Metal Security Gates

Key features of our security metal gates

  • Bespoke design of sliding gates, swing gates and fencing
  • Elegant and robust steel gates that has been pre-treated for corrosion resistance
  • Concreting works for gate grounding, concrete wall for the fence, poles concreting.
  • We work with top of the line “Nice” automatic control equipment.
  • Risk assessments according to BS EN12100 up on request
  • Remote gates service via GSM controllers
  • Warranties and after-sales service.


Security metal gates London

First of all security metal gates London is very important for your house security and design. Our company offers a wide range of security metal gates in London to choose from. Automatic gates suits for homes of all sizes and price ranges. One reason for this growing trend is that attractive, affordable driveway gates and automatic openers. Those are available at most home improvement stores and from online retailers. The gates come fully assembled and ready for professional or DIY installation. Also an electric openers, optional accessories goes with the gate. It will ensure smooth operation and lifelong reliability. In this guide, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know about adding a driveway security metal gates London to your home.

Security metal gates London (electric)

Electric gates, though not very commonplace at the moment, have found their niche in the market today. For those who find the security of their premises (be it residential or commercial) important, electric gates are the way to go. Aside from the basic kits, there are now many features that can be added to ensure security as well as make them more convenient. Automated gates are classed as machines and care should be taken to ensure they have the correct safety features / and are regularly maintained.


Articulated gate openers can be used for gates with wide posts. It will allow to open gates in small spaces. Moreover, it is an easy system for DIY installers as they are simple to install but not as aesthetically pleasing as other motor designs. Also known as Crank arm operators, they are the main type of automation system sold in France, where low aluminium gates are often used.

Security gate underground automation

Under-gate Jack operators usually control the gate by directly moving the pivot point of each gate leaf. This makes the unit ideal cosmetically and also allows for up to 180 degrees of leaf swing as required. However controlling the pivot point of the gate, is like opening a door by twisting the hinge, and as so is very difficult due to the loads needed at that point. This is highlighted with snap, as the gate has to change direct, as soon as it can. For this reason they are recommend as only suitable for ‘Domestic’ systems in a low risk of abuse environment. Another major consideration with the use of under-gate units is that of water immersion/ingress and warranty avoidance.

Ram or link arm units are usually simpler to install and maintain, they are visible to otherwise ignorant abuse and as they fix down along each gate leaf, they also have an obvious and sometimes major, mechanical advantage over Jacks. Therefore Rams are far more suitable on Multi-user & commercial systems. Also the manual release puts above the ground. It makes user friendly operation.

Security electric gate safe

The safety of an automated gate is an important consideration; in the UK automated gate safety is specified by a series of UK norms. So, an automated gate that has not been fitted with safety in mind can potentially become a major hazard particularly to untrained users. Various safety devices are available to make sure that your gates meet the highest British safety standards.

Security fences

The paled territory will help to protect your yard from noise, undesirable persons, trash, and helps to create the feeling of security and privacy. Professional staff of our company will offer you wooden, metal and portable fences. We are using the best quality materials to produce our products and we are always ready to advice the type of fence to build in order to create cozy and stylish environment of your yard.

Security metal sliding yard gates

Security metal gates London Security metal sliding yard gates of modern design. Commonly places in yards where entry has an inclination. These gates fixes on a concrete grounding; system of trolley assembled on the grounding allows the security metal gate slide along the fence. It takes a very little space in inner part of a yard. Sliding gate may have classical metal filling, metal rods or wooden filling of the spaces with the plates. Security gates fixes vertically or horizontally to the gate and fitting perfectly to the garden’s security fence.


Security swing hung yard gates

Security metal gates London These are classical security metal yard gate having square frame with hinges as a main construction. Swing hung gates fixes on concrete or metal poles. Size of poles and grounding selects dependently on measurements, weight and filling of the frame’s space. Moreover, the gate control can be automatic or manual. Furthermore, specialist of our company will help you in choosing appropriate drive for a gate.

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First class service from Secure House who delivered and installed high quality solid woodinternal doors and a bi-folding aluminium door. I am impressed by the strength of the bi-fold door which has double glazed security laminated glass units.

Stephen, North London

Transparent sales process via Secure House representatives who delivered exactly what we wanted with no hidden extras and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend if you want a high quality windows and doors.

Richard, North West London

You fitted the garage doors and windows in the time schedule you gave, your men worked fast and clean taking away the old doors and windows. The new sash windows are an exact match of the original ones. Thanks to the Secure House team!

Scott, Surrey

We are delighted with our new doors and windows – the service that we have received to date has been outstanding and the workmanship equally so. We feel much safer knowing that all the windows have a decent level of strength and security. Have no hesitations in recommending Secure House to my neighbors and others.

Sally, Hamstead

Just a note to say a big thank you to everyone at Secure House for the high quality work and the attention you gave us. The Paradox alarm systems works well and the CCTV system gives us a piece of mind while we are abroad. The biggest advantage is that we are able to connect to it at any moment in time! I am more than pleased with its high quality, and would like you to accept this e-mail, along with my thanks, as an open recommendation.

Clements family, East London Secure house products are about keeping assets, property and people safe.

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)