Security shutters London

External roller shutters are a practical system that protects us in three ways: through a perfect insulation, the protection of our privacy and the peace of mind while providing an effective “anti-burglar barrier”.

Key features

  • Made from carefully selected materials to ensure the highest quality
  • Roller shutters are designed to improve the building energy use.
  • Roller shutters can greatly help reduce heating costs
  • Reduces the need & consumption of additional cooling equipment.
  • Roller shutters provide effective protection against intruders
  • They protect rooms from the sun’s rays.
  • Prevents the room or interior from over-heating
  • External blinds are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters


Security shutters London

Protect your home or business with the kind of next-level protection only quality security shutters London can provide. You have invested so much into your property, it is only right that you also invest in the means to safeguard it from theft, vandalism, and nature. Roll-A-Shield can make elegant, pro-active security a reality for you with a full range of shutter types, including rolling security shutters and security blinds for windows. Be proactive in the defense of your property. Security window shutters are strong enough to stand up to criminals, which is why they tend to avoid businesses and homes outfitted with our products. We offers you the best security shutters in London.

Roller – security shutters London

Security shutters London Historically, roller-shutters have often been considered as a luxurious & decorative element, yet lacking the essential functions in certain areas. Roller-shutters can significantly contribute to the reduction of heat loss in winter, whist during the summertime; protect rooms from the sun’s rays. This effectively prevents the room or interior from over-heating, thereby reducing the need & consumption of additional cooling equipment.
Security shutters London Additionally, external blinds are a practical solution as both a protection means & deterrent to intruders.External blinds are far more efficient than ordinary curtains or shutters, due to their design.Between the surface of the window & the blinds shell, an insulating pocket of air is created. Even at high outside temperatures, a more comfortable coolness will occupy this space.
Security shutters London If we leave the shutters closed on a hot day – as widely practiced in Italy – the evening will bring a pleasant & relaxing coolness of shadow.The company has also prepared roller-shutters for people who would wish to conceal their box in the plaster reveal. Once again the manufacturer has taken care of the adequate thermal insulation, & warmed the inside of the box.




Aluprof S.A. offer includes a full range of accessories that are necessary for the production of roller shutters and garage doors. Our years of experience in the industry has enabled us to develop good relationships with major suppliers so that our Customers could enjoy a wide range of products. One of the leading suppliers of our accessories is Somfy.

Flexible solutions and ease of use are the watchwords which became our motto in designing roller shutter drives. That’s why we give you the opportunity to choose the appropriate methods of opening / closing your roller shutters:


1. Manual control

(Hand-driven) is currently the most popular option, and the most economical one, but requires more effort in handling roller shutters, especially when we have a large number of these or they are big-sized.

Our offering comprises the following manual drives:

  • coilers (line/strip)
  • boxes with gear line/strip
  • hand-cranks,
  • springs

Hand retractors are most commonly used to handle typical roller shutters, of a relatively small size.


2. Using electric drives

This is the solution that is somewhat more expensive, but much more comfortable. It is a fully automated control that raises and lowers the curtain using an electric actuator. Electric actuators provide maximum convenience in operating your roller shutters. As regards control possibility, we can choose from:

  • central control – all your rollers shutters operated from one place
  • individual control – one place / roller shutter.

The state-of-the-art technology allows you to use the control timer that will automatically raise and lower the roller shutter’s curtain at a preset time.

In addition, giving you a choice between radio- or wired control, we offer you fully flexible solutions:

  • radio control (wireless) – requires no additional wiring, so your walls will stay intact; this solution can be used anywhere in your home. Commands relating to lowering, raising or stopping the roller shutters are transmitted to the actuator via the remote control or wall transmitter. This type of control allows us to virtually unlimited configurations.
  • wired control – the ability to operate roller shutters using a key-operated switch and rocker switch (switches can be supported or not). By using the controls systems, it is possible to configure multiple individual solutions.

Electric actuators provide maximum convenience in operating your security shutters London.





Security range

SAR anti-burglary roller shutter systems

roller_sec_1 This system is aimed at those to whom the safety of their families is one of top priorities. As a manufacturer of roller shutter systems, we decided to go a step further and offer our customers a product that is not only a great decorative element, but which will also provide an effective protection against intrusions.
roller_sec_2 Modern design, functionality, ease of installation and operation, as well as aesthetic appearance will help the roller shutter to meet the requirements of the building and fit the colour of the façade. In this type of products, the individual elements, i.a. channels have special reinforcement, which prevents deflecting and pulling out the roller shutter profiles. In addition, the resistant structure of the curtain prevents any impact-induced damage of the roller shutter. In addition, the latch mechanism mounted in the bottom part of the shutter prevents raising of the roller shutter’s curtain, which ensures an effective protection of the house. Rollers shutters are made of aluminium, and are thus lightweight, weather resistant and easy to maintain. During our absence, they protect windows and balcony from the sight of potential attackers, and our possessions – from theft. The isolation helps us also to protect the interiors from excessive sunlight and warming up.

PE 55 aluminium profile


The PE 55 extruded profile is recommended for use in facilities where security issues and aesthetics come first. The profile has been designed to have very good strength properties. Due to the high weight of the profile, electric drive is recommended.The PE 55 profile is used in anti-burglar roller shutter systems, which have successfully passed the tests and are rated III burglar resistant.

They are made from high-grade, powder-coated abrasion and weathering-resistant aluminium in a wide range of RAL colours. The coating obtained that way has a very good colour fastness. Aluminium profiles are ecologically clean products.


Available colors:


SAR anti-burglary roller shutters


364gallery The innovative SAR anti-burglary roller shutters system is aimed at those to whom the safety of their families is one of top priorities.

With its reinforced guides (PPW 80 & PPW 90), curtain made of extruded profile (PE 55), strengthened bottom slat (W-LDG 55/W) and two security systems (WB & LDG 55/W)) it is the perfect solution combining a strong, durable and closed cover with an aesthetic look and ease of use.

Our anti-burglary roller shutters have undergone testing in an accredited laboratory and are certified RC 3 burglary resistant to PN-EN 1627:2011.

The anti-burglary construction can be used both in adaptive and top-mounted systems.

1403617308740016274The colours don’t pattern faithfully upon the real colours.
The availability of colours depends on the profiles’ type.
* Special color – on order.
** On request can be painted in any RAL color.


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First class service from Secure House who delivered and installed high quality solid woodinternal doors and a bi-folding aluminium door. I am impressed by the strength of the bi-fold door which has double glazed security laminated glass units.

Stephen, North London

Transparent sales process via Secure House representatives who delivered exactly what we wanted with no hidden extras and in a timely manner. Would highly recommend if you want a high quality windows and doors.

Richard, North West London

You fitted the garage doors and windows in the time schedule you gave, your men worked fast and clean taking away the old doors and windows. The new sash windows are an exact match of the original ones.
Thanks to the Secure House team!

Scott, Surrey

We are delighted with our new doors and windows – the service that we have received to date has been outstanding and the workmanship equally so. We feel much safer knowing that all the windows have a decent level of strength and security.
Have no hesitations in recommending Secure House to my neighbors and others.

Sally, Hamstead

Just a note to say a big thank you to everyone at Secure House for the high quality work and the attention you gave us. The Paradox alarm systems works well and the CCTV system gives us a piece of mind while we are abroad. The biggest advantage is that we are able to connect to it at any moment in time! I am more than pleased with its high quality, and would like you to accept this e-mail, along with my thanks, as an open recommendation.

Clements family, East London

Secure house products are about keeping assets, property and people safe.