Communal entrance doors with a warm welcome

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Communal entrance doors are the ideal way to protect a property and ensure that residents feel safe and protected from unwanted visitors and potential burglars.

Over the last few years the Secure House team has delivered a wide variety of communal entrance door projects across the UK and Europe. We’ve installed doors within luxurious, premium residential developments and gated communities, luxury flat complexes, social & affordable housing developments as well as commercial properties including offices and retail outlets.

Communal entrance doors from Secure House
At Secure House we always use steel to fabricate the communal entrance doors

One thing that all of those projects have in common is that we always use steel to fabricate the communal entrance doors. Steel is far stronger than aluminium which is what many other firms use. It also offers a much longer lifespan than other materials thus providing both value for money and exceptional strength and maximum levels of security.

There are numerous different options when it comes to designs for our communal entrance doors too. With a focus on providing specifiers and architects with a broad choice and freedom to create, we can supply doors with glazing or solid panels and a range of colours, coatings and finishes to suit every requirement.

At Secure House we offer a range of colours, coatings and finishes to suit every requirement

Here at Secure House, we’re also able to advise on compliance and safety for any new or existing communal entrance doors project. As a landlord or owner of a communal property development, there are certain Building Regulations and legislation that you must comply with when it comes to fire safety.

For example, did you know that communal flat entrance doors that form part of a fire compartment within the building must be fire doors? They are one of the most important features of a building’s fire precautions as they are designed to stop a fire spreading and enable anyone inside to escape safely via fire exits.

So, if you’re looking to add communal entrance doors to your development or update existing doors, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for professional advice and support to ensure you choose the right products that will further enhance your property and provide safety, security and peace of mind for occupants.