Security aluminium doors London

Doors are a prominent feature in the building envelope and give each building its own individual character. Here, the name of Schüco stands for variety and flexibility in materials, design and application.

Doors: key features

  • Aesthetic design
  • Considerable scope for creativity and individuality
  • Wide choice of colours (RAL, anodised, foils, 2-colour)
  • Choice of materials (aluminium, steel)
  • System-tested quality
  • Choice of colours
  • Screening and solar shading systems
  • Large range of fittings, glazing beads and handles offers scope for creativity


Security aluminium doors London

doors for almost every type of use

Security aluminium doors London are a prominent feature in the building envelope and give each building its own individual character. Here, the name of Schüco stands for variety and flexibility in materials, design and application.

Security aluminium doors London
Security aluminium doors London

     Security aluminium doors London: key features

  • Aesthetic design
  • Considerable scope for creativity and individuality
  • Wide choice of colours (RAL, anodised, foils, 2-colour)
  • Choice of materials (aluminium, steel)
  • System-tested quality

Special plus point: Schüco doors are available in aluminium and steel. This makes it possible to find the corresponding material for every building envelope.

Aluminium doors from tried-and-tested Schüco systems offer everything you could wish for

Schüco aluminium doors open up numerous new possibilities for the attractive design of the outside of the building envelope. Since aluminium is easy to form and shape, individual ideas and requirements can also be met. The system provides the optimum combination of design and function.

Security aluminium doors London
Security aluminium doors London

       Aluminium doors: key features

  • Aesthetic design
  • High degree of design freedom
  • Wide range of colours
  • Considerable scope for creativity
  • Custom solutions possible
  • Quality approved
  • Doors are available with various security features: burglar resistance, fire resistance and bullet resistance
  • A range of designs available from non-insulated to highly thermally insulated

What sets Schüco aluminium doors apart is their sophisticated technology and excellent system compatibility. This guarantees a high level of comfort and security, and an elegant appearance.

Schüco – Your expert partner in the design of aluminium doors.


Schüco ADS basic depth 65 mm

ads_bautiefe_bis_65_mm_gebaeudeansicht_100x100 Schüco aluminium systems with basic depth up to 65 mm provide economical solutions in warmer climates, for interior use or in public buildings. The different options for integration into the building security and building management system mean that the doors are versatile and can be used economically.

Schüco ADS basic depth 70 mm

ads_gewerbe Schüco aluminium systems from 70 mm basic depth combine outstanding insulation values with particularly robust profile frames. Therefore they offer the ideal solution for buildings with the highest requirements in terms of energy management and architecture.

Schüco ADS international series

ads_internationale_serien_ads_60_s_100x100 Schüco provides tailored system designs to meet the demands of the international markets. The principal difference is the smaller basic depths, and thereby reduced thermal insulation. The international series are always compatible with the other series.
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Security range

Burglar-resistant systems

Burglar-resistant windows, doors, sliding systems, façades and conservatories from Schüco always mean comprehensively tested security. All individual components are perfectly matched to one another.


Key benefits

  • Secure yet unobtrusive
  • Security classes up to WK3 in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627
  • Windows and façades also tested to WK4 (on request)
  • Multi-functionality with fire protection, smoke protection, access control
  • Used in conjunction with Schüco Protect safety glass

Security classes: Secure yet unobtrusive

An attractive appearance is retained irrespective of the security provided. With Schüco systems, the increased security is largely concealed. The innovative technology protects the user in the long term.
The security classes are defined in accordance with DIN V ENV 1627 by type of burglar, method of burglary, place, risk and recommendation from WK1 to WK4.


Security classes: key features

  • WK 1: Building components offer basic protection against attempts to break in using body weight, such as kicking, flying kick, shoulder charge, lifting upwards and tearing out. These building components only offer limited protection against the use of lever tools.
  • WK 2: Opportunitst burglars also use simple tools like screwdrivers, pliers and hand axes to try to break into locked and bolted building components.
  • WK 3: Burglars use a second screwdriver and a crow-bar to try to break into locked and bolted building components.
  • WK 4: Experienced burglars may also use cutting and striking tools, such as pickaxe, crowbar, hammer and chisel, and possibly a cordless drill.





Despite the high security requirements, architects and their clients still retain the same creative freedom on account of customised shapes and colour schemes.

Schüco – Your expert partner for burglar-resistant systems

Window fittings

Schüco provides a comprehensive range of accessories to suit individual design requirements. The fittings for vent weights up to 160 kg are ideal for large format designs and transparent architecture.


Key benefits

  • Modular, multi-layer security concept with robust security locking, anti-drill protection and protection against levering out
  • Classification of burglar resistance based on DIN V EN V 1627 into security classes WK1, WK2, WK3
  • Schüco AvanTec offers the highest security standards with burglar-resistant solutions up to WK3
  • Schüco TipTronic based on Schüco AvanTec security technology up to security class WK2
  • Attractive security handle, lockable or with push-button
  • Option for integrating VdS-approved magnetic switch for monitoring of opening and closing
  • Systems designed to deter burglars
fensterbeschlaege - Security aluminium doors London

Systems designed to deter burglars

  • Windows:
    – Schüco AWS 60
    – Schüco AWS 60.HI
    – Schüco AWS 60 RL
    – Schüco AWS 60 SL
    – Schüco AWS 65
    – Schüco AWS 65 RL
    – Schüco AWS 65 SL
    – Schüco AWS 65 BS
    – Schüco AWS 70.HI
    – Schüco AWS 70 RL.HI
    – Schüco AWS 70 SL.HI
    – Schüco AWS 70 ST.HI
    – Schüco AWS 70 BS.HI
    – Schüco AWS 70 WF.HI
    – Schüco AWS 75.SI
    – Schüco AWS 75 SL.HI
    – Schüco AWS 75 BS.HI
    – Schüco AWS 105 CC.HI

Door fittings

Statistics show that in Germany a house or flat is broken into every 2 minutes. With its ADS door system, Schüco offers a wide range of options for making opening units more secure. To evaluate door resistance, the standards DIN EN 1627 – 1630 for building component security classes were introduced. These classes stipulate how long a door must withstand an attempted break-in.


Key benefits

  • Tested system profiles
  • Multi-point locking
  • Multi-point locking, also self-locking, available: increased tested burglar resistance (WK2) simply by slamming the door, no additional locking necessary
  • Schüco locking points up to WK3
  • Special security fittings prevent the door from being levered out or the lock case from being drilled out
  • Profile cylinder with anti-drill and anti-pull-out protection

Systems designed to deter burglars

  • Schüco ADS 75.SI
    Schüco ADS 75 RL.SI
    Schüco ADS 75 SL.SI
    Schüco ADS 75 HI HD
    Schüco ADS 70.HI
    Schüco ADS 70 RL.HI
    Schüco ADS 70 SL.HI
    Schüco ADS 70.HD
    Schüco ADS 65
    Schüco ADS 65 RL
    Schüco ADS 65 SL
    Schüco ADS 65 HD
    Schüco ADS 50.NI
    Schüco ADS 60
    Schüco ADS 50

The perfect interplay of all components is an important part of the development of burglar-resistant systems. If the overall system were to have a weakspot, this would be identified immediately during the test by a certified body. The German police recommend security classes WK2 and WK3 for protecting private homes and flats.

Bullet-resistant systems for the protection of people and property

In the project business, in particular, there are sectors where bullet-resistant solutions are required in addition to protection against break-in, for example, at banks and insurance companies, post offices, government institutions and retail outlets. Here too, Schüco offers suitable systems with perfect component compatibility.


Bullet-resistant systems: key features

  • Armoured external profile walls from special aluminium alloy
  • Thick special glazing (Schüco Protect) or special infill panels
  • Security fittings
  • Of course, Schüco systems conform to the standards that apply for bullet-resistant windows, doors and façades, and have appropriate test certificates
  • Wide range of colours and designs
  • High level of system security

The Schüco maxim – increased protection must be unobtrusive – also applies for bullet-resistant units. Aesthetically-speaking, the bullet-resistant constructions appear the same as with standard profiles, and can therefore be harmoniously integrated in the façade. An impressive symbiosis of form, colour and function is achieved.

Schüco – your expert in the design of bullet-resistant systems.

Bullet-resistant classes

It is in commercial projects, in particular, that there is a demand for bullet-resistant solutions. Windows, doors and façades are classified in security classes from FB2 to FB6 in accordance with the European standard DIN EN 1522.


Key benefits

  • Increased protection that is not visible
  • Armoured external profile walls with a special aluminium alloy
  • Bullet-resistant Schüco Protect glazing for security in combination with thermal insulation / noise reduction or solar shading in accordance with DIN EN 1063
  • Splintering (S) or non-splintering (NS) glass
  • Classification in accordance with DIN EN 1522
  • FB2 for 9 mm calibre Luger
  • FB3 for 357 Magnum
  • FB4 for 44 Remington
  • FB5 for 5.56 x 45 calibre
  • FB6 for 7.62 x 51 calibre
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    First class service from Secure House who delivered and installed high quality solid woodinternal doors and a bi-folding aluminium door. I am impressed by the strength of the bi-fold door which has double glazed security laminated glass units.

    Stephen, North London

    Transparent sales process via Secure House representatives who delivered exactly what we wanted with no hidden extras and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend if you want a high quality windows and doors.

    Richard, North West London

    You fitted the garage doors and windows in the time schedule you gave, your men worked fast and clean taking away the old doors and windows. The new sash windows are an exact match of the original ones.
    Thanks to the Secure House team!

    Scott, Surrey

    We are delighted with our new doors and windows – the service that we have received to date has been outstanding and the workmanship equally so. We feel much safer knowing that all the windows have a decent level of strength and security.
    Have no hesitations in recommending Secure House to my neighbors and others.

    Sally, Hamstead

    Just a note to say a big thank you to everyone at Secure House for the high quality work and the attention you gave us. The Paradox alarm systems works well and the CCTV system gives us a piece of mind while we are abroad. The biggest advantage is that we are able to connect to it at any moment in time! I am more than pleased with its high quality, and would like you to accept this e-mail, along with my thanks, as an open recommendation.

    Clements family, East London

    Secure house products are about keeping assets, property and people safe.

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