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Are door security bars worth the investment?

Here at Secure House, we’ve seen all sorts of different security ‘add-ons’ over the years but the one that we both highly recommend in certain environments and install most regularly for clients are security bars.

You’ve probably seen them before but haven’t really been aware of their benefits. That’s why we’ve put together a blog post to tell you all you need to know about security bars and whether they’re actually worth it. Afterall, there are so many door additions and enhancement out there, it can be a real minefield when choosing the right door for you and your specific requirements!

What is a security bar?

A security bar is a device that is normally placed on the back of a door. Typically made from a robust and durable metal such as steel, the security bar is designed to add an extra level of reinforcement to locks or deadbolts and strengthen the entire door frame.

Security bars can be retrofitted to existing doors or designed as part of a new security door installation.

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Able to withstand a high degree of external (or internal) pressure, a security bar can be permanent but there are also models that are portable and can be attached to a door as required, particularly useful if securing a door when travelling.

What does a security bar do?

Put simply, a security bar will block the entrance to a residential home or commercial property. They are specifically designed to discourage intruders or burglars and prevent unauthorised access to a building. Highly effective in doing so, just the sight of a security bar across a door will deter criminals and provide additional protection.

How is a security bar installed?

As previously mentioned, a security bar can be added to a door or entrance that is already in situ or it can be included as part of a new security door or multiple doors. As a rule, security bars are installed across the entire width of a door and reinforced bolts are used to secure the security bar.

By securing the door with a security bar over its complete width (from the hinge and lock points) it is protected in its entirety. Should an intruder attempt to gain entry using a high degree of force such as with heavy duty tools, the security bar affords prime protection.

Security bars are very versatile!

When it comes to adding a security bar, it’s important not to preclude them from other apertures, they can not only be used in external front, back and side entrances but also in internal situations where extra security is required too. For example, we are able to retrofit security bars to create a safe room or on a cellar door to prevent unauthorised access.

Are security bars worth the investment?

Adding a security bar to a door is definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to add an extra layer of security in your home or commercial premises. What’s more, they do not have to be expensive. We have a number of different options to suit different budgets, just ask!

If you’d like to find out more about security bars, or to arrange a site consultation and professional measurement of any doorway where you’d like to include a security bar, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Secure House team on 0207 859 4207 [email protected]