Hiding in plain sight – modern ‘panic rooms’

The most unexpected modern amenity in a private house – the panic room, commonly known as ‘safe room’ until the event of its dramatic impression on global consciousness as a result of the dramatisation of the 2002 thriller by David Fincher. It was screenwriter David Koepp who admitted that he made up the term ‘panic room’ because ‘safe room’ simply lacked the drama that he wanted.
The decision to install a panic room on your property is intended to avert the possibility of any drama, however. Secure, impregnable, well disguised and nowadays extremely habitable, the modern panic room is increasingly being adopted in both private homes and on business premises, and no longer exclusively by the super-rich.
The reality of today’s panic rooms is far cosier than the tiny steel-walled cell inhabited by Jodie Foster in the film. Rather than lurking behind fake bookcases or walls, modern panic rooms are concealed in plain sight, as bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, complete bedroom suites or home offices.
And the purchasers are changing too. At one time, panic rooms used to be installed almost exclusively by industry titans, royalty or celebrities; not so any longer. Falling prices have fuelled a trend in their installation, and demand is on the increase.
Our panic rooms or safe rooms are always designed together with our customers, listening to your individual requirements and working to satisfy your specific needs. If you would like to find out more, then please pick up the phone and give us a call.