How to choose Security doors and windows for your home

We’ve got security and style all wrapped up!

Did you know that most thieves break in through the front door of the property? This often comes as a surprise to many people but the good news is we can help you to prevent this and beat the burglars at their own game.

Here at Secure House we are focused on helping you to further enhance the overall look of your homes with zero compromise on security. Choosing your new front door is never an easy task as it’s such an important part of the overall look and feel of a house. You have to get it spot on as it’s the first thing visitors, and you, will see – we more than understand that!

We offer unrivalled levels of security

As such, we have a huge range of steel security doors that not only look fantastic but offer unrivalled levels of security too. Perhaps the king of all our doors is the timber clad steel security door which is available in more than 200 standard designs. You can select different carvings and milling and there’s an unlimited choice of cladding material too, so you can truly create a bespoke design.

Offering the strength of a commercial steel security door but with the aesthetics of a timber door, our timber clad steel security doors will complement any existing features of your house. We can even design and manufacture matching front and back doors as well as security French doors, side doors and internal safe room doors to provide complete peace of mind.

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For additional security you can also select our unique multi-point locking systems and fully motorised locking systems with finger print recognition, an option that is now very affordable and increasing in popularity as a result. All of the keys that come as standard with our doors cannot be copied without an authorisation card to further enhance security levels.

We adhere to Consumer Protection Association best practice

Finally, a word of warning when choosing a security door company. Many companies copy images of completed projects and pertain to offer certification for doors they are not authorised to sell. For example, Secure House is the only accredited security door supplier in the UK. We adhere to Consumer Protection Association best practice and all of our warranties reflect their high standards of customer service.

So, if you’re planning your very own Grand Design and want to ensure the burglars remain out but your house looks amazing, pop and see us on stand B386 in the Grand Build area to discuss how we can help you do just that! Whether you live in a ground floor flat or a six-bedroom detached villa with trundle bed, protecting your home from burglars is always going to be a priority.