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Creating a hidden panic room

Adding a security door into a bedroom in a property is becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in burglaries that occur when occupiers are present. As such, here at Secure House, we are able to match any internal door design and, using our security wall solution and windows, we can install a hidden panic room in any home to provide a safe haven in the event of a home invasion.

Hidden panic rooms from Secure House are available to your home’s bespoke design and location. The security doors for panic rooms we use to create such panic rooms are clad with timber panels, so any joiner who supplies and installs your internal doors can supply the finish for our doors or we can simply match it in house in our manufacturing facility.

Hidden panic room from Secure House
Hidden panic room from Secure House

Our hidden panic room security doors are available in a wide variety of security levels ranging from crowbar resistant door right the way up to bullet proof doors. You choose the level of security you require for your home and we’ll create the door you desire. At the same time, we can change any windows and include our security wall protection to deliver a full safety and security solution.

Should an intruder gain entry to your property whilst you are at home, you and your family can retreat immediately to the panic room and the doors will create a barrier and safe place within your house. From the room, you can then contact the police and safely await their arrival. You can also us the room to store any valuables when you are on holiday or away from home at any point.

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To discover more details about creating a panic room in your property, please contact the Secure House team on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]