chrome plated oversize door knob

Luxury door furniture to complete the look

Alongside doors and windows (of course!), sourcing the most luxurious door furniture available is one of our favourite parts of the job here at Secure House. Door furniture, or ironmongery as it is commonly referred to, is the finishing touch for any project. And, whether you’re either choosing doors or replacing new ones, it’s worth taking time to consider this key feature that will truly complete the look of any internal or external door.

Over the years, door furniture has seen many different styles and designs associated with the particular era. One of the current trends of today when it comes to door furniture is matt brass with a variety of variations including antique brass, smoked or brushed bronze.

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Some door handles are pre-lacquered to achieve the finish, but others are so-called ‘living finishes’ that will age and alter over time as they are used. Both types are proving very popular but our ‘living finish’ handles are an excellent choice if you want luxurious door furniture that will deliver subtle style changes over the years.

For a prime example, take this stunning lineal design solid bronze door handle that a client chose for the internal door pull on the bespoke Art Deco door we designed, created and installed for them. It is an oversize handle that perfectly complements this particular door design and facilitates a truly ergonomic opening since it affords the door to be opened from various heights.

luxury door furniture
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Traditional and luxurious ironmongery

For those clients who prefer more traditional style of ironmongery, we are able to offer an opulent gold plating or power coating finish to match a door colour so the handle blends in for a seamless finish. Both options are very popular right now are being selected for both external as well as internal doors.

When we talk about luxurious door furniture, we also talk about door jewellery, quite literally! And when it comes to door jewellery, how about this curved glass handle which features solid 24k gold ends? We installed no fewer than four of these beautiful handles for a client’s high-end jewellery store located in an exclusive London borough.


luxury furniture for doorView recent photos - Luxury door furniture to complete the look
What’s more, this particular handle is available in a number of other finishes and comes with a matching lever handle which is perfect for adding to internal doors. So, you can add a truly indulgent and decadent to your front door and internal doors in your house – what’s not to love?!

luxury internal door handle

Oversize doorknobs

Finally, oversize doorknobs continue to be in very high demand across a wide variety of our residential projects – we’ve installed thousand over the years and they always look incredible on every door.

We have just sourced these two samples for a client’s new build project and they’re now deciding which to choose – silver or gold!

These knobs are handmade by door furniture experts and feature some of the most intricate detail we’ve ever seen on a doorknob.

They are mini works of art in their own right and they will complement almost any type of door although we’d be hard pressed to choose a favourite too!

chrome plated oversize door knobC29900 scaled - Luxury door furniture to complete the look
To discuss or view our wide range of luxury door furniture, please feel free to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 8594207 or by emailing [email protected]