If you’re looking for a door that will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically, a stainless steel fire door is the way to go.

Synonymous with quality, luxury and strength, stainless steel is a truly timeless classic material for security doors since it never goes out of fashion and it delivers both longevity and durability – our stainless steel fire doors are certainly built to last, offer fire protection and look incredible at the same time.

Best suited to commercial applications, offices, communal entrance doors, embassies and shopping centres, over the years we have also manufactured stainless steel doors for residential properties. Irrespective of where these doors are installed though, they are always truly fit for purpose and can be burglary resistant, bullet resistant and fireproof – or all three if required!

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The different types of steel doors we offer

Internal Fire Doors

When it comes to fire doors for internal use, a very high standard of security applies in terms of fire protection and resistance.

In many cases, internal fire doors can be looked at as more important than external doors since their main purpose is to divide a building into separate zones, allowing a fire to be more easily contained if it comes to it. Not only does this give more time for emergency services to arrive, it also provides an opportunity for people to use them as fire escape routes.

For larger residential or commercial areas, internal double doors are often seen as the better solution, since much more people pass through them on the regular and in the case of emergency. These solutions have to have a similar fire rating as the floors and walls that surround them.

External Fire Doors

While Internal doors are seen as the more important component within an overall security setup of a building, one cannot disregard a proper fire rated external door set as well.

These solutions are typically installed at the end of fire exits and are designed to give occupants the ability to quickly evacuate in the case of fire. Other external applications for such a door set can include:

  • Additional protection for outside equipment
  • Preventing the spread of fire to other buildings
  • Providing extra security for pedestrians if a building is on a busy street.

Features of our stainless steel security doors

Every single one of our steel fire doors are designed with a top level of security in mind, ensuring the safety of people and goods within a residential or commercial setting. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure that our products meet the ever-increasing expectations that customers have.

Here are the main features of the stainless steel fire doors in our lineup.

  • A bespoke fire door frame that is impenetrable, yet remains stylish – here at Secure House, all of our solutions offer a door frame that is extremely secure, yet does not compromise the aesthetics that a customer may want to have for their home. Our top of the range models offer up to 115mm in frame thickness made out of a reinforced steel profile.
  • Enhanced dog bolt hinges for even more sturdiness – to offer a truly all-around steel fire door solution, we understand that every integral part of a product has to be manufactured with extreme precision. The same goes for door hinges. The ones in our door sets use reinforced dog bolts.
  • Security doors without compromise for design – when considering a set of stainless steel security doors, naturally, security features of a product are the most important thing to consider. However, that does not mean you have to sacrifice the look of your private or commercial buildings. Every one of our steel door solutions can designed to include vision panels and other door furniture, as well as a powder coated finish with a colour from our colour chart.
  • Fire rating that complies to the industry standard – all of our stainless steel fire doors offer a fire rating equivalent to the FD30 category, which means complete fire protection of up to 30 minutes.

Stainless steel door solutions for private and commercial buildings

As well as stainless steel hardware, we can also manufacture windows and doors using mild steel. Whichever steel you select, we can also ensure the doors and windows provide a thermal break for protection from all the elements as well as delivering excellent heat insulation for tangible energy saving efficiencies.

We are able to create bespoke design doors and glazing and are one of the only specialist security door and window companies in the UK to offer the extremely rare combination of fully glazed, double glazed and solid doors/windows.

Made to measure, corrosion resistant and superior quality, our stainless steel doors will last, endure and perform across a huge variety of applications.

Contact our team and let us find the best steel door solution for you

Whether your are looking for a set doors for your fire exit, or perhaps larger doors to use inside the building, here at Secure House, we guarantee that we will find the best possible steel door solution for internal, external as well as exit applications.

Explore our full range online, contact us via phone or email, or complete a free site survey to receive direct advice from one of our security experts.

Our team will make sure that:

  1. The right materials are used for the production of your doors
  2. All of your security and design needs are met with the new product
  3. The product is a installed correctly in order to offer its full security capabilities.

For more information or to arrange a socially-distanced site survey by one of our professional technicians, please don’t hesitate to contact us.