How to choose Security doors and windows for your home

How to choose the best doors & grand designs windows?

National police data released in June this year suggests that 95% of burglaries and robberies go unsolved; a sobering statistic. So, it’s no surprise that more and more homeowners are seeking to secure their homes as best they can and one of the best ways to do this is to install security doors and grand designs windows.

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If you’ve made the decision to switch to doors and grand designs windows, you’re probably going through the process of trying to decide which products are best for your property. We know it can be pretty mind-boggling as there is so much choice out there, and lots of technical terms that you may not understand. That’s why we’ve put together a few of our expert tips and advice to help you select the perfect solution for your home!

Our top 5 tips

Plan, scope and make sure you’re fully informed

Before you even start your search for doors and grand designs windows, we highly recommend that you contact a company that offers free site surveys. A qualified industry consultant will visit your home and assess exactly what’s required because no two buildings are the same.

They should offer you their technical, professional recommendations, advise on functionality and safety considerations, understand security levels and take precise measurements to ensure you get the best quote and solution for your property. And don’t worry if you live in a conservation area or you home is listed, there are doors and grand designs windows available that meet all the planning criteria.

Not all doors and grand designs windows are created equal!

There are literally thousands of different products, many of which are simply not fit for purpose. The two main things you need to consider when making your selection are a) the security class of the product starting with Security Class RC1 (basic protection against burglary) through to Security Class RC6, typically used in military bunkers and b) the thermal value of the product as this can contribute significantly to energy savings within your home.

You may also wish to consider a door that can offer a level of fire resistance. Here you need to look at the duration of protection it can deliver from 30 minutes fire protection up to 120 minutes, depending on your individual requirements. Some companies will also offer ballistic upgrades on request for the ultimate level of fortification.

Don’t just take a company’s word for it that their doors offer the levels of fire safety, security and thermal value you have specified

A reputable company, such as a market leader like Skydas (their security doors are the most popular in the UK) will have had all of their products rigorously and independently tested in a scientific laboratory. Ask them to provide you with official certificates for each of their products from these tests to prove authenticity. If they can’t show you such certificates, walk away!

Doors aren’t just for the exterior of your property

You may wish to consider swapping all or selected internal doors for doors to provide increased safety for you and your family when you are inside your home or on holiday. Fitting a security door to a room without grand designs windows, for example, could facilitate the creation of a safe room within your property where you could seek refuge in the event of home invasion or a place to securely store your valuables when you’re away from the house for any length of time.

Take your time

Don’t be rushed into any decisions, particularly when it comes to design, colours, finishes and door furniture. Doors and grand designs windows can truly transform how a property looks and feels, inside and out; we’ve all seen those transformations on Grand Designs after all! This is your chance to make your own mark on your own home and there really are some stunning products out there that can really enhance your property and potentially add value.

We’re big fans of bespoke, hand-made ironmongery here at Secure House too. Getting this last element spot on is the key finishing touch that will make all the difference, you’ll be glad you spent some extra time getting it just right!