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Over the last 12 months, the safety and security of people living in tower blocks, apartments and other communal living spaces has become ever more paramount with fire doors high on the list of priorities.

The addition of fire rated apartment doors in such properties can give people up to five extra minutes to escape from the building in the event of a fire. That doesn’t sound like much but every second really does count in these life-threatening situations.

apartment fire doors from Secure House
Apartment fire doors save lives

We have fitted thousands of fire rated apartment doors in properties across Europe and have developed a wide variety of options to suit every type of project from social housing through to luxury apartment complexes. All of our fire rated doors have one thing in common: they will always meet, and often exceed, the toughest specifications and standards.

Choose from 30 to 120 minute apartment fire rated doors from Secure House
Choose from 30 minute though to 120 minute fire rated doors from Secure House

A 30-minute fire rated door is our standard product, but we also have the choice to upgrade to 60-minute or 120-minute fire rated doors; that’s a full two hours of protection from fire. Combine these doors with concealed closer options and multi-point locking systems and you have an apartment door that will not only stop a fire from spreading but will provide an additional level of security, protection and peace of mind for the resident.

We can very easily replace existing fire doors in any size building and have many new designs and unlimited options on finishes available. For example, you can choose a simple, painted fire door or one that is laminated or features veneers, including luxury veneers that can be included on most of our fire-resistant doors.

Fire rated apartment doors can include multi-point locking systems for additional security

At Secure House, there is never any compromise on safety or design: we’re all about keeping people, property and assets as safe as possible. So, whether you’re a landlord, a social housing provider, an architect or an apartment owner looking to further enhance the fire safety and security credentials of your property, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss how you can gain those extra five minutes when you need them the most.