Sectional garage doors: durable and value for money

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Combining durability, high quality materials, excellent value for money and contemporary design, sectional garage doors are one of the most requested types of garage door by our customers.

Their popularity stems from the fact that can be made in an unlimited number of sizes, dimensions and finishes, plus they provide superb acoustic and thermal insulation and can also be matched to the front, side and back doors of a property to further enhance the appearance of your own home.

A fully customisable option, we are able to provide sectional garage doors up to 8m in width and you’ll be spoilt for choice with more than 100 different door panel designs, surface textures and colours to select.

Our sectional garage doors are manufactured using highly reliable and tested materials to create a solid, robust product that is built to last. Featuring an aluminium frame ensures that the garage door is easy to install and is extremely durable.

Select from two core substrates: a door clad with aluminium sheets milled and painted in any RAL colour including metallic finish and optional inlays to create your own design, or okoume hardwood, an highly water resistant wood used in shipbuilding which can be carved or milled to deliver a design or pattern of your choosing.

You can even add windows to your sectional garage door. Stainless steel to give a modern finish, with double glazed panels available in clear, mat, frosted or tinted finish.

If you need to access your garage as a hobby space or utility room, we can include a pass door of up to 1.2m wide on either the left- or right-hand side to facilitate convenient entry and exit as required without having to open the entire garage door.

Tested under the most demanding industrial conditions, our residential sectional garage doors include tension springs making them ideal for new build as well as established properties. Customised, zinc coated tracks are also available to suit your garage features and its roof pitch.

Easy to operate with by hand or with a door opener, sectional garage doors are a must-have for creating a safe, secure and efficient garage space to your bespoke size and design requirements.