Security Door Lock Design

Feature spotlight – the DiSec magnetic lock protector

Feature spotlight – the DiSec magnetic lock protector

The locks that we fit to them are integral to the impregnability of our security doors. Secure house doors feature multiple locks that are no lower than 3rd security class, and with at least one lock backed by a drill-proof plate.
Secure house door locks are now available with the DiSec magnetic lock protector, which sits over the cylinder barrel, preventing your lock from vandals, accidental disability by small children, or from being tampered with by commonly used lock picking tools.

The security key holds a magnetic combination

The security key holds a magnetic combination that once placed over the lock, engages the magnets and releases the cover of the lock, which then rotates to reveal the cylinder. This means that without the unique security key, the would-be intruder cannot even see the lock barrel. Once you have opened your door, you can then rotate the magnetic security cover again in order to hide the lock.

The secret of this technology lies in the powerful magnets used, and it is not possible to duplicate the security key without knowing your own personal, confidential code. This will give you complete peace of mind on two counts – not only can a duplicate key not be made without your permission, but also the application of a magnetic cover means that even when you are away from home for an extended period of time, no-one can see what kind of a lock cylinder you have fitted, in order to determine how to pick it!