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Tips for securing patio door to ensure home safety

Securing your patio door is essential for home safety. Patio doors are often vulnerable points of entry for burglars as they are often located at the back of the house out of sight of passers-by. As such, here at Secure House we recommend taking steps to reinforce patio doors and, in doing so, you can enhance the security of your home.

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Here are some tips to help you secure your patio door.

Always install a quality lock

You should try to use a deadbolt lock with at least a one-inch throw. Also you should consider upgrading to a high-security lock or a smart lock with features like keyless entry and remote monitoring. A large majority of doors, including patio doors, that we install feature smart locks, they’re really worth the investment.

Use a security bar

Install a security bar or rod in the track of sliding patio doors to prevent them from being forced open. Adjustable security bars are widely available and can be easily removed whenever the door is in use.

Specify reinforced or security glass

If your patio door has glass panels, you really should consider reinforcing it with laminated or tempered security glass, which is more difficult to break than standard glass. Here at Security House, we have a wide range of security glass as well as bulletproof glass for the ultimate in home security.

Install a security system

Invest in a home security system that include sensors on all doors and windows throughout the house, not just the front and back door. Make sure it includes a loud alarm and, if possible, monitoring services. You may wish to display security system signage externally on your property to further deter potential intruders.

Add Motion-Activated Lighting

Installation of motion-activated lights near to the patio doors can be a highly cost effective way of putting would-be intruders off. It is well documented that well-lit areas around a home are less appealing to burglars.

Trim landscaping

Trim shrubs and bushes around the patio to eliminate potential hiding spots for intruders.

Secure sliding doors

Place a metal or wooden rod in the track of sliding doors to prevent them from being forced open. Consider installing a sliding door lock or anti-lift device to your patio doors to further enhance the doors’ security.

Upgrade the door frame

As well as opting for a high security patio door with security glazing, you can also include a reinforced door frame too. Reinforced door frames include metal plates in and around them to make them much more resistant to forced entry by intruders.

Use security cameras

Install security cameras to monitor the patio area. Visible cameras really do act as a deterrent, and recorded footage can aid in investigations should the worst ever ocurr.

Lock doors when you’re away

It almost goes without say but, please, please, please always lock your patio door when leaving your home, even if it’s just for a short period of time.

If you’d like to find out more about how to secure your existing patio doors or you’re considering installing some, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]