Overlap garage doors from Secure House will save you valuable space in your garage

Save space with overlap garage doors!

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Overlap garage doors are just as their name suggests, the door ‘overlaps’ on itself when it opens. There are no tracks used anywhere at all on an overlap garage door as you might find with more traditional up and over garage doors or sectional garage doors. The big benefit to this is that, since overlap doors essentially fold up, they are ideal space savers!

Highly insulated and available in security rated class 2 and class 3 standard, overlap garage doors are ideal for saving a large amount of space inside your garage enabling you to store even more than before.

Overlap garage doors from Secure House will save you valuable space in your garage

If you have a garage that is smaller than average or a garage that isn’t particularly wide or long, overlap garage doors offer the perfect solution and can even help you to transform your garage space into an additional room for your property.

With the operating part of the door housed in the upper beam of the door frame, the doors are effectively split into two sections. The first section functions as the track and rail for the second section that then follows beneath it, thus creating the ‘overlap’. This highly innovative and effective concept reduces the amount of space the door takes up inside the garage when it is both open and closed.


One of the best doors on the market, our overlap garage doors are made from the very highest quality materials and we also offer a bulletproof version for added safety and security when storing valuable items or prized vehicles.

Overlap garage doors offer an endless list of design possibilities and there is also the opportunity to create your own bespoke design or even include bronze effect panels on your finished door for a touch of luxury.

So, not only do overlap garage doors offer a high level of functionality, space saving practicality and security, they also enhance the overall look and feel of your home adding huge kerb appeal and desirability.