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Made-to-measure garage doors at Secure House

Made-to-measure garage doors are a key feature of our extensive range of garage doors available for every type of property here at Secure House.

A standard residential garage door size in the UK is usually 7ft x 6ft 6. This is a typical size when selecting a garage door but, as we well know, not all garages are this standard size. As such, it’s worth speaking to the experts when it comes to ensuring you select the right type of garage door for your garage and one that’s the right size!

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How to select a made-to-measure garage door?

When it comes to both new homes and garages that are part of a self-build project, it is not unusual to come across a garage that is a different size thus making it impossible to purchase an off-the-shelf garage door. This is where made-to-measure garage doors come into their own because all garages are not created equal!

First of all, when selecting a garage door, it is imperative that its overall function and useability is taken into account. By this we mean, what do you predominantly want to use your garage for? Is it simply to store a car or cars? Or do you want to store a car and have room for an extra freezer in addition to the one in your kitchen. Garages can be multi-purpose and having the correct garage door will make this objective straightforward and cost-efficient to deliver.

Make sure it’s measured accurately!

Once you have chosen the right type of door for the way in which you want to use your garage – and it’s worth noting here that almost every type of garage door from sectional and roller, to side-hinged and side sliding garage doors can be made-to-measure – it’s vital that the aperture in which the door will be installed is measured accurately. And that’s where our expert garage door installation team is on hand to help!

There are various different measurements that the team will take and when it comes to a made-to-measure garage door. It is these precise measurements that will then enable us design and manufacture a truly bespoke garage door or set of garage doors that will only enhance the garage.

Right size, made-to-measure is imperative

Irrespective of the size of your garage, for example double and even triple garages are extremely commonplace in residential homes, we are able to provide a made-to-measure garage door to meet your exact requirements. A garage door that fits properly will not only provide the very best level of security for the garage contents, having the right size, made-to-measure garage door is an absolute must when it comes to aesthetics and finish, particularly if you choose our matching garage, front, back and/or side door service.

Having completed hundreds of made-to-measure garage door projects over the years, we are both highly knowledgeable and flexible when it comes to exceeding client expectations.

To sum up

If you’d like to find out more about our made-to-measure garage doors, or to arrange a site consultation and bespoke measurement, please contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 [email protected] and we can discuss your specific requirements.