How Are Secure House Doors Made?

It’s a question we’re often asked here at Secure House – how are security doors made? And it’s a very good question because, not all security doors are created equal! Some are better than others and, it goes without saying, that our security doors are amongst the best security doors in the world.

how are security doors made

In this blog post, we explain how security doors are made, specifically Secure House security doors. We’re also very proud to share ‘behind the scenes’ photos of our world-class manufacturing facility so you can see exactly what is involved in the process from start to finish.

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Supreme manufacturing and engineering as standard

The engineers who actually create and build Secure House security doors have at least 30 years’ experience of designing bespoke, custom-made security doors and windows. And their sole objective is to exceed clients’ expectations wherever possible and achieving the very highest quality using the latest technology.

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Production line where only the best will do

We use only Swiss and Japanese machinery to make our security doors. Why? Because the equipment is far superior, and it enables us to manufacture both precisely and efficiently. This gives us, and our clients, a big advantage as we are able to complete doors within a fast-turnaround time.

Laser sharp accuracy
Using next-generation technology we can achieve optimum metal cutting accuracy which then facilitates a supreme metal structure for either the door or window we are manufacturing.

Laser sharp accuracy

are made security doors

Welding and the first step in ultimate quality control

A key process in the making of any security door, since each and every one of our products is bespoke and made-to-measure, all welding is done by some of the most skilled and professional welders.

ultimate quality control in security doors

Once the metal construction has been welded and cooled, we check meticulously to ensure it is perfectly straight. This is just one element towards product integrity that sets Secure House apart from its competitors. We use lasers to check and establish ultimate quality control.

Powder coating perfection

Colour and finish are extremely important when it comes to making a security door. Our clients will usually have a very clear idea of the colour and finish and it’s our job to get that spot on. That’s one of the reasons why we have specialist powder coating & painting booths at our manufacturing facility where we can spray each door, frame or window frame to the client’s individual specifications.

Powder coating perfection

Milling finished panels

We use a number of different CNC milling machines to mill a variety of substrates including wood, aluminium and MDF in both 2D and 3D. Each panel is worked on in great detail to meet client demands and produce the very highest quality finished panels for the door. These panels will not only look great, but they will also be robust, tough and totally fit for purpose.


The assembly shop: where the door panels meet their frame

Once each panel is milled and approved, it is then cleaned, prepared, primed and painted by hand by our highly experienced team. The panels then head to the assembly shop where the panels meet their intricately engineered, bespoke metal door frame, security locking systems and ironmongery to take shape into a finished security door. Each door is carefully assembled, piece by piece, and quality assessed every step of the way.

assembly shop

Quality control throughout

Quality control, as you will now understand having read this far, is imperative to our entire operation. From start to finish, we will check, assess and check again to ensure optimum quality. And it doesn’t matter how much a client is spending. Every door and window we make goes through the exact same rigorous quality control process.

high security door

We pay huge attention to multi-step quality control, and we always have. Everything from straightness and welding integrity to the operation of locking systems and electronic elements such as door closers or fingerprint recognition are examined several times over.

Hand finished panels

Ready for shipping to the customer

Once we’re 100% happy, the security door or window is ready to be shipped to the client’s site or property for installation by our expert fitters. Each product we make is packed in individual reinforced boxes for protection. We use corrugated card as well as heavy duty pallets to safely stack and protect. The boxes are also wrapped in PVC film and further corrugated card is packed around the pallets.

security doors shipping

We then wave goodbye to another Secure House security door on the way to its new home!

doors shipping

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