It’s a match!

Matching doors and windows with garage door is nothing new. It is, however, an option that has often been very tricky for homeowners, and those refurbishing, renovating or building new homes, to both source and implement. There are not many companies out there that can provide such a service but, here at Secure House, we most definitely can. And we have helped a wide variety of clients match up their entire doors and windows set throughout their home, sometimes even inside too!

Choose me a match

IMG 0387 1 1024x768 - It's a match!With so many different types of high security doors and windows to choose from – size, colour, finish etc., the first task is to consider exactly what finished look you want to achieve. You can find lots of inspiration and ideas on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest and we have many people who approach us with images they’ve found, either on our sites or others, asking if it is possible to create a match. The answer is usually a definitive yes!

So, first step. Have a look at what’s out there and what other people are doing and see what you like the look of. There are always different colours and finishes that are popular at a particular time or season and our design team is only too happy to advise on the latest ‘on trend’ door colour and if it’s a matt or gloss finish. At the same time, you may want to stick with traditional door designs such as Georgian, Edwardian, or Victorian. Either way, we can work with you and make you as close a match as possible to.

Take a look at some of these stunning and inspirational combinations and imagine what you could achieve with Secure House!

How to match doors and windows

IMG 9074 - It's a match!Once you have decided on the overall theme, style and finish, we could look at how that design can be adapted to create complementary doors, windows, garage doors and even gates. We have worked on numerous full house projects over the last decade and delivered a total match for every external aperture as required.

Installing matching security garage doors, side gates and entrance gates is the icing on the cake when it comes to creating truly safe and secure environment for you and your loved ones and there is never any compromise on design.

We can easily design and manufacture doors and windows to bespoke sizes too. So, if you’re worried that your door or garage is not a standard size, it’s not a problem here at Secure House. We’ve got every angle covered!

A seamless matching process

By working with one supplier (Secure House!), you will benefit from a seamless matching process as we can create all products in the same manufacturing facility this ensuring the very highest quality across the board. We can exact colour match across every door, frame and surface so the perfect match is yours.


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A stunning combination

More and more of our customers are wanting to match their front door with their garage door so it’s our job to make it really easy to do just that. Put us to the test and see what you think.

Just take a look at some of these stunning and inspirational combinations and imagine what you could achieve with Secure House!

To arrange your free, no obligation door and window matching consultation, please feel free to call us on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]

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