Overlap Garage Doors London

Key features of our security garage doors:

  • More space. The innovative technology OVERLAP allows the absence of ceiling tracks giving more space to your garage
  • Unique design. The operator built into the head-bar guarantees a clean and modern internal side
  • Less maintenance The use of a counterweight system allows the absence of springs reducing maintenance to the minimum


Security overlap garage doors in London

Our security garage doors is an innovative product with high level of security and design since 2010. Thanks to its original opening system that doesn’t require ceiling tracks and reduces by 50% the internal protrusion. Just a 200 mm headroom is required. Overlap is equipped with the “SilMotion” operator embedded in the head-bar. This system operates security doors without visible ceiling tracks.

Security garage doors:

  • first of all raises,
  • than folds in half,
  • also turns below the ceiling,
  • furthermore split in two section;
  • finally, the lower one slides below the upper one
  • and most of all this is the best security garage doors solution in London.

If it is a new security garage door (London) that you need. We has a huge selection of security garage door replacement options that are beautiful, efficient, and most of all – quiet.
The location of your garage, noise, durability and cost, are all considerations when choosing new security garage doors.

Therefore our professional installer will review these options with you while choosing your new security garage doors. Than we will remove the existing garage door and install your another one.

Quality and secure garage doors in London

Often taken for granted, garage doors are something most homeowners. So don’t worry about until the time comes when they stop working. As a result, avoid the hassle and keep your garage door working smoothly for years to come with regular preventative care.

So, should you find yourself with a garage door that is not working properly for a while? Probably not. Contact the professionals at The “Secure house” where we offer superior security garage door repair for the home owner. From security garage door opener repair to garage door springs, we have the knowledge and products you need to get your doors up and running again quickly.

Garage door openers have also evolved and make it a breeze to open your garage door regardless of weather. As a result your security garage doors (London) will work fine in cold days. Therefore battery backups, timed close, keyboard and energy efficient models are just a few of the new features available to you. Security garage doors have come a long way over the years in London. A smoothly running door provides peace of mind knowing that you will be able to open and close your security garage every day. Contacts us and let our professionals recommend to you the best quality doors for your home.

Overlap garage doors are just as their name suggests, the door ‘overlaps’ on itself when it opens. There are no tracks used anywhere at all on an overlap garage door as you might find with more traditional up and over garage doors or sectional garage doors. The big benefit to this is that, since overlap doors essentially fold up, they are ideal space savers!

Highly insulated and available in security rated class 2 and class 3 standard, overlap garage doors are ideal for saving a large amount of space inside your garage enabling you to store even more than before.

If you have a garage that is smaller than average or a garage that isn’t particularly wide or long, overlap garage doors offer the perfect solution and can even help you to transform your garage space into an additional room for your property.

With the operating part of the door housed in the upper beam of the door frame, the doors are effectively split into two sections. The first section functions as the track and rail for the second section that then follows beneath it, thus creating the ‘overlap’. This highly innovative and effective concept reduces the amount of space the door takes up inside the garage when it is both open and closed.

One of the best doors on the market, our overlap garage doors are made from the very highest quality materials and we also offer a bulletproof version for added safety and security when storing valuable items or prized vehicles.

Overlap garage doors offer an endless list of design possibilities and there is also the opportunity to create your own bespoke design or even include bronze effect panels on your finished door for a touch of luxury.

So, not only do overlap garage doors offer a high level of functionality, space saving practicality and security, they also enhance the overall look and feel of your home adding huge kerb appeal and desirability.


Check our video about the security garage doors London:


  • Sectional security garage door with door opening in 2 overlapping sections.
  • Thermal transmittance of the leaf U=0,578 W/m²K.
  • Thermal transmittance of the door U=1,531 W/m²K (value obtained for a door without windows and grids with behind wall installation).
  • Excellent performance in terms of acoustics insulation and air/water/wind resistance.
  • Panels in galvanized stainless steel in accordance with UNI EN 10326, UNI EN 10327 and UNI EN 10143.
  • Rigid polyurethane foam density 40kg/m3, dimensional stability max.
  • 1% between -25°C and +70°C in accordance with UNI EN 8069.
  • Working temperature between -90°C and +80°C.
  • in conclusion, cellular structure in non-hygroscopic material with 95% closed cells and an absorption value of the water of less than 3% in volume.


It’s our job to ensure that your entire property is as safe and secure as possible, and that applies to your garage.

Garages have many purposes, they’re not just for storing vehicles! Whether you use your garage to keep your car overnight, as an extension to your home with a freezer and DIY storage, as a games room or even an office, it needs to be weatherproof and fit-for-purpose as well as looking stylish and complementing your overall house.

Our garages work really hard, whatever your requirements, plus they will provide peace of mind across the board when it comes to making your selection. We have a huge range to choose from including standard and security rate sectional garage doors, side-hinged and side sliding garage doors. We’re also one of the only companies here in the UK to offer high gloss garage doors which look simply stunning in any location.

If your garage isn’t a standard size, or you’re looking for something a little different, we provide a bespoke design service to include a variety of individual options such as timber panelling on steel garage doors and multiple glazing choices.

So, if you’re looking for premium quality garage doors, fast delivery and professional installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.


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Security garage doors models

security garage doors London security garage doors London



 security garage doors London  security garage doors London



 security garage doors London  security garage doors London





 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 Woodgrain  Slightgrain Woodstyle Smooth
 An embossed surface that reflects the texture of wood grain, a classic and eternal finish.A smooth and bright surface that intensify color and door style.  A smooth surface with a little texture that gives to the color a modern style.  A smooth surface which reflects the color and grain of timber. A smooth and bright surface that intensify color and door style.


 Woodstyle colors

security garage doors London security garage doors London security garage doors London
 Light  Medium  Medium-dark


Woodgrain, slightgrain, smooth colors

 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 3003 – Rubin Red  5003 – Saohire Blue
 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 6005 – Moss Green  6009 – Fir Green
 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 7016 – Anthracite Grey  7035 – Light Grey
 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 7040 – Window Grey  8016 – Mahogany Brown
 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 8019 – Grey Brown  9002 – Grey White
 security garage doors London  security garage doors London
 9006 – White Aluminium  9016 – Traffic White


* with the RAL color 9006, the finish is not Slightgrain but Smooth

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    First class service from Secure House who delivered and installed high quality solid woodinternal doors and a bi-folding aluminium door. I am impressed by the strength of the bi-fold door which has double glazed security laminated glass units.

    Stephen, North London

    Transparent sales process via Secure House representatives who delivered exactly what we wanted with no hidden extras and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend if you want a high quality windows and doors.

    Richard, North West London

    You fitted the garage doors and windows in the time schedule you gave, your men worked fast and clean taking away the old doors and windows. The new sash windows are an exact match of the original ones. Thanks to the Secure House team!

    Scott, Surrey

    We are delighted with our new doors and windows – the service that we have received to date has been outstanding and the workmanship equally so. We feel much safer knowing that all the windows have a decent level of strength and security. Have no hesitations in recommending Secure House to my neighbors and others.

    Sally, Hamstead

    Just a note to say a big thank you to everyone at Secure House for the high quality work and the attention you gave us. The Paradox alarm systems works well and the CCTV system gives us a piece of mind while we are abroad. The biggest advantage is that we are able to connect to it at any moment in time! I am more than pleased with its high quality, and would like you to accept this e-mail, along with my thanks, as an open recommendation.

    Clements family, East London Secure house products are about keeping assets, property and people safe.

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