15 - Garage Doors


These modern doors open vertically without the need for traditional tracks. They are an excellent choice for properties with limited headroom or unique architectural constraints.

16 - Garage Doors


Operating horizontally along tracks, these doors are a practical and efficient solution for large garage entrances.


17 - Garage Doors


Consisting of separate horizontal panels that lift vertically, sectional garage doors are perfect for maximizing space both inside and outside the garage.


18 - Garage Doors

Side Hinged

Offering a classic design, these doors swing outward like traditional doors. They are easy to operate and provide convenient access to the garage without the need to open the entire door.


Garage Door Gallery

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High quality & secure garage doors in London

Why is it important to have a secure set of garage doors? Your garage door is a common weak point in your overall home security plan and an easy target for burglars. To protect your garage from invasion, your garage security plan should start from your garage door security! If you are living in London, don’t wait until the thieves will come to visit you – order your security garage doors London now!!!

Our team specializes in the highest quality security garage doors in London, competitively priced. Furthermore we offers a wide selection of garage doors that will make your home look fantastic.
Therefore our team helps to our clients choose the perfect security garage door for your home at a price you can afford.

A garage door, just like any other exterior door, plays a crucial role in the overall safety of a household or commercial property, protecting various valuables against external threats as well as environmental factors. Here at Secure House, we take great pride in being able to offer our customers some of the highest quality doors on the market today, which includes a wide selection of garage doors.

Whether you’re looking for a set of trackless, sliding, side-hinged, sectional or up-and-over garage doors, our experienced team can help you find as well as install a garage door solution that best fits your needs.

Wide range of garage doors suited for domestic and business premises

The garage is an area that often doesn’t receive the same amount of attention from owners in terms of safety and design as perhaps some interior areas of a property do. However, in order to ensure maximum security of valuables as well as residents of a house, proper solutions have to be implemented all-around.

This is exactly why every one of our products offered are made only from the best available materials, ensuring a reliable, durable and of course, secure set of garage doors, without any compromise made towards style.

Our company offers garage door solutions suited for both domestic and commercial clients looking to either install or upgrade an existing garage door to the very latest leading manufacturers in the industry have to offer, immensely improving both the look and the security of a property.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors are considered to be the most versatile garage door type out there, perfectly suited to serve both private and commercial areas.

They feature a set of horizontal panels joined together by hinges, which when the door opens, come up to a vertical position parallel to the ceiling of the garage.

It’s unique operating mechanism ensures that no space is taken up neither on the inside nor outside, meaning complete convenience for those that want to maximize the usable space of their garage.

Trackless garage doors

Despite being a relatively new product in the UK, it’s quickly gaining popularity among owners due to the versatility that it offers.

It features a simple mechanism with a counterbalance weight and large cables that lift the door panels upwards making the lower panel compactly slide under the upper panel, resulting in an efficient and practical operation.

As the name suggests, no ceiling tracks are needed for these doors to operate, which means less internal protrusion and thus, extra space in the garage that can be used for storage as well as a more simple door installation process in general.

Up and over garage doors

A true classic in the UK, this garage door type for many years was the most popular garage door choice and remains relevant to this day.

It features a single, fairly large door leaf and a lever arm spring that can be operated manually or electrically by the user, depending on the desired setup. As the leaf rises upwards, it’s important to ensure appropriate space in front of the garage for the door to operate properly.

Because of its simple construction, it is the cheapest garage door type on the market today and is the no.1 choice among cost-conscious buyers that want a simple solution, without compromising quality or design.

Side-hinged garage doors

Side-hinged doors have remained a popular option among those that want quick access to their property and mainly use their garage for the storage of goods.

This door type typically features two panels of the same size, hinged along the vertical line, allowing the user to operate their garage door like a standard doorway. With an outwards swinging door setup, interior storage space is maximized in the garage.

If you are looking side hinged garage doors for sale, you should also know that each panel here can be opened independently, which allows quick and simple access to the garage, perfect for those that frequently move goods in and out of the storage area.

Side-sliding garage doors

Sliding garage doors are one of the most innovative garage door types on the market and are the perfect choice for those that want maximum convenience as well as style for their garage.

It features a set of door panels that are mounted on a guiding rail, which slide along it during opening and closing. While similar to sectional doors in principle, here the panels move from side to side horizontally instead of going upwards.

Such a door solution can be easily adapted to whatever unique construction a garage has, making it perfect for spaces that have an unorthodox, non-rectangular shape.

A garage door company that will find the best solution for your business

We also offer the perfect commercial garage doors for your business, in addition to residential garage doors! From security grills to counter doors to aluminum sectional doors, we offer a wide range of commercial overhead doors. Our business garage and overhead doors offer great quality at reasonable prices.

If your garage door is not working, call us! Our friendly, professional team is available to repair or service your security garage door. With every job, your door gets an in-depth tune-up and inspection. Moreover, our Service Area: We service London. So, Call us today for a FREE estimate for a new security garage door Lodnon !!!

Find the right solution with help from experienced garage door specialists

With years of experience working with various door solutions, our experts can help you find the right garage doors for a home or business setting in no time.

Here at Secure House, we promise:

  • Competitive price options that suit any budget
  • To help get your garage door installed or your existing one upgraded
  • Expert advice to point you in the right direction if you’re unsure
  • Wide variety of door styles to choose from
  • A free initial quote for all garage door options
  • Excellent service from our whole team
  • Only the highest quality doors and their associated products.

To get in touch with us, fill out our free survey found on our website, contact the Secure House sales team at [email protected] or by phone Tel: 0207 859 4207 and we’ll get to you ASAP.