Secure House is the number one replica door company in London

Secure House: the only choice for replica doors in London

Secure House replica doors are installed in various properties across each of London’s conservation areas. Fact. And that’s because Secure House is the number one choice for conservation and replica doors!

Take a look a recent project we completed for a client in Mayfair.

The original timber Georgian door was starting to show signs of wear and tear and the owner was concerned that the door was no longer very secure and it certainly didn’t provide any energy saving properties compared to its modern security door counterparts.

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Following an online consultation and a couple of site visits, we put together a full plan to create a replica door along with a whole new replica window light complete with high security glass.


Replica doors in London

Our plan addressed each of the specific conservation regulations set out for the area and met what was required by the local Council and estates team. The new, high security door was made using the very highest quality steel and clad with maintenance-free, fully waterproof engineered timber that is designed to last for decades.

As well as adding bespoke, replica ironmongery, we can included a motorised locking system: the world-renowned FIAM x1r. As well as state-of-the art locking systems, we are also able to provide e-key fingerprint scanners and facial recognition systems for an extra level of security, each of which comply with all conservation regulations.


Secure House is the number one replica door company in London

The finished result really does speak for itself – can you even spot the difference? Yes, it’s that good! Not only does the new door now provide an unrivalled level of security, it also vastly improves the thermal efficiency rating of the property. Oh, and it looks incredible.

When it comes to conservation area doors for any home in London, Secure House has to be your first stop for the expertise and knowledge you need to exceed expectations all round.