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Collapsible Security Grilles

A security grille can add a valuable layer of security for your doors as well as windows in both commercial and private premises. These extra safety measures are vital in order to ensure the maximum level of safety for residents as well as valuables.

As security experts with more than a decade of experience, we understand this perfectly well. Here at Secure-house, we specialize in all types of door and window grilles, retractable security grilles, security gates and other solutions for residential and business areas.

Designed with both looks and the highest level of safety in mind, our retractable security grilles will make sure that the most vulnerable areas of your property are well-protected without sacrificing the design of the building.

Types of collapsible grilles



CX1: Suitable for domestic and commercial properties where LPCB accreditation is not required. Contains security features such as a lockable slam post for enhanced protection against theft – designed with appearance and your safety mind.



CX2: Accredited to LPS1175 SR1 by the LPCB and manufactured to Secured by Design standards, these retractable security grilles are a popular choice within most domestic and commercial markets requiring moderate security.



VULCAN: LPS 1175 SR2 RATED. Provides exceptional levels of security and is one of the strongest grilles we offer. Aside from Eclipse, this is the only security grille to provide proven resistance against bolt cutters. Manufactured to Secured by Design standards, Police Preferred Specification.



ECLIPSE: The strongest and most robust grille on the market for anti-theft and anti-terror. Police Preferred Specification and approved for use by the UK government. LPS 1175 SR3 Rated.

Collapsible Grilles Gallery


First of all, what is a security grille?

To put it simply, security grilles are an additional security measure installed behind a set of doors or windows in order to increase the level of security in these areas without sacrificing visual appearance as well as visibility.

With easy maintenance, customizability, and of course, bespoke security, they are without a doubt, the perfect solution for physically enhancing the most vulnerable areas of your property – the doors and windows.

Statistics indicate that in recent years, the number of break-ins and burglaries in the UK has risen, which means that people are giving extra attention to various safety measures to protect their homes and businesses.

Since windows or patio doors are typically the most endangered areas of a property, special priority should be given solutions that can not only give them more physical protection, but also act as a visual deterrent for wrong-doers.

The most popular type of security grille on the market these days are retractable security grilles, also known as collapsible security grilles which in addition to bespoke security feature an innovative folding design that allows a property to maintain an attractive, secure look.

Features of our door and window collapsible grilles

Below, we discuss some of the key features of the security grilles in our lineup.

  • Adaptable for any door or window – our retractable grilles are flexible in design and can be fully customized to become a seamless part of your project. Our experts will conduct a thorough on-site inspection of your property and suggest the best security solution.
  • Individually manufactured to your taste – all of our security products are made to feature not only bespoke safety but also a design which customers can fully customize to their liking. At Secure House, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for security.
  • Toughest materials of the highest quality – our security grilles only feature materials that have been thoroughly tested to provide the best possible protection against physical attacks and break-ins attempts.
  • Compliance with safety as well as insurance regulations – our door and window retractable grilles come with LPCB certification and an assigned LPS 1175 security level 1 to 4.
  • Products for all price ranges – At Secure House, customers may find retractable grilles for door and window security in a wide range of prices. That means that there are plenty of budget as well as premium solutions.

Other things to know about our security grille product range

Security grilles are specifically designed to provide protection, safety and security for a wide variety of buildings including educational facilities, police stations, Council offices and even residential homes.

There are a whole host of security grilles available on the market today but our product of choice here at Secure House are those offered by Extendor, ones that offer protection in a variety of security levels for customers. We recommend and install their products on a regular basis for many of our commercial and private clients.

Security grilles from Secure House
Security grilles from Secure House

The Extendor Eclipse, for example, is a Secured by Design ‘Police Preferred Specification’ grille with LPCB accreditation to LPS 1175 Security Rating 3. As such, it offers unrivalled anti-theft and anti-terror protection for windows, doors and entrances of all sizes.

When it comes to fitting security grilles in residential properties, CX2 from Extendor is ideal. With its curved, lattice effect, LPCB certification to LPS 1175 SR3 Security Rating 1, it not only looks great, it offers excellent security protection for doorways and windows. When not in operation, it can be collapsed and stacked away. When the property requires protection, the security grille can be quickly, easily and securely locked in place in a matter of minutes.

For installation, expert advice on security grilles and their use within commercial and residential buildings, please contact the Secure House team on 0207 8594207 or [email protected]