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New products added to our steel portfolio!

We’re delighted to announce the addition of a number of new products to our portfolio including Forster Steel Doors and Windows.

We have many clients asking us for a door that will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically. We think a stainless steel security door is the way to go.

Stainless steel doors and windows

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Synonymous with quality, luxury and strength, stainless steel is a timeless classic material for security doors since it never goes out of fashion and it delivers both longevity and durability – our Forster stainless steel security doors not only look incredible they’re also extremely long lasting.

Suitable for commercial AND residential applications

Ideally suited to commercial applications, offices, communal entrance doors, embassies and shopping centres, we have manufactured and installed stainless steel doors specifically for residential properties. Irrespective of where the installation is, however, stainless steel doors will always be fit for purpose and can be created to be burglary resistant, bullet resistant and fireproof – or all three if required.

As well as stainless steel, we can also manufacture windows and doors using mild steel. Whichever steel you select, we will ensure the doors and windows provide a thermal break for protection from all the elements and provide excellent heat insulation for tangible energy saving efficiencies.

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We are able to create bespoke design doors and glazing and are one of the only specialist security door and window companies in the UK to offer the extremely rare combination of fully glazed and solid doors/windows.

Made to measure, corrosion resistant and of a superior quality, our stainless steel doors will endure and perform across a variety of applications.

Forster Unico Slim Line

These thermally insulated windows, doors and glazings, with elements produced with profiles in this unique , slim line framework style, can be fitted both indoors and outdoors.

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Made of 100% recyclable steel and containing no synthetic insulating materials, each of these doors incorporates a clever fastening technique to achieve extremely narrow profile cross-sections. The ecological and style benefits of this door system are ideal for renovating old buildings and listed industrial buildings.

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All Forster Unico Slim Line products provide exceptional thermal break and can deliver fire protection, burglary-resistance and bullet proof qualities upon request. There are also specific HI versions for highly thermally insulated constructions and XS versions which combine ultra slim profiles for windows and fixed glazings with excellent thermal insulation.

Forster Fuego Light

If you require fire protection, Forster Fuego Light is the hugely reliable profile system of choice.

Check our Forster Fuego Light →

Each flush door is constructed around a narrow steel frame with a large glass area that guarantees maximum transparency, a sleek appearance and reliable security. In addition to fire doors and glazed fire screens other available systems are tested such as fire protection sliding doors, with and without escape route function, doors with finger guard and flush reverse sheet metal frame doors. Thus, the system offers a wide range of applications and a high degree of design freedom.

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And when it comes to hardware, there is a wide range of items to select including door automation or aesthetically profiled with concealed hinges and door closers. At the same time, smoke protection doors (Forster Presto), fire-resistant curtain walls (Forster Thermfix Vario) or thermally insulated doors and windows (Forster Unico) can be optimally combined thanks to the identical appearance to the Forster Fuego Light range.

Forster Presto Bullet Proof

This range of flush mounted single or double-leaf doors, windows and glazed closures without thermal break is the ultimate in safety and security.

bullet proof - New products added to our steel portfolio!

Meeting the maximum demands for technical functionality and extreme long-term exposure to stress, the Forster Presto Bullet Proof system is suitable for use wherever there are no special thermal insulation requirements. Forster Presto is available in stainless steel for more elegant and ambitious solutions as required.