High security replica windows

Steel Replica Windows

Installed a replica door in your conservation area property but want to add an extra layer of security? Our steel replica windows are the answer!

Protecting our clients’ homes to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones is what we do here at Secure House. Of course, collapsible grills or adding security shutters simply isn’t an option in a conservation or heritage area which is why our solution is the replacement of the complete window and window frame. And the finished results always speak for themselves because not only do they look incredible, they are also highly secure and are specifically designed to deter and prevent intruders.

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Over the last few years, we have designed, manufactured and installed steel replica windows across Central London’s prime residential areas including Kensington, Chelsea, Islington, Mayfair, Westminster and Camden. Take a look at this recent project at a luxury mews property.

The windows, whilst they still look relatively neat and tidy, it wouldn’t be difficult for an intruder to enter the property if they wanted to because the original window provides very little protection against the tools that modern-day burglars favour.


High security replica windows
The original mews property windows

Since the property is located in a conservation area, any replacement windows had to be completely faithful to the original so, our design team got to work!

After an initial site visit to review and measure and gather details, we created brand new, steel replica windows made from the very highest quality steel and powdered coated to provide an exact colour match. We also included high security glazing and multi-point locking systems as standard to lock the windows into position at two different heights. This detail enables the homeowner to leave the window open but locked in position so it remains secure.


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High security replica windows
The mews property now boasts steel replica windows made from the highest quality steel. Stunning!

As we said, the finished results speak for themselves, right? Not only are the replacement high security windows completely fit for purpose for many decades to come, it’s also very difficult to spot the difference from the original which is the key objective when it comes to heritage and conservation properties.

Choose from single- or double-glazed glass, with or without Georgian bars to your home’s unique and specific design. Colour match to existing windows and doors and even garage doors and gates.

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