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Sliding garage doors

Sliding garage doors by Secure House are the most advanced garage door solution on the market today. All the materials that go into our products are the very best available. Our doors are the marriage of artistic design with technical know-how. Check all garage doors here →


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200+ Door designs to choose from

Choose from nearly 200 standard sliding garage door designs, or supply your own.

A side sliding garage is quickly becoming one of the most popular new garage door types in the UK for both commercial and domestic properties as they offer quite a few advantages over more traditional types that swing out when open.

Their main feature is of course, the operating mechanism itself, which ensures that much less space is taken up by the garage door than in the case of other door types. Instead of needing to swing open, the panels simply slide to the side,  which is especially useful in properties with limited interior or driveway space.

Another huge benefit of such doors is related to the overall look it gives to a property. Vertical door panels, a signature feature of a side sliding garage door option, stands out  and when combined with an attractive colour scheme as well as other cues, allows for a truly impressive design.

Here at Secure House, our side sliding door range features products that are made only from the highest quality materials available on the market with equal focus on both looks, as well as bespoke security.

If you are considering such a door option for your property, consult with our team of experts and we will find the best side roller doors for you.

What are sliding garage doors?

It would be fair to say that side sliding garage doors are one of the most innovative door types on the market today, seamlessly blending features of convenience and unique design cues.

They feature a set of vertical door panels mounted on a guiding rail, which slide along it to the sides when the door opens or closes. While similar in principle to a set of sectional doors, here the panels move horizontally instead of vertically when opened.

Such a door option is especially popular in properties with limited interior space, headroom, or garages that feature shorter driveways where an outwards swinging door mechanism wouldn’t be convenient. Also, thanks to their unique design cues, it can help create a one-of-a-kind look for a property, which is also a contributing factor to their growing popularity.

Features of our sliding sectional garage door range

There are many reasons why owners would select a set of sliding garage doors for their property with their convenience and design features being the most common ones. At Secure House, we are focused not only the looks or user comfort , but also the security features and overall quality of a garage door.

All of our products are manufactured from the very best available materials, ensuring solutions that last for years to come, with minimal maintenance.

Custom design and size options

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a garage door option are its design features. With us, you can choose from more than 200 standard door designs or supply your own custom one that captures the exact look that you want.

We can also manufacture doors of custom size for your property. If your garage is larger than standard or features an unorthodox shape, we can make a set doors that will fit seamlessly.


If preferred by the owner, our side sliding garage doors can be installed with glazed glass panels.

Not only does this contribute to a more attractive overall look, but it also allows more natural light into the property, without any security compromises.

Door accessories

For more comfort, security as well as attractiveness, a number of accessories can be integrated in a set of side sliding garage doors.

Glazed windows, automatic openers, multipoint locking mechanisms or weather stripping are just a few of the features that either come standard in our products or can be added if the customer prefers.


At Secure House, security is our number one priority, which means that all of our of garage doors come standard with a variety of measures to ensure the safety of valuables as well as residents.

Bespoke door frames, multipoint locking mechanisms, as well as reinforced steel door leaves are just a few of the solutions found in our products.

General benefits of side sliding sectional garage doors

  • Maximum practicality – as already mentioned, a sliding door setup allows to maximize the available driveway and garage space, since there’s no intrusion from the mechanism to the inside nor outside of the property.
  • Energy saving – a side sliding garage door option allows to make the garage more energy efficient by preventing drafts as well as allowing to maintain a more constant interior temperature. This is achieved with the help of weather stripping and insulation solutions as well as the efficient nature of the opening and closing mechanism itself.
  • Styling that stands out – another benefit of such a door type are its unique aesthetic cues. Vertical panels stand out much more than horizontal ones and combined with a custom colour scheme allows for a truly bespoke design within a property.
  • Convenience options – side roller garage doors can be integrated with many features to enhance user convenience. One of the main ones is without a doubt automation, which allows to open and close the doors with minimal effort via a button or remote control.
  • Security – finally, side sliding doors can be enhanced with many security mechanisms to prevent possible theft or intruders in the garage. Multipoint locking mechanisms, reinforced steel frames and door accessories are just a few that help dramatically increase safety.