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Embassy level doors

If you’re looking for the ultimate in security for your home or even your commercial property – of course, your embassy! – you need to consider an embassy level door since they are amongst the strongest doors in the world.

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Here at Secure House we have worked with a number of different embassies here in the UK and abroad to design, specify, manufacture and install embassy doors that will provide the ultimate levels of protection for those who live and work there as well as those who seek refuge in times of civil unrest or political persecution.

Secure House embassy doors provide protection for embassies across the globe

The top level of security for doors worldwide, our embassy level doors proudly protect the following embassies:

  • The Japanese embassy in London
  • The German embassy in London
  • The Polish embassy in London
  • The Polish consulate in Manchester
  • The Lithuanian embassy in London
  • The Nigerian embassy in London
  • The Angolan embassy in London
Secure House – the very highest level of security doors installed at the Nigerian embassy
Secure House – the very highest level of security doors installed at the Nigerian embassy

What is an embassy?

Any embassy is the base for a country’s diplomatic mission abroad. An embassy will oversee and cultivate political, cultural and social relationships in country and will usually be home to the ambassador of the country it is representing. Its purpose is to assist the citizens of its home country who may be living, working of travelling overseas. As such, embassies are very important buildings and often to need to afford both safety and security very quickly and efficiently.

What is an embassy door?

Most embassies will feature several entrances, each of which will have a variety of security measures as demanded by the ambassador. Each entrance will require a very high security door and these are often bulletproof to provide protection from any potential attack or attempt to gain unlawful entry into to the embassy building itself.

An embassy door can be constructed from several different types of material all of which will have been selected for their strength and durability and the technical properties they can deliver when combined.

Our very highest level security doors protecting the Angolan embassy
Our very highest level security doors protecting the Angolan embassy

Embassy doors of the very highest standards

Using various heavy-duty tools, including hammers and axes, to penetrate the door and break in, our embassy level doors could not be opened for nearly an hour! That’s the level of protection we strive to provide.

But don’t just take our word for it, please take a look at one of the videos from the testing that features on our YouTube channel:

All of our embassy level doors have passed a variety of forced entry tests and they all meet the US Department of State Diplomatic Security Forced Entry and Resistance of Structural standard. In order to pass and achieve such rigorous standards, each door has undergone a sustained, simulated attack from at least two men.

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Bulletproof embassy doors

As well as being able to withstand violent attack from a group of men, all of the doors in our embassy range are bulletproof too. Choose from either the FB4 (can withstand shots from a handgun) or the FB6 (can withstand shots from a rifle) standard in accordance with EN1522.

Every embassy door we create is designed and manufactured to your bespoke your requirements and can include rock wool insulating material to deliver truly outstanding heat and sound insulation.

Please send us any tender information and drawings with item numbers and sizes and we’ll present some ideas and ensure you get the strongest door in the world!

If you’d like to know more about our embassy door range, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or via email: [email protected]