Supersize is go!

Windows are the eyes of any home. And it seems that those eyes are getting bigger and bigger as more and more homeowners and architects opt for supersize glass in their houses. Supersize glass is go!

Supersize glass is certainly not new when it comes to commercial buildings. It’s not unusual to see offices and retail stores with large glazed windows, so it’s no surprise that it’s now made the leap to residential properties. And the trend is towards the bigger the better.

Adding full-height, supersize glass

Glazing not only introduces natural light into our homes, it also enables us to create a design statement and supersize glass is perfect for delivering both. If you want to open up your home, adding full-height, supersize glass that can now be provided in one single unit is the way to go.

As well as rethinking your overall window set up and design, you may also want to frame a particular vista or favourite view from inside your home. Supersize glass offers the ideal means by which to do this and, using a single unit, this means no frames to obscure that picturesque scene.

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Supersize glass from Secure House
Installation of supersize glass using glass telehandlers and glazing robots
Supersize glass for your home from Secure House
The finished result! A stunning supersize glass window that lets in light is a real feature in this house






Supersize glass for your home from Secure House

Wide, tall, narrow or square supersize glass

You can also use wide, tall, narrow or square supersize glass to create a talking point, a specific design element that highlights a contemporary feature or specific area of your home.

Here at Secure House we are now able to supply and install single panes of supersize glass up to approximately 8000mm x 3204mm in size. In order to safely and efficiently handle and fit such large glazing panels, we use glass telehandlers and glazing robots. They complete the job impeccably and it’s actually lots of fun to watch, a bit like a glass ballet performance!

For more information about supersize glass or to arrange a free site visit to discuss your glazing requirements, please call us here at Secure House on 020 7859 4207 or email [email protected]