Roller Security Shutters

Our security roller shutters have a compact design with a variety of options, making them a perfect choice for business premises as well as residential customers looking to introduce a higher security level in their area.

External roller shutters are a practical system that protects us in three ways: through a perfect insulation, the protection of our privacy and the peace of mind while providing an effective anti-burglar barrier.

Every single one of our security roller shutters London are designed for areas where aesthetics are a valued premium. Choosing the right security shutter (London) for specific external or internal applications can seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Secure-House, all our security shutters (London) come with a compact design and are pre-assembled for easy installation, crucial for areas with low headroom and sideroom availability. All our products are a perfect fit for pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools, houses as well as garage doors.


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Profile Dimension

1 pa 52 300x300 - Roller Security Shutters
2 PA 52 1 300x229 - Roller Security Shutters
3 pa 55 300x300 - Roller Security Shutters
4 entry level 300x229 - Roller Security Shutters
5 Maximum dimensions - Roller Security Shutters

Electric Security Shutters

Protect your home or business with the kind of next-level protection only quality security shutters can provide. You have invested so much into your property, it is only right that you also invest in the means to safeguard it from theft, vandalism, and nature.

Roll-A-Shield can make elegant, pro-active security a reality for you with a full range of shutter types, including rolling security shutters and security blinds for windows. Be proactive in the defense of your property.

Our extensive range of security grilles and window shutters are strong enough to stand up to criminals, which is why they tend to avoid businesses and homes outfitted with our products. We offer you the best security shutters in London.

Security shutters London
Security shutters London

Key features of roller security shutters:

  • Made from carefully selected materials to ensure the highest quality
  • Roller shutters are designed to improve the building energy use.
  • Roller shutters can greatly help reduce heating costs
  • Reduces the need & consumption of additional cooling equipment.
  • Roller & counter shutters provide effective protection against intruders
  • They protect rooms from the sun’s rays, yet offer outstanding light transmission at the same time to bring more light to the interior.
  • Prevents the room or interior from over-heating
  • External blinds are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters

Thanks to foam filling within profiles they are distinguished good thermal and acoustic insulation.


Security shutters London – Many Safety & Comfort Features

  • Secure house and family
  • Security shutters keep your home warmer
  • Counter shutters help protect your business premises
  • Less light when you want to have some more sleep
  • Less noise from the outside Security shutters London

Security Shutters London could be rolling, similar to hurricane or storm shutters. As one of UK’s leading suppliers, we produce security grilles and shutters that can be motorised with effective motors. It can be wall mounted switches, remote control operated, or tied into home automation systems.  Our security shutters provides many color options for the side rails, housing, and slats.

We have the right security shutter London solution for your home or business. We are inclined to craft a product that protects property from any external force; ranging from real-life intruders to harsh beams from the sun. We function to make a product that fits the integrity of the property whilst being a first-rate pragmatic home security system. Not only will security shutters provide peace of mind, but they also work as a window treatment offering privacy, light and heat/cold control.

This is the ultimate blackout window treatment for media rooms, bedrooms, and more. Our UK security shutters feature all-aluminum construction and provide the most effective and attractive solution for your property. The security shutters are quiet, attractive and maintenance-free. Our window security shutters are also a great “canvas” for custom paint and artwork options to market your business and expand your local brand awareness.

Our roller security shutters London come in an variety of colors to blend into the edifice and adjusts to the structure of the building. This means that the security system coalesces into the architecture making it beyond the intruder’s periphery. The security shutters UK will look great and protect you no matter what the outside world brings.

Security shutters London – Roller type

Security shutters London Historically, roller-shutters have often been considered as a luxurious & decorative element, yet lacking the essential functions in certain areas. Roller-shutters can significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter, whilst during the summertime; protect rooms from the sun’s rays. This effectively prevents the room or interior from over-heating, thereby reducing the need & consumption of additional cooling equipment.
Security shutters uk Additionally, external blinds are a practical solution as both a protection means & deterrent to intruders. External blinds are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters, due to their design. Between the surface of the window & the blinds shell, an insulating pocket of air is created. Even at high outside temperatures, a more comfortable coolness will occupy this space.
london Security shutters If we leave the shutters closed on a hot day – as widely practiced in Italy – the evening will bring a pleasant & relaxing coolness of shadow. The company has also prepared roller-shutters for people who would wish to conceal their box in the plaster reveal. Once again the manufacturer has taken care of the adequate thermal insulation, & warmed the inside of the box.

Protect your home with aluminium roller security shutters

Safe. Secure. Protected. It’s time to add aluminium security shutters to your property

As well as fitting steel security doors and windows, adding aluminium security shutters and security grilles to your home or a roller garage door is the ideal way to protect it even further from intruders and burglars.

Here at Secure House, it’s always been our focus to help our clients to feel as safe and secure as possible in their own homes. As such, we’re seeing a significant rise in the number of people approaching us to design and install aluminium security shutters to provide that extra layer of security for their family and assets.

We offer a wide range of aluminium security shutters and each can be made to a bespoke size to ensure a perfect fit every time. Since our products are aluminum grade, higher degrees of security for assets are guaranteed. All of our security shutters are both highly durable and aesthetically pleasing; they’re designed to complement and enhance your home without making it look like a fortress. The security shutters London are ornamental items that can give the selected property a modernistic appearance. They’re also certified Class III burglar resistant so will effectively stop any intruder who attempts to gain access to your property. Clients can have peace of mind when traveling far distances because our shutters accommodate remote usage.

Each of our external security shutter systems is very easy to operate too. Our system is unbelievably easy to install and utilize. It only takes a few elementary steps to implant the system onto the grounds. The system is manufactured from ecologically friendly materials and is lightweight and weather resistance, yet also robust in nature. The majority of our systems incorporate a combination of two-way and key switches, timer switches and remote control so the shutters can be deployed quickly and easily, even if you’re not actually at home. And they’re also available in various colours and finishes.

Save energy & money with aluminium roller security shutters

More and more of us are exploring ways to save energy in our homes and, in turn, save money on expensive heating bills. One of the ways this can be achieved is by installing aluminium security shutters on your property.

Security shutters and security grilles are no longer a luxury, decorative element reserved for the rich and famous. They’re a key essential for new build homes and can also be easily added to existing buildings to provide a high level of security and energy saving capability. Purchasing roller shutters means that the amount spent on cooling equipment and heating costs are greatly reduced. One more key distinction between our product and other security systems is the beauty in design. They’re also available in bespoke sizes and an array of colours and finishes that will complement any property, irrespective of location or budget.

Closing security shutters during the winter can significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss inside the home, ensuring it remains warm, cosy and safe throughout the day and night. There is no longer a need to fret over the weather since our shutters act as an insulator.

In the summer, security shutters are perfect at protecting the interior of a property from overheating and therefore reducing the consumption of any additional cooling equipment such as air-conditioning. If interested in our system, premium electric and manual drives can be selected to further dictate the user experience. Gone are the days where security systems are reserved for the posh an

How does the roller security shutter save energy?

An external aluminium security shutter is highly efficient down to its design. Once the shutter is deployed, it will trap air between the shutter and the surface of the window. This trapped air is an excellent thermal insulator in all types of weather, from extreme cold in the winter months and high temperatures over the summer.

Keep shutters closed during a hot summer’s day and you’ll return to a pleasantly cool home after a long day at work. Keep shutters closed on a cold, rainy or snowy winter’s day and your home will be warm and welcoming throughout the day and night.

Security shutters London – Drives


somfy automation for security shutters in london

Aluprof S.A. offer includes a full range of accessories that are necessary for the production of roller shutters and roller garage doors. Our years of experience in the industry has enabled us to develop good relationships with major suppliers so that our Customers could enjoy a wide range of products. One of the leading suppliers of our accessories is Somfy.

Flexible solutions and ease of use are the watchwords which became our motto in designing roller shutter drives. That’s why we give you the opportunity to choose the appropriate methods of opening / closing your roller shutters:

1. Manual control of security shutters

(Hand-driven) is currently the most popular option, and the most economical one, but requires more effort in handling roller shutters, especially when we have a large number of these or they are big-sized.

Our offering comprises the following manual drives:

  • coilers (line/strip)
  • boxes with gear line/strip
  • hand-cranks,
  • springs

Hand retractors are most commonly used to handle typical roller shutters, of a relatively small size.

2. Using electric drives for security shutters

This is the solution that is somewhat more expensive, but much more comfortable. It is a fully automated control that raises and lowers the curtain using an electric actuator. Electric actuators provide maximum convenience in operating your roller shutters. As regards control possibility, we can choose from:

  • central control – all your rollers shutters operated from one place
  • individual control – one place / roller shutter.

The state-of-the-art technology allows you to use the control timer that will automatically raise and lower the roller shutter’s curtain at a preset time.

In addition, giving you a choice between radio- or wired control, we offer you fully flexible solutions:

  • radio control (wireless) – requires no additional wiring, so your walls will stay intact; this solution can be used anywhere in your home. Commands relating to lowering, raising or stopping the roller shutters are transmitted to the actuator via the remote control or wall transmitter. This type of control allows us to virtually unlimited configurations.
  • wired control – the ability to operate roller shutters using a key-operated switch and rocker switch (switches can be supported or not). By using the controls systems, it is possible to configure multiple individual solutions.

Electric actuators provide maximum convenience in operating your security shutters London.

shutters remote control

The ultimate in home security: high security shutters

You’ve built your dream home now that last thing you want is for an intruder to break in whilst you’re away so the best way to prevent that is with the installation of high security shutters. And here at Secure House, we’re experts in doing just that!

Our business is founded on ensuring our clients feel totally safe and secure whenever they’re at home AND when they’re away. As specialists in full house projects, the design and installation of security shutters is a key part of what we do, alongside security doors, windows, roller garage doors and gates.

Class III burglar resistant

Take a look at the new build home below. The final feature of the overall build was the addition of a set of bespoke, Class III burglar resistant, high security aluminium shutters that have given the homeowner unrivalled peace of mind.

Every set of security shutters we manufacture extremely durable and offer long-term security and protection. At the same time, they look incredible and they actually complement a property. When not in use, you can’t even see them. Watch them in operation here!

What’s more, our high security shutter systems are very easy to operate. You can choose from a variety of different operating options with most clients opting for a combination of two-way and key switches, timer switches and remote control. This means that the shutters can be closed at specific times of the day or night when you’re not even at home.

We have worked with several sports and community centres across the UK

security shutters for sports centres
security shutters for sports centres

We have worked with several sports and community centres across the UK to install high security shutters to ensure that the buildings are totally safe and secure when they are not in use.

Many such multi-purpose buildings play a key role in local communities and are used by hundreds of people so it’s vital that they are protected to the very highest levels.

Take this discreet design that provides total protection for this community centre which is also used as a cricket pavilion during the summer months.

The high security shutters we manufactured and installed are SR2 security rated as per LPS 1175.

LPS stands for ‘Loss Prevention Standard’ and is a standard demanded by various parties, including construction firms, local councils (building & planning regulations) and insurance companies, and is applied to such buildings.

This particular standard encompasses the physical security of ‘intruder resistant building components’ with doors and shutters being included.

As such, we were delighted to advise this particular client and recommend these high security shutters for sports and community centres which we are able to provide in bespoke sizes, finishes and colours as required to suit any project.

Contact us for more information and let us find the best security shutter solution for you

If you are seriously considering a set of security shutters or a roller garage door for your home, be sure to contact our team via phone, email or complete a free survey on our website to receive expert advice as well as the best offers regarding these security solutions.

Our product range features a variety of physical security products for both domestic and commercial use, competitive prices, highest quality materials and of course, bespoke designs that don’t compromise the aesthetic of your property.

Get in touch and let the Secure House team transform your home into a true stronghold of security!

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