Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair

In the current economic climate the need to protect and secure valuable property is paramount.

Secure House limited are the leaders in the provision of bespoke access control solutions for a diverse international clientele both commercial and residential.

There is nothing better than a satisfied client to advertise the quality of workmanship and guaranteed durability of Home Secure Security doors.

Recently in Mayfair, London class three mid range security doors were installed for a client who had suffered a spate of burglaries and had lost high value optical equipment. The burglars tried again but this time the new Secure House doors withstood the criminals and prevented another burglary. The integrity of the doors was not breached the premises were protected and the burglars frustrated.

The external timber shield was damaged and security glass shattered but both are easily replaceable. The locks were not damaged at all as there was a cylinder defender protecting the lock.

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The client was very happy that their investment in Secure House doors had more than paid off!”

Another satisfied client to add to Secure House list of contented customers.

Picture1 - Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair

Picture2 - Secure House door protected a property in Mayfair