security shutters for sports centres

Enhancing sports centre security with built-in shutters

Here at Secure House, we have many years of experience in protecting homes, commercial property and a wide variety of public and community buildings such as sports centres and facilities.

Sadly, vandalism and criminal damage are commonplace in many of our towns and cities and, with thousands of pounds being spent to repair the results of such anti-social behaviour, prevention has to be better than cure. That’s why we have developed a comprehensive range of security shutters to suit every budget and any project, be it commercial or residential.

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First line of defence

Shutters are the first line of defence against intruders, so it is no surprise that they are specified for installation on the majority of both new and existing commercial properties nowadays. One such example is the enhancement of security at Claygate Pavilion located on the outskirts of London.

Subjected to repeated random attacks by vandals over the years, the original Claygate Pavilion was sadly burnt down in 2016. Locals quickly launched a fundraiser to raise money to get a new pavilion built. Their efforts were rewarded when a new, larger pavilion was constructed and opened its doors in 2021.

Using built-in shutters to prevent criminal damage

As outlined above, the community felt that preventing any future criminal damage to the building was key so it was agreed that security measures must be a key part of the pavilion. This was to include, amongst other items, built-in shutters that could be quickly and easily deployed when the building was not in use and overnight.

After an initial approach, our technical and design teams made a couple of visits to the site to discuss the best possible solution for ensuring the pavilion was protected and vandalism deterred.

Built-in shutters provide protection

Following consultations with the architect and construction firm, we opted to install built-in, high security shutters fabricated from steel to provide the ultimate level of protection. There was no compromise on quality and, at the same time, the shutters would also create a modern and aesthetically pleasing finish that would be welcomed by visitors and those who work in the pavilion.

The particular shutters we selected include a structural steel lintel within the product that ensures a seamless finish. Roll size is also minimised thanks to the overall design. What’s more, the shutters are very easy to operate and open and close with minimal sound since they are coated with a special polymer that sees the shutter glide smoothly into position.

Compact and aesthetically pleasing shutters

Since the shutter is much more compact that its standard counterparts, it was the ideal choice for the pavilion as it could be integrated easily within the new structure of the building. This also makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing overall finish which actually enhances the pavilion from an external perspective.


The Claygate Pavilion is once again a much-loved and much-used community sporting venue, and it is fully protected against vandals and criminals.

For more information on our range of built-in security shutters and high security shutters, or to arrange a free consultation, please call the Secure House team on Tel: 0207 859 4207 or email: [email protected]