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Georgian doors

Georgian style doors by Secure House are the most advanced door solution of such style on the market today. Both external and internal Georgian doors in our product lineup feature all the design benefits of a timber door plus they have all the security features of a steel door.

All the materials that go into our products are the very best available. Our Georgian doors range features the perfect blend of artistic design with technical know-how.


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  1. Door frame – bent L-shaped profile of 100mm, fixed in the door aperture by 16 pins, protected from cutting by steel sleeves of 24mm.
    Complete thermal insulation by rock wool or foam.
  2. Door leaf – special bent metal construction with 100% thermal insulation by 50 mm rock wool. Total width of the leaf is 75mm. Locks are protected with the steel boxes.
  3. Reinforced, adjustable hinges with supporting bearings, covered with chrome-plated finishing caps – 3units.
  4. Protective pins for door hinges (16 mm Ø) – 4 pieces.
  5. Insulation seals – 2 units
  6. Spy-hole 22mm
  7. External door leaf finish is painted Medite Tricoya EDM board.
  8. Internal door leaf finish is painted Humidax – humidity resistant board
  9. Internal and external architraves are included
  10. Main lock should be no lower than 5th security class
  11. Main lock is protected by drill resistant plate
  12. Steel tubes protecting the main lock three directional rods

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  1. Door frame – bent L-shaped profile of 115 mm, fixed in the door aperture by 17 plugs, protected from cutting by steel liners of 24 mm.
    Complete thermal insulation by rock wool or foam.
  2. Door leaf with 100% thermal insulation by two 30 mm rock wool sheets. Total width of the leaf is 91 mm.
  3. Reinforced, adjustable hinges with supporting bearings covered with chrome-plated finishing caps – 3units
  4. Protective pins for door hinges (16 mm Ø) – 8 units
  5. Insulation seals – 2 units
  6. External door leaf finish is painted MediteTricoya EDM board
  7. Internal door leaf finish is painted Humidax – humidity resistant board
  8. Internal and external architraves are included
  9. Main lock must be no lower than 7th security class
  10. Main lock is protected by two drill resistant Manganese plates
  11. Steel tubes protecting the main lock three directional rods


Choose from nearly 200 standard designs, or supply your own design.



Steel security door is the most advanced front door solution on the market today.


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  • Fiam 678 Lock
  • Mottura 85771 Lock
  • Assa 565 Lock
  • Assa 565 and Fiam 672 Lock Combination
  • Fiam X1r Electronic Locks

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Choose a Georgian front door design from nearly 200 standard variants. Or alternatively, supply your own design prepared by an architect or yourselves.

Georgian style internal and front doors from Secure House

British architecture is constantly evolving. But when it comes to designing and building houses and, in particular front doors for houses, there are certain designs and styles that endure and continue to be popular to this day. A key element of this fact are doors from grand periods of UK history, doors that conjure up nostalgic images of a world gone by. And one of the most popular doors of such type are Georgian style front doors.

So, what differentiates a Georgian door from any other sort of historic door and why are they still so sought-after by so many UK households. Read here.

When was the Georgian period of history?

Commencing in approximately 1710 and ending some 120 years later in 1830, the Georgian style and historical period is synonymous with grandeur, luxury and lots of living space. This period of history actually gains its name from the fact that no fewer than four British kings, all with the name of George, sat on the throne of England during this time.

When it comes to locating some of the country’s finest examples of Georgian internal doors, both London and the Cotswolds boast a plethora of specimens and will provide bundles of inspiration. With a wide variety of stunning Georgian homes in almost every direction, simply take a stroll through Regent’s Park in the capital or visit Lansdown Crescent in Bath where you will be able to take a step back to Georgian times and gain an insight into what it might have been like to live in such a grand and luxurious home.

What does a Georgian front door look like?

One of the key things you will notice about a Georgian house is just how large it is. Everything about Georgian houses is big and generous in proportion to other types of property.

This traditional style of home will always feature broad floor to ceiling, symmetrical windows – at least one window either side of the front door and the same above. And most of the front doors in Georgian homes will have a fan light window over the doors; that’s their unmistakable feature (more on fan light windows later).

Georgian double front doors also carry over that sense of large size and can be easily identified by how much bigger and thicker they are compared to an Edwardian or Victorian door for example. The Georgians liked to make a statement and their doors were no different.

Usually featuring either four or six panels of equal size (symmetry always in play, a typical Georgian front door colour is either black or white, although here at Secure House we have designed manufactured red, blue, green, grey and even yellow replica Georgian doors for clients over the years. Whether you want a traditional finish or something a little brighter in either a primary or pastel colour, a Georgian front door will look amazing every time.

Main features of a Georgian style home – everything on a grand scale

If you’re considering choosing a set of Georgian internal doors rather than a set of front ones for your home, you need to think grand, think scale, think spacious, think light & airy. Georgian homes are still hugely popular amongst house buyers simply because it would seem that us Brits love the sense of grandeur and the clean lines associated with this period of history. So, when it comes to creating your own, the door is a great place to start.

Another distinguishing feature that sets apart Georgian internal doors from other styles is the entrance to the property. The path to would often be tiled for a flourishing decorative touch. Again, black and white tiles were very common and were perfect for complementing the black or white oversize Georgian front door they would lead to.

Adding such a pathway will give an extra element of authenticity to your Georgian home project and that leads us on to another ‘must-have’ design element that every Georgian door deserves

Because rooms were built either side of a central hallway, Georgian properties often had windowless entrances with high ceilings. Due to this, doors would feature fanlights to let natural light flow into the home. These fanlights can be square or arched and would feature either no decoration or very simple designs. These days the fanlight of a Georgian door is often used to display an oversized door number to striking effect.

Will a set of Georgian style doors look good in my home?

The short answer is yes! Georgian interior doors are a ‘go to’ door style for millions of homeowners irrespective of whether their property is a new build or something a little older.

Classy and super stylish, a Georgian door is a timeless addition to any home. Plus, if you have an original Georgian front door that needs some tender loving care or simply needs replacing but you love the design and you live in a heritage or conservation area, we can manufacture an almost exact replica door to match.

Further enhance your Georgian door with bespoke ironmongery

Our bespoke ironmongery can enhance any set of Georgian style internal doors. Here at Secure House, we have an extensive range of door furniture that includes knockers, handles, plates and letterboxes for a truly incredible look. Whether you opt for traditional polished steel or something a little more contemporary such as brushed brass or silver, our ironmongery will take your door to the next level.

And when it comes to security, you can rely on us to ensure your Georgian front door is as secure as any modern counterpart. All of our Georgian style doors include a multi-point locking system and, if you wish, you can upgrade to a fingerprint or facial recognition opening and locking system.

How to create the perfect Georgian front door for your home

When it comes to creating the perfect Georgian front door for your home, our experienced design and production team is on hand to help.

Working alongside side you and each other, the objective is to design the Georgian style internal door you’ve always wanted, one that will enhance your property for years to come.

Choosing a set of unfinished doors won’t be necessary in this case, since your new set doors will already feature a complete look to your liking.

At Secure House, it is our ethos to never compromise on quality, aesthetics or security and that applies to every bespoke (or off-the shelf) Georgian front door we create, deliver and install.

Sturdy, yet gorgeous replica internal Georgian doors

We have vast experience of designing and creating replica internal Georgian style doors for a wide variety of clients and properties.

We will make sure that every replica door includes all of the relevant energy efficiency and security features as standard.

Such features for a replica door in the Georgian style will see us adopt our traditional security door design with a 1.5 or 1.0 thermal value, a multi-point locking system, fingerprint or facial recognition opening and even high security glazing if required.

Our technical team will make a list of all of your specific requirements and make sure that the replica door we build duplicates every intricate design detail of your existing Georgian door.


We use the highes quality engineered wood in the market.

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Longer lasting, perfect for outdoor use or wet (interior) environments

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50 Year Guarantee

Peace of mind with with a 50 year Medite Tricoya guarantee

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Swelling and Shrinking dramatically reduced

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All the design, fixing and machining flexibility of medium desnsity fibreboards

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Extended periods between exterior coatings maintenance

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Improved stability and durability enhances service life of the coating, Damaged coating or core will not affect durability

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Effective barrier to fungal decay

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Sustainably sourced FSC certified

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Independent testing by BRE shows an expected service life of 60 years for exterior use


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