Fingerprint recognition for smart security doors from Secure House

Fingerprint recognition for smart doors

Fingerprint recognition is one of the growing home security technologies and we’re delighted to say that our high security doors are compatible with Crestron products, the world’s leading provider of customer home automation and control technology.

Crestron’s fingerprint recognition systems for smart doors are offered through its integrated partnership with ekey biometric systems GmbH and enable us to provide our clients with these world-class biometric technologies to suit their own specific requirements.

What is fingerprint recognition?

Fingerprint recognition is an automated process that enables the identification and verification of individuals based on their unique fingerprint. Fingerprint access solutions and systems consist of a scanner with a light sensitive microchip.

When a person places their finger on the scanner it will produce a digital image. Using high-tech, pattern matching software, the image is analysed and turned into a code that is either recognised or not. If the code is recognised, entry is permitted, if not, entry is denied.

Integrated fingerprint handles

PastedGraphic 11 300x184 - Fingerprint recognition for smart doors

In a bid to continue to create the very best, bespoke smart security doors for all of our clients, we’re delighted to add integrated fingerprint recognition door handles to our portfolio.

We can now incorporate the very latest fingerprint reader technology into ultra slim door handles. This sleek, narrow design enables the handle to fit anywhere and facilitate instant, one-touch entry when the authorised fingerprint is placed on the scanner fitted into the handle. Quick, simple and no need to ever worry about losing your keys again!

There are many different configurations and designs to choose from – black-on-black integrated fingerprint recognition door handles (as pictured below) are a current favourite with many of our customers. Take a look at the examples below and see just how innovative and stylish, yet highly functional this new addition is!

Creating smart doors for a smart house

Screen Shot 2019 09 20 at 09.40.19 106x300 - Fingerprint recognition for smart doorsAll of our smart doors with fingerprint recognition access solutions are smart house compatible and will enable you to further enhance any other smart technology used within your home.

Crestron’s fingerprint recognition access solutions include a discreet wall-mounted finger scanner which links with our various multi-point locking and other control systems.

One-touch entry is facilitated and security enhanced since traditional pin-codes, keys or access cards are not required.

Fingerprint recognition is not only reliable and highly secure, it’s also extremely convenient and easy to use. You won’t need to worry about losing or misplacing your keys or ever being locked out of your house.

Your finger is your key to your home! And even if you cut or injure your finger, the intelligent software utilised will detect this and adapt accordingly.

The Secure House of the future

Easy to install and integrate with any of our high security doors, these fingerprint recognition access systems allow anyone to create their secure house of the future. Track who is coming into your home and link to other control systems such as CCTV or facial recognition to add another layer of security and peace of mind for you and your family.

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