style?

full house security door and window package

A Full House Package from Secure House!

From high security doors and windows, to security garage doors, shutters and gates, we have got every product that you will ever need to create your very own secure house. We call it our Full House package from Secure House! And it is a service that is available for every type of residential project, irrespective of size, location or budget. We will work with you to ensure you get exactly the package you want and need.

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Refurbishments to new builds, there’s a full house package for you

Over the last three years, we have delivered hundreds of ‘full house’ projects for clients across the UK and Europe. We have worked on refurbishments, renovations and new builds to fulfil complete security door and window projects that have often included the installation of matching security garage doors, shutters, entrance gates and side gates to ensure an ‘all round’ safe and secure environment.

This type of work often entails working with architects, project managers and interior designers, so we have vast experience in this type of 360 degree collaboration and are only too happy to work as a part of a wider project team. We’re also very comfortable working alongside other trades such as plumbers, electricians, flooring specialists and joiners.

One supplier to provide a seamless ordering and installation process


Selecting high security doors, windows, gates, shutters and garage doors from one supplier has a number of benefits including the fact that will be provided with a totally seamless ordering and installation process.

Working with just one company for all these particular components, including design, manufacture and installation, you are not having to rely on several different suppliers and juggling your time to agree different dates and times for fitting.

Explains Edmundas Zaunieravacius, managing director here at Secure House: “We make it so easy for our customers to get both the level of security and top end design they require for their home.

Starting with a free site survey, consultation, professional advice and guidance, right through the highest quality products, wide ranging choice of the very latest designs and first-class installation – we make the whole process is so smooth and efficient and ensure that we always go that extra mile to make sure the finished result exceeds expectations.”

Adding the finishing touches to your full house package

With our full house packages, we don’t just stop at suppling and installing the high security doors, windows, shutters and gates that you decide that you want for your home. There a literally thousands of extra finishing touches that will elevate any products you choose.

For example, like one customer we recently worked with who loves bees and wanted to incorporate bees in her new front door, we designed and commissioned a solid brass bee door knocker. This is a great way to further personalise your home and add the very highest quality artisan finishes that will truly make your home stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

A ‘one stop shop’ for residential and commercial security

one stop shop for security needs

As outlined above, as well as a huge range of security doors, including front, back and side doors, windows, garage doors and gates to choose from, here at Secure House we also offer a comprehensive range of bespoke ironmongery and door furniture including door knockers and plates, designer handles, state-of-the-art locking systems, including fingerprint and facial recognition, high security shutters, bullet proof and supersize glass and much, much more.

Concludes Edmundas: “It has always been our aim to be a ‘one stop shop’ for residential and commercial security requirements for all of our clients, no matter what they need. And it’s true to say that our overall loffering just keeps getting better every week.

We are continuously searching for the very latest designs from around the world as well as utilising state-of-the-art technology to create the very highest quality full house package security solutions. No project is too big or too small for our expert team of designers and installers – just put us to the test and find out. Your ideal, secure and safe home is at your fingertips here at Secure House!”

To arrange your free, no obligation Full House project consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]