Sash Security Windows

Our windows are made by combining many years of experience, traditions and new technologies.What allows us to maintain a very high quality and constantly improve in this area. Our production team mobilized from the masters with more than 10 years experience in the manufacture of wooden windows. We produce box sashes and spring sashes.

Key features

  • A wide choice of security laminated glass according to EN 356
  • Our production is as environmentally friendly;
  • TEKNOS – is an environmentally friendly water-based paint;
  • All wood supply from forests that are 100% replanted and has FSC certification;
  • Double-glazed windows are new with selective coating, which allows you to conserve warmth and energy.


Timber Sash Security Windows

Security sash windows London are suitable for replacements in historic listed buildings or in conservation areas. Modern sash windows are also available for new contemporary buildings. Traditional English timber sliding sash windows, which look just like originals yet meet the new compulsory standards, that is what we produce and supply. Original security timber sash windows consist of two glazed sashes, which slide vertically in a timber frame, supported by cards that are balanced with lead weight. In windows with spiral balances the sash can slide and tilt.

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These windows usually have thin glazing bars, decorated with oval or lambs-tongue mouldings, and shutters were often positioned either side with similar detailing to provide security or warmth. These windows are usually built from wood and are painted. In our-range of colours there is a choice of opaque and translucent, according to Sikkens colour palette. They are double – glazed. The internal double-glazing makes them extremely difficult to break into. They are also glazed from the inside, which means the glazing cannot be removed from the outside. We fit high quality two type of balances: spiral and weights. In addition we can supply a range of linings, window boards and architraves in matching material. Our security timber sash windows are the best in whole London

Why to choose our security sash windows?

Timber is the best material for character, warmth, comfort, durability, window/door construction, heat retention.

The main timber generally used: oak (is used for sills and also as building material for windows), pine, mahogany. We are using laminated triple-layer wood . Three layers are used because this technology prevents the window frame from crooking and increases the lifetime of the windows. The outer layers are radial or half radial cut and this method protects window surfaces from wood cleavage.

Security sash windows London: Glass and Glazing

Our timber windows and doors are glazed with double-glazed units which incorporate an advanced thermally insulating glass to provide extremely low U-values. The efficiency is further improved by filling cavity with Argon Gas and low conductivity Warm Edge Spacer bars to minimise heat loss on the edges and results in centre pane U-values of 1.0 W/m.

High light transmittance (75%+) maximises the entry of sun light into your home. As well as our range of clear glass options we also have a wide choice of Etched glass and extensive obscure patterned glass available in any of our windows, all of which have different options and provide optimised performance.

We can offer glass types to meet requirements:

  • Toughened – increase strength and safety
  • Laminated – provides additional security over toughened unit
  • Obscure – gives privacy and style to windows
  • *available in a wide range of patterns
Security timber sash windows London Security timber sash windows London

To improve security, all our timber sash windows are glazed internally which makes it impossible for intruders to gain entry by removing the glass.

All double glazed units are designed with drainage and ventilation channels which helps prevent double glazing from misting and failure of units which can occur in conventional system when glazing units are allowed to sit in water is trapped in a frame.

Decorative bars inside of glass packs – profiles of different colour, which are used for dividing glass according to the required density, mounted inside of insulating glass units.


Security sash windows London: Hardware

For security timber Sash windows we use hardware Pickard and Mighton, depending on customer preferences and possibilities.

Our suppliers ensures a wide choice of traditional English hardware and high quality.


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Mighton product have certificates of SBD

Security sash windows London: Wood

One of the key factors determining the production of high quality security window – wood and well wood processing.
Our windows are produced using laminated wood beams in the nordic pine and oak. Other used wood such as mahogany Sapele and Siberian larch can be both:

  • Solid
  • Glued beams.

All wood supply from forests that are 100% replanted and has FSC certification.


Nordic Pine

Nordic pine are from slow-grown northern
Woods (Siberia, Karelia),which has excellent fiber and Characteristics
tight growth rings, resulting in a high natural strength and load capacity.

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The qualities of oak are truly remarkable. It is hard, open grain, heavy, tough and strong.
It is durable even in contact with moisture beyond all common belief
heavy, tough and strong.
It is durable even in contact with moisture beyond all common belief.



Sapele is hard and very durable hardwood.
Solid Sapele is generally stable when dry, making it ideal for use in doors.
Although it works well for exterior applications such as windows and doors, it is ideal for painted applications due to its fine graining.
The stability of Sapele is highly dependent on its being dried properly.
Sapele’s also attractive aroma Resist insects.


Sibirian larch

Sibirian larch timber is naturally beautiful – so no finishing required.
This tree is one of the best coniferous woods in the forest, with excellent properties:
• Much lower moisture absorption levels compared with fir.
• Impregnation unnecessary.
• High durability and very resistant to rot and fungus.
• Ideal for outdoor construction and panelling.
• High mechanical resistance and very good pressure resistance.
• Excellent wear resistance (Class II).
• Slow growth.
• Minimal sapwood.
• High density
• Non-corrosive, no problems for sawing, drilling, milling, or sanding.
• Aesthetically pleasing to the eye; warm colours from golden brown to yellow sssand orange in the heartwood.



Security sash windows London: Finishing

The quality finish of our security timber sash windows (London) is obtained using highest quality ecological water- based paints and stains. The finishing coat is elastic and moves together with the wood as well as lets the wood breath. It is water soluble, moisture resistant and fast drying finish with a long–term UV protection.

A wide variety of paints and lacquers are available to meet our customers requirements. All of our paints and lacquers are environmentally friendly, ecologically clean and harmless to the environment.These finishes were chosen for their ability to show the warmth and beauty.

Painting technology are:

  • grinding
  • impregnation – priming
  • grinding
  • priming
  • grinding
  • painting

Processing of oak, before all this need to filling pores process.


Our security sash windows are thermally efficient and sound insulating

As well as looking incredible in any property, our security sash windows are thermally efficient and sound insulating too making them the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications.

We are able to construct bespoke security sash windows to match any existing sash windows fitted in homes that are located in conversation or heritage areas. We make it really easy to replace old, worn-out or broken wooden sash windows using steel frames. These frames are strong and made from high quality steel to give them a longevity that will outlast their timber counterparts.

We installed a variety of replacement security sash windows in homes in Mayfair, Chelsea, Kensington and Hampstead. Each window was painstakingly recreated to match the existing, original windows to their very finest details.

IMG 5753 - Sash Security Windows
sash window5 - Sash Security Windows

Our heritage friendly windows include Pb6 security laminated glass which is highly thermally efficient. Each pane of this glass provides a u value of 1.1 to keep the heat in and ensure your home is the ideal temperature all year round.

IMG 5248 - Sash Security Windows

IMG 6383 e1606308061522 - Sash Security Windows

The lifespan of security sash windows

The lifespan of steel security sash windows is the longest of any window, and longer than any timber sash window. We clad all of our frames in MEDITE tricoya water resistant engineered wooden cladding which comes with a 50 years manufacturer’s warranty so your windows could last for up to a century. So, you’re safe in the knowledge that investing in security sash windows from Secure House is a smart decision all round because they’ll outperform any other sash window!

Finally, all of our security sash windows feature a multi-point locking system for unrivalled security. This system has two locks in different heights to facilitate two separate opening dimensions.

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Security range

A wide choice of security laminated glass according to EN 356

Testing and Classification of resistance against Manual Attack EN 356 is a European Standard for glazing to withstand an intruder attack, it has two resistance levels, the lower levels, P1A – P5A, also use the drop test but the higher resistance levels test using a hydraulically driven hammer and axe head, to replicate an actual attack. The higher resistance levels are P6B, P7B and P8B which require the samples to withstand 30/50, 51,70 or 71+ sledge hammer and axe blows respectively, before a 400mm square aperture is created.

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The Lower Resistance Level

This level represents a manual attack using a blunt instrument such as a hammer. The test comprises dropping a 100mm steel ball (4.11kg) from various heights.

To pass the test the ball must not penetrate the glass.

BS EN 356 Drop Height mm

No of Strikes

Impact energy Per Stroke Glass

Glass Thickness

P1A 1500 3 in a triangle 62J 6.8mm
P2A 3000 3 in a triangle 123J 8.1mm
P3A 6000 3 in a triangle 247J 8.5mm
P4A 9000 3 in a triangle 370J 9.5mm
P5A 9000 3 x 3 in a triangle 370J 10.3mm


The Higher Resistance Level

This level represents a more sustained assault with Hammer and Axe blows. The test comprises; A hydraulically driven hammer head 40mm square weighing 2kg, initially being used to destroy the glass face with a min of 12 blows. A 2kg axe head hitting the same sample a min 12 blows with the intention of cutting a 400mm square hole. Each blow is delivered with exactly the same energy with the axe head sharpened every ten blows. Samples are classified by the number of blows required to cut the 400mm square.


BS EN 356 Sledge + Axe Thickness Construction
P6B 31 18 mm11 mm




P7B 51

28 mm

11 mm

Glass PVB

Glass Poly


P8B 71

36 mm

13 mm

Glass PVB

Glass Poly


Bespoke multipoint locking solutions – available on request.


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    ‘First class service from Secure House who delivered and installed high quality solid woodinternal doors and a bi-folding aluminium door. I am impressed by the strength of the bi-fold door which has double glazed security laminated glass units.

    Stephen, North London

    Transparent sales process via Secure House representatives who delivered exactly what we wanted with no hidden extras and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend if you want a high quality windows and doors.

    Richard, North West London

    You fitted the garage doors and windows in the time schedule you gave, your men worked fast and clean taking away the old doors and windows. The new sash windows are an exact match of the original ones.
    Thanks to the Secure House team!

    Scott, Surrey

    We are delighted with our new doors and windows – the service that we have received to date has been outstanding and the workmanship equally so. We feel much safer knowing that all the windows have a decent level of strength and security.
    Have no hesitations in recommending Secure House to my neighbors and others.

    Sally, Hamstead

    Just a note to say a big thank you to everyone at Secure House for the high quality work and the attention you gave us. The Paradox alarm systems works well and the CCTV system gives us a piece of mind while we are abroad. The biggest advantage is that we are able to connect to it at any moment in time! I am more than pleased with its high quality, and would like you to accept this e-mail, along with my thanks, as an open recommendation.

    Clements family, East London

    Secure house products are about keeping assets, property and people safe.

    5/5 (1 Review)
    5/5 (1 Review)