High security doors with concealed hinges

Concealed Hinges & Invisible Hinges for Doors

As always with any of our products, security and style go hand-in-hand here at Secure House. And that applies to even the very smallest of elements. One of the ways in which we can further enhance the sleek and stylish look of our high security doors, bulletproof doors and bulletproof windows is through the use of concealed hinges and invisible hinges. It’s this attention to detail that will set our doors and windows apart from the competition and give your home that added extra.

Concealed hinges and invisible hinges: a must have innovation

A direct result of research and technological innovation, concealed hinges, often also referred to as invisible hinges, are a design revolution that actually enhance the security, thermal performance and sound insulation of the door following installation.

As their name suggests, the hinge is concealed and totally invisible from sight when the door is closed. This serves to deliver a much more aesthetically pleasing finish and a smooth, seamless look which enhances the door or window to which the concealed hinge or invisible hinge is applied.

A perfect addition to every project

These types of hinges are very popular with many clients and are the perfect addition to almost every construction project. They are specifically designed to enable high security doors to fit completely flush to the wall and/or frame.

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At the same time, they also add an extra level of security and resistance to an attempted break-in as potential intruders and burglars simply cannot access the hinges to try to gain access to the property. And since they can be fitted to both security doors and windows, this an important consideration when looking to improve existing home security as they can also, in many cases, be retrofitted to existing doors and windows.

Additional peace of mind for home security

As such, by selecting concealed hinges, you will be further enhancing your peace of mind when it comes to overall home security for you and your family. Who’d have thought that hinges would play such a key role in a home?!

A new level of elegance

Concealed hinges and invisible hinges offer front doors, side doors and back high security doors a new level of elegance along with an elevated level of safety for residents and tenants. There are numerous types, sizes and finishes to choose from and we have vast experience in helping clients to select the correct concealed hinges. They are also the go-to hinge for architects and designers who will usually specify them for refurbishment and new build projects alike.

Such hinges are an essential element to consider when choosing security doors for almost every type of property. They can be engineered to be included on a wide variety of Secure House products, just ask any of the team who will be only too happy to help.

For more information on the use of concealed hinges or invisible hinges on high security doors, please feel free to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 8594207 or email: [email protected]